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#447 Riolu / #448 Lucario

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I am looking for a female Riolu. Please PM me for offers if you have any to trade.

The Intensity

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LF Flawless UT Jolly Lucario w/ ability inner focus preferably shiny... If not shiny willing to offer level 1 adamant shiny cyndaquil or a level 60 odd non EV trained altaria if shiny.... pm or vm me for offers please.
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I'm looking for a female riolu/lucario, if anyone has one that's non-english, even better, I can trade a dusk or a dawn stone, lucky eggs or breed kanto/johto/hoenn starters for it, pm me if anyone is interested.


Chupacabras Hunter~
I have 22 male and 2 female Riolu. Spanish version.

PM if interested :)


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I have two male lvl 1 riolu up for trade. Looking for a charmander, bulbasaur, pikachu, or any starter pokemon not from unova region...hit me up


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I have several lvl. 1 male Riolu (it's easiest to evolve them when they're young), I'm not really looking for much at all, PM with offers, Pokémon not found in White if possible, White Forest Pokémon or even just evolutionary stones are great!


Guess who's back
I've got the dream world battle ready Lucario Lv. 10, Male, Justified ability, modest nature and knows Detect, Metal Claw, Counter and Bullet Punch. PM For details.
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I have a few level 1 male Riolus if anyone wants one. I will trade to mostly anything.


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Looking for a shiny ut riolu. Offering shiny charizard, shiny giritina, or shiny rayquaza pm me if interested:)


looking for a male riolu / lucario that knows ice punch. can trade any Pokémon that is able to make an egg. pm me with offers


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Hello, I need a Lucario. Please pm me with what you would want in return, Thanks!


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Looking for a Jolly Lucario with Ice Punch. Preferably with perfect ATK/Speed IVs. Will offer multiple shinies if needed!

Lord Fighting

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I have several Modest Riolu's Lv.1 UT up for trade. Would like Tm71 (Stone edge) In return. Contact me If Interested. Open to other offers.


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Would anyone be willing to give me any ol' Riolu that's just laying around? I just started a new White game and would like to play through with one. If so, please PM me. It would be greatly appreciated.


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looking for a shiny riolu/ lucario pm me. Also check out my sig!
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