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#451 Skorupi / #452 Drapion

Discussion in 'Sinnoh Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Roselle

    Roselle :)

    LF any old skorupi. PM me if you get a chance so we can work something out. :)
  2. looking for any skorupi. i have most starters and many other valuable pokemon
  3. xactionbasturdx

    xactionbasturdx New Member

    i can breed scorupi with night slash...pm with offers
  4. lolerplanez

    lolerplanez Member

    looking for a regular skorupi... don't got much we'll see if i got something
  5. sal555

    sal555 New Member

    looking for a skorupi preferably untrained with sniper ability.
    can offer squirtle, charmander, bulbasaur, cyndaquil, chikorita, torchic, treecko, snivy, oshawot or eeeve all lvl 1. message me please
  6. Pirates

    Pirates New Member

    I'm offering a Zorua for any Skorupi. PM if interested.
  7. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    Looking for a night slash Skorupi UT
    Offering my Japanese UT Victory Garden lv 15 Victini
  8. BeastlyBoi

    BeastlyBoi New Member

    Looking for any kind of skorupi/drapion
    Pm me with the particularly pokemon that your in need of.
    I accept donations xD
  9. Mavm

    Mavm Active Member

    i got a drapion lv 100 ... pm with offers.

    it´s only for pokedex tough ... because isn´t for battles

    i just got it in the gts
  10. Mesarin

    Mesarin Well-Known Member

    Looking for any skorupi. PM if interested
  11. Galux

    Galux Well-Known Member

    Looking for any skorupi
  12. crossxversion

    crossxversion New Member

    Looking for Skorupi w/ Night Slash, and preferably Jolly, although not really necessary. PM me!
  13. Dzum101

    Dzum101 New Member

    Offering legit shiny drapion. Looking for events (mainly deoxys) but only good ones. ALso looking for shinies (again also good ones).
  14. Squirtlemasterr

    Squirtlemasterr Well-Known Member

    I have some skorupi. Some with night slash. Just PM me with offers.
  15. tjhm44

    tjhm44 New Member

    I can breed DW skorupi. PM me with offers if you're interested.
  16. Baton Passer

    Baton Passer Bzzzzzzzzzzt!

    I dont need DW actually, If anyone could breed a whirlwind Battle Armor Skorupi, I would be willing to trade pokemon of equal or greater competitive value.

    Or actually, a regular skorupi will do, I can do the whole breeding thing.

    PM me, I'd love to negotiate.
  17. jurassicjoey

    jurassicjoey Member

    can anyone hook me up with a Skorupi pm me
  18. chikorita185

    chikorita185 So iheard you liek?

    Looking for a Skorupi/Drapion with pursuit pm me if you have one
  19. luxrayshock

    luxrayshock Ursus arctos

    Breeding skorupi with night slash/taunt/protect, pm if interested
  20. chikorita185

    chikorita185 So iheard you liek?

    Going to repost since I got no replies
    looking for any male skorupi or drapion with pursuit. PM for offers
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