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#479 Rotom Normal / Mow / Frost / Heat / Fan / Wash

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Decent Breeder
Looking for any rotom with TM move Pain Split. PM to negotiate a trade.


Trader and Battler
looking for any bold ut rotom vm/pm me


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I have 5 Timid Rotom ready for trade with good IVs and some with perfect Special Attack and Speed, let me know if you want one in a PM.


Elite Trainer
Looking for a Modest Untrained Rotom with IVs 31/26/31/30/31/30 (For Hidden Power fire 70).

Will trade DW female Eevee or DW female Sableye (With Thunderstone!).
PM or VM if you want to trade.


Casual Shiny Hunter
PM/VM me if you have a Modest Flawless Rotom any form but preferably Wash (Preferably not shiny but if so then thats fine)


Ive got UT lvl 15 Rotoms that i have just transferred from my previous games. Pm me


Casual Shiny Hunter
PM/VM me if you have a Modest Flawless Rotom any form but preferably Wash (Preferably not shiny but if so then thats fine)
^ Above trade still open, But with HP grass.


I Collect Shaymin
I bred these via RNG :3
Rotom lvl.1 UT
OT: Lunar
Astonish|Thunder Wave|ThunderShock|Confuse Ray

Shiny Rotom lvl.1 UT
OT: Lunar
Astonish|Thunder Wave|ThunderShock|Confuse Ray


Hello~ :3 I recently befriended a new Spooky Manor DW Rotom today~ It is currently in my Entree forest so If yew wish I could reset to get it for yew with any nature yew wish~ !! PM me with offers~ :3 I can catch it in any Pokeball yew wish excluding the Master ball and HG/SS exclusive ones~


New Member
looking for any old rotom to trade can offer most starters eevees and zoruas PM if interested

EDIT: have one now
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I have 10 or so Lv. 1 UT normal-form Rotoms with the following moveset and varying natures:

-Confuse Ray

Feel free to PM with offers.
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Looking for a the Mow, Fan, Regular and Wash forms of Rotom offering;


PCNYc Flygon (English Version) UT - Lax From Dion_delpino
PCNYd Salamence (English Version) UT - Sassy From Dion_delpino
PCNYd Altaria (English Version) UT - Hasty From Dion_delpino
PCNYd Milotic (English Version) UT - Quiet From Dion_delpino
PCNYd Seviper – Quiet From Asmoday
PCNYd Kingdra - Bashful (NFT) [Not For Trade]
10 ANIV Latios (English Version) UT - Naive
10 ANIV Latias (English Version) UT - Mild
10 ANIV Dragonite (English Version) UT - Lonely
10 ANIV Charizard (English Version) UT - Mild
VGC09 Milotic - Timid
GAMESTP Suicune (English) - Relaxed
GAMESTP Raikou (English) - Rash
GAMESTP Entei (English) - Adamant
GAMESTP Pichu (Pichu shiny [colored pikachu]) - Jolly
GAMESTP Deoxys (Attack Form) - Adamant
GAMESTP Jirachi - Mild
WIN2011 Celebi (English) - Relaxed
FAL2010 Mew - Serious
SMR2010 Jirachi - Adamant
TRU Pikachu (Ash) - Naughty
TRU Dragonite (English Version) UT - Mild
TRU Arceus - Naughty
TRU Regigigas - Jolly
TRU Mystery Egg Axew - Naive
TRU Mystery Egg Haxorus - Naive From TVGuru
TRU Shaymin - Adamant
Movie 14 Victini – Bold
JEREMY Ekans - Docile From Froggy
JEREMY Arbok - Docile From Froggy
WORLD 11 Scrafty - Brave From Cratess


Palkia - Sassy
Dialga - Serious
Giratina - Modest
Rayquaza - Quiet
Latios - Bold
Latias - Modest
Salamence - Calm
Garchomp - Sassy
Dragonite - Jolly
Altaria - Relaxed
Flygon - Naive
Charizard - Calm
Kingdra - Sassy
Gyarados - Hasty
Sceptile - Calm
Aerodactyl - Modest
Noctowl - Careful
Butterfree - Sassy
Kyurem - Hardy From NoToRiousBrawL
Druddigon - Calm From NoToRiousBrawL
Haxorus - Brave From NoToRiousBrawL
Hydreigon - Naive From NoToRiouBrawl
Arbok – Adamant From Evan0913
Seviper – Jolly From dewey911p
Scrafty – Hasty From Asmoday

XD From Rayce;

Dragonite -Adamant
Altaria - Timid
Salamence - Naive

Dream World

Female Dratini – Brave From Apokalyptika
Female Dragonite – Quirky From Apokalyptika
Female Swablu – Mild From Apokalyptika
Female Altaria – Impish From Apokalyptika
Female Horsea – Calm From Apokalyptika
Female Kingdra – Sassy From Apokalyptika
Female Feebas – Rash From Apokalyptika
Female Milotic – Lonely From Apokalyptika
Female Bagon – Jolly From NoToRiouBrawl
Female Salamence – Jolly From NoToRiouBrawl
Male Magikarp – Hasty From Luis_Sera
Female Gyarados – Bashful From Luis_Sera
Female Trapinch – Careful From Froggy

Befriended Dream World Pokemon;

Male Flareon - Bashful

In-Game Event (Event pokemon u only get specific ways in the game);

Shinto Ruins;

Dialga - Bashful
Palkia - Relaxed
Giratina - Quirky

Hidden Tower;

Rayquaza(need to have Kyogre and Groudon from Hidden Tower in HG and SS to get Rayquaza to appear in the Hidden Tower) - Quiet

Heaven's Pipe;

Arceus - Rash

Eon Ticket;

Latias - Impish
Latios - Lax

Enigma Stone;

Latias - Modest
Latios - Calm

Member Pass;

Darkrai - Lonely

Oak's Letter;

Shaymin - Lonely

Pokemon Ranger;

Manaphy - Naive

Liberty Pass;

Victini - Relaxed

The Relocator moved pokemon from Gen 4 to actived [(Everyone Happy) (Simple Connection)];

Zorua – Lonely (WIN2011 Celebi)
Zoroark – Brave (GAMESTP Shiny Legendary Dogs from Gen 2 [Entei, Raikou, and Suicune])

Pokemon Box;

Swablu - Gentle From StonedSnorlax
Altaria - Gentle From StonedSnorlax

Rotom Forms;


PM/VM me if u are interested.


Shiny Hunter
Looking for a flawless rotom w/ any nature and any language.
Attack iv's don't matter

I can offer:
And more, I can breed for egg moves too


New Member
Requesting all alternate forms of Rotom.
See sig for offers or pm me for more.
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