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#483 Dialga

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New Member
looking for level 90+ dialga, offering shiny level 100 emboar ( legit) or shiny level 100 zekrom
pm me offers


Anyone have a Dialga I could borrow for Dex Entry? Have virtually every non legend/event Pokemon so name your price!


Pokemon Adoptions!
Looking for any;483;

Koyomi Ghost

Ghost Trainer
Please Someone trade Dialga ^^

Please someone, I really want a Dialga (legitimate, no false Pokemon!), I do not have many legends, and not quite understand this business of trading
if anyone can help, thank you now


New Member

I would like to trade for anything on my sig I don’t mind clones, I can also breed anything in the pokedex that can be breed.



new shiny hunter
LF: UT dialga TIMID/MODEST caught in a pokeball
OF: maxed attack&speed dratinis


New Member
Have a Level 73 Careful Nature Dialga, willing to trade it for any English Non-Nicknamed Dialga, or accepting offers of other Non-Nicknamed English Pokemon, PM for details.

edit: Pokemon with Genders must be Male unless it is Cresselia
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Crazy Pokémon Lady
I've some Dialga up for trade. I imported my Gen 4 collection recently, so I've some old stuff kicking around! Let me know if you're after something specific, or just a Dex filler. Each one is unique and legit, two are caught in dusk balls, one in a master ball.

I am looking for events I missed! Arceus, Shaymin, Deoxys, Jirachi, Celebi, mostly. (My sig should have the most updated info.) I will not accept hacked or glitched Pokemon-- all events must pass the event check list on Serebii and have been legitimately acquired with NO action replay. That being said, I won't ask if it's a clone of a legitimate Pokemon, and, I'm okay accepting a Poke you don't want from those events with undesirable training/natures etc-- I'm a collector. :)


Well-Known Member
im offering a shiny ut dialga. Im looking for shiny legends shiny flawless or events that im missing.


New Member
just looking for a Dialga just to add to my dex havent got much in the way of pokemon but im sure theres something i could do


I have a Shiny Lv. 100 Dialga up for trade. I just got it checked out by the Hack Check thread and it's LEGIT! :D
Not the best stats but is a nice addition to anyones collection.
Looking for any LEGIT UT Events except Victini... I have 3 of those :p
PM me with your offers

The DoritoNinja

The Last Dying Ninja
Level 90 Japanese Dialga

Arrived from Sinnoh lv 71

I don't want it
Any shiny or just another legendary would be awesome
Pm if interested


Pokemon Demigod
I have a level 60 Dialga to trade.
crappy moves and stats, but a perfect dex entry.
I just want to get rid of it.


King Scizor

Looking for a shiny dialga!!!!!!!!!!!!! PM please!!!
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