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#485 Heatran

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Looking for any Heatran (preferably timid), would trade a Reshiram, Voltolos or Suicune for it (gotten from GTS, they look legal).

Got also those non-legendary pokes up for trade:

- any starter from any generation
- any fossil Pokémon
- Zoruas
- Bagons
- Gibles (with outrage and 31 IVs in either HP or speed)
- Spiritombs
- Ralts
- Voltorb
- Hippopotas
- Scyther
- Phanpy
- Eevee
- Nidoran♂
- Skarmory (without Roost or Stealth Rock)
- German Dittos (requested nature)
- White Forest pokés like: Togepi, Elekid, Happiny, Machop, Mareep, Nidoran♀, Abra, Wurmple, Lotad, Surskit
- Pokémon White exclusives: Caterpie, Paras, Misdreavus, Poochyena, Minun, Solosis, Rufflet
- Gothita, Vullaby (exclusive to Pokémon Black)

Can attach:
- rare candy

Prefer permanent trade, but temporarily for a dex entry only would be fine too I guess, PM me if interested.


Fire Starter
lookin to get heatran and azelf. willing to trade non unova pokemon for it. pm me with offers
Have a lvl 70 heatran i want rid of. pm or vm for offers!


League Host

UT Modest Heatran with HP ICE


Lv. 100 Shiny Adamant Regigigas
Lv. 100 Arceus
UT Groudon
UT Jirachi
Lv. 82 Mewtwo
Shiny Lv.100 Ev'd Adamant Scizor with Technician
My first born son. UT and guaranteed to have good Iv's in Sp.A and Spd.

I have more, just ask. PM if interested.
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Offering: T lvl 71 Heatran (Careful) [met at lvl 70]
Seeking: Any UT Gen 5 Legendary or Event.


Expert EV'er
i'm looking for a Naive/Modest heatran with flawless ivs

i have lot's of female D/W mon and a few flawless mon as well so PM me what you want for your mon and we can negotiate
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i got a lvl 100 shiny heatran i dont want holding an air ballon. im willing to trade it for something thats ev trainde. pm me for offers.


Clone my Balls!

Shiny Heatran - Hasty, lvl.70 (Pokerus)

Psycho Cut

Well-Known Member
Hey all. I'm looking for a Timid Heatran that is (relatively) untrained, with either HP ice, HP dragon or dragon pulse. I will offer quite a few good things:

--Some other legendaries which are quite high levelled, including a lvl100 heatran (legit, of course)
--A modest dark pulse deino (which I can train if you want)
--A naive Zapdos
--A relaxed ferroseed (which again I can train)

And some other things too. PM/VM me for offers.
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Roughneck JB

Well-Known Member
Will trade anything from my shop (Link in Sig) for a near-flawless Heatran with either a Naughty (preferred), Adamant or Lonely nature (No, I'm not crazy...)


New Member

offering a female UT Heatran with lonely nature
looking for a Shaymin (specially), a Mew of Celebi

pm me for offers
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i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a Heatran!


Need Hetran with Flash Fire. Lvl 50 or higher. Calm Nature. Maxed IV's. and 252 EV's in HP and SP. DEF. I am willing to give any 2 pokemon ( shinies too) for it and a item of your choice.

R a g h u

Looking For

Heatran - Timid/Modest - Good IVs preferred(but doesnt matter)

Will offer flawless Shiny poke for it.
I have a UT heatran for trade, PM me


Clone my Balls!

Shiny Heatran - Hasty, lvl.70 (Pokerus)
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