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#486 Regigigas

Discussion in 'Sinnoh Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. cadekol

    cadekol Member

    Looking for an UT lvl 1 Regigigas from platinum for my white game. See my signature for what i have to offer.
  2. Sway

    Sway A Beautiful Enigma

    I have two regigigas... PM with offers.
  3. pacack825

    pacack825 A meowing duck.

    Looking for a shiny regigigas (a flawless shiny one or an uncloned one of any sort is preferred) I will trade for things in my signature (a few aren't listed at the moment) PM me and we can work something out :)
  4. scourt91

    scourt91 New Member

    Looking for any regular regigigas, Have lots to offer so PM if you have one with an idea of what you'd like in return
  5. psyrose3

    psyrose3 Well-Known Member

    Looking for any Regigigas. I can trade any starter and a few egg move Pokemon.
  6. rjgarza64

    rjgarza64 Amature Breeder

    Looking for a regigigas for either a dex entry of trade for keeps. Help would be nice.
  7. SkyDriver

    SkyDriver Hiding in the grass

    Looking for an Adamant Regigigas, PM/VM me if you want to trade one to me, and tell me what you want in return. I don)t want hacked/genned Regigigas, but cloned is fine.
  8. SmeargleIsUber

    SmeargleIsUber Dragon User

    Trading UT Event Regigigas. Seeking Modest Latios or Adamant Tornadus. PM for offers.
  9. Thwipster

    Thwipster Member

    I need Regigigas to help complete my dex. I do not want to keep it. PM me if you can help!
  10. A_Fire_Hazard

    A_Fire_Hazard New Member

    I have a WISHMKR Jirachi that I would like to trade for a Regigigas. Any Regigigas will do. PM if interested.
  11. Chinigitar

    Chinigitar New Member

    Offering a shiny regigigas for a mew any level also offering shiny kyogre and shiny rayquaza for a mew, all level 100 with the exception of rayquaza who is 95, all GTS trade able PM me
  12. Phuros

    Phuros Happiness ~

    Looking for any Regigigas for dex completion
    Can be a full trade or just for entry, either is fine with me
    I can offer various legendaries

    Please PM for a trade :3
  13. teamfranchise

    teamfranchise Member

    I have a Regigigas, PM me with offers :)

    If you have any of these though, it will be a gaurentee trade:

    Last edited: Aug 30, 2012
  14. larry556

    larry556 Pokemon Breeder

    Im looking for a regigigas willing to trade my zekrom
    or maybe something else
    pm me anytime
  15. Raymond - king of ducks

    Raymond - king of ducks Well-Known Member

    Want: Flawless (Sp.a IV is not important) Adamant or Jolly regigigas.

    I can offer multiple pokemon with 31 IVs in multiple stats, including an adamant dreamworld riolu with 31 Ivs in hp/atk/spe.

    PM me.
  16. Charazemma

    Charazemma Well-Known Member

    Looking for any Regigigas (and his little monsters!). I can breed anything Unova, and I have over 500 Pokemon, so can breed most things! Currently got quite a few spiritbomb and Lapras. Im on UK time so PM me to work something out :)
  17. Gastrodonus

    Gastrodonus New Member

    Looking for Regigigas for either just a dex entry or to keep. If you are willing to trade me one I can keep, I have a lot of legendaries and DWF I can offer in return. PM in what you would be interested in and we will see if you can make a deal.
  18. Astrint

    Astrint Breeding Star

    I need a level one Regigigas. Jolly Nature or Adamant nature.

    What I can Offer
    Rayquaza lvl 80+
    Birthday Togekiss

    I also have DW Females for offer.

  19. ween

    ween New Member

    i hvae ut Lv. 70 Sassy nature reggigas i bought from my other game loooking for the ice one or Deoxys
  20. cnr

    cnr New Member

    Have a couple of Regigigas for trade, looking for events or any shinys. PM me with offers.
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