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#487 Giratina Altered Forme / Origin Forme

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New Member
Looking for an untouched non-Japanese Giratina
It's name has to be spelt Giratina
Offering shiny Groudon and all the starters you can ask for


New Member
I'm looking for the alternate forme of Giratina.


New Member
Hello everybody I have a lvl 100 shiny giritina with the special orb. Of you would like it then pm me a request. I am looking for legendaries and shinys in return:) thanks


PKMN Collector
Trade complete. :)
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Competitive player
Lvl 16 Lonely Giratina from Sinjoh Ruins (Slightly touched)
Lvl 47 Modest Giratina from Distortion World (UT)
lvl 47 Bold Giratina from Distortion World (Gained 12 exp. points because I needed to spread its pokerus)

Looking for:
Events (flawless/semi-flawless)
Shiny pokemon (flawless/semi-flawless)
Flawless pokemon in general


Clone my Balls!
For Trade

Giratina - Hasty Nature, Pressure Ability, Level 72 - Shadow Force, Heal Block, Earth Power & Slash

Not fussed about keeping this, just taking up room...


New Member
Looking for a shiny giratina don't care about it being untrained or anything like that pm and im sure we can work something out


Eevee and Gallade <3
Hi. I'm looking for Palkia and Giratina, either for keeps or for tradeback. If interested, please PM or VM me!


Active Member
I have now in my possession a shiny Giratina, pm me for offers


New Member
Looking for a giratina I can offer a starter or Zorua that's in my sig


New Member
Im looking for any shiny Giratina. i have an extra level 79 darkrai
~pm me if interested
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i got a keldeo :3
i have a altered form giratina that's been EV trained in attack and Sp atk.
pm me with offers


New Member
I need a Giratina please, offering a shiny wailord. PM me if interested.
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Well-Known Member
Looking for legit english shiny Giratina.

Will trade shiny Rayquaza.
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