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#491 Darkrai

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Dragon Tamer
Looking for LEGIT Arceus, Shayamin, Darkrai, Deoxys, Manaphy, and V-Create Victini.
PM me with what you want in return. I have ALL pokemon besides these up for trade (minus event only's, sorry) and plenty of egg moves also.


Show me the Munna!
Need a Darkrai...

Hey all,
I'm looking for a Darkrai as well as any versions of the following pokemon. I'm not too picky as they are for a friend. I'm not interested in any cloned or clones of pokemon, hacks, or fakes of any kind. If you have any questions or offers, just let me know.

Looking for:

The 3 Regi's
(Or any shines of any pokemon except the dogs)


3 x Victinis (2 x Lax & 1 x Naughty)
Virizion ~ Quirky
Terrakion ~ Serious
Cobalion ~ Quiet
Kyurem ~ Lonely
Reshiram ~ Careful

These are all real as I have caught each one. I look forward to doing business with you...


New Member
I'm offering a legit shiny JPN Darkrai for any shiny legit pokemon of 5th gen.


New Member
Anyone want a darkrai? Wanting to get rid of it, will trade for anyting.
EDIT: Traded it guys
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Dark/Fire Trainer
I'm looking for a darkrai. I am willling to trade a shiny cresselia. Pm please^-^

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Destroyer of Rocket
Want a Darkrai,

Offering Sinnoh Psychics (Uxie, Mesprite, Azelf, Cresselia)
Giratina, Dialga
Offering Regis and most starters
pm for natures, moves, details


New Member

Trading my darkia for a mew low lvled vicini or torchic and treecko combo pm if interested
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Clone my Balls!
Trading a Level.100 Shiny Darkrai!


New Member
trading a darkrai for a mew or best offer pm me


Rocket Grunt
I have a Lv 100 Darkrai I'm looking to trade for any of the following.

Shiny Trapinch
Shiny Mew
Shiny Giratina
Or any event pokemon except Ashes Pikachu, Liberty garden Victini, and movie Victini.


Shiny Hunter

I'm looking for a legit, preferably UT ALAMOS Darkrai, and I don't mind if it has been cloned.

I can offer:
UT MATTLE Ho-Oh with a Hardy nature
UT legit Celebi (Japanese ID 60720)
PKTOPIA Magmortar
UT legit Manaphy (Japanese ID 12226)

I also have most of the in game legendaries and also a shiny Darkrai that I recieved off the GTS (so may not be legit!)

I'm willing to offer more than one of these for a Darkrai, but please be reasonable.

PM me if you are interested.
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flying ninja monkey
looking for any nicknamable Darkrai still holding an enigma berry (UT is a plus but not important) ...

I am offering :
a UT Movie 11 Victini ... (adamant, flawless/near flawless)
a DW ARCEUS (had it cloned)
a UT 'Pokemon Rocks America' Deoxys (seems legit)
a UT 10 ANIV Celebi
a level 100 aura Mew(not sure abotu legitimacy, says 'after a long travel through time.' and 'fateful encounter.' and the database doesn't say that an Aura Mew is a fateful encounter pokemon ???)
liberty garden Victini (2 UT sassy, careful - 1 Japanese, lv 17, relaxed - 1 lv 39 careful)
a level 100 movie Jirachi (not sure about legitimacy, everything adds up but, it says caught 11/13/2010 ... though I think that refers to when it was transferred over to 5th gen)

pm me with offers ...
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New Member
i have a darkrai to trade im looking for either sexy shiny legends or unusual legends? send me a message if interested with your offer?

Yellow Yoshi

New Member

Looking for a Darkrai, doesn't matter about nature/level (preferably level 50 or w/e the new moon one is)

Shiny Politoad / Poliwrath (jp from gts) - both Males
Victini (lib pass)
kyogre (heartgold)

FC (BLACK): 0690 6611 7300
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