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#492 Shaymin Land Forme / Sky Forme

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I need to dex a shaymin for the final entry in my pokedex. I don't care if its legit, I just need to dex it. I can trade any breedable, and I have some spare legendaries in my sig except for regigigas which is on hold. Help me out, guys, I'm almost there!


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I'm looking for a legit shaymin (not cloned or hacked)

I have:


Also have shiny dratini and gible (from B2 W2)

My Friend Code B2: 1851-2984-5730
Looking for any meloetta,celebi and shaymin must be legit.Can be cloned as long as they are not hacked.
can offer mew,plasma deoxys ,all breedable pokemon,all non event legendaries bar tornadus/tondurus and DWF riolu,sigilyph,burmy and purrloin.


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Looking for any Shaymin either for dex entry or permanent. can offer almost all pokemon apart from the ones i am looking for

See below if any pokemon interest you


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I am looking for a timid legit shaymin and will offer a timid darkrai


I'm looking for a Shaymin just for a dex entry.


looking for any shaymin, can trade almost anything, trying to complete dex entries, pm me for negotiations :)


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looking for shaymin, i have all 649. relic items, masterballs, other items pm me with what your looking for


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hi all, i am looking for shaymin just to get it on my dex or if someone want to trade i have an extra ho-oh, lugia, deoxys, and rayquaza.


Just a guy
Looking for an UT Timid Shaymin. I can offer a Darkrai, Manaphy, Meloetta, Keldeo, and a Shiny Lugia. PM me if you are interested.


Looking for any legit Shaymin, will trade for one win2011 event raikou, entei, or an in-game legendary, pm me if interested.
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Have a Shaymin for trade, mainly looking for shinys in my sig but I'm open to all offers, I'm not interested in dw Pokemon


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Looking for Events Manaphy, Shaymin and Darkrai.
I have a lot of uncloned legit shinies to trade.
I want uncloned too
No hack
PM me with offers


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Edit: Trade Completed!!

Seeking LEGIT Shaymin, shiny or otherwise, level and nature etc. unimportant.

I have all UT:

Shiny SUM2013 Dialga, willing to SR for specific nature
Plasma Deoxys x2

Dream World (level 5 or 10):
Dialga x2
Giratina X2

Also have others, PM me if interested.
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