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#493 Arceus

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As stated on the previous page, I am looking for a legit Arceus (For a good friend). I am willing to trade: Mew, Jirachi, Shiny Suicune, Shiny Entei, or Shiny Raikou. I also have PokeRus!

PM me if you are interested!


New Member
I have a Japanese Arceus, GOOD offers please as this is a DW Arceus in a dream ball met at lvl 100. Comes with a free Splash Plate.
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Active Member
I have a TRU Arceus for trade. I am looking for a specific nature for a Heatran. pm me if you are interested.
Looking for a legit Arceus. I can trade legendaries like Jirachi or Celebi. Just ask and I will see what else I can offer.
FC: 5329 1851 1311


Pokémon Artist
I request a Arceus possessor who is willing to trade with me =]
Level does not matter, nor does nature.
PM me and I'll let you know what I can trade.

Thank you very much.


New Member
I want a movie arceus, i have deoxys, shaymin, mew, a lot.


Johto GS Original
was wondering if anyone would do a trade-back with arceus? i just want the dex for him
I need Arceus I can give you some great Pokemon!! ;) Pm me thanks


Noob xD
DW Arceus up for trade.

Looking for Mew/Shaymin.
PM me for offers. Accepting shinies.



Looking for an Arceus I can offer Giratina lvl 70 or a Dialga lvl 55


Pokemon Master
Offering a untouched TRU Arceus!
Pls pm me for details!


New Member
Looking for TRU/michina Arceus

I can offer:
all pokemon in 1th, 2th(not celebi), 3th, and 4th generation
shiny charizard
shiny raikou, entei, suicune
shiny blaziken
shiny EEVEE
PM me if you are intrested ;)

(sorry for my english)


Dragon Tamer
Looking for LEGIT Arceus, Shayamin, Darkrai, Deoxys, Manaphy, and V-Create Victini.
PM me with what you want in return. I have ALL pokemon besides these up for trade (minus event only's, sorry) and plenty of egg moves also.


Show me the Munna!
Need an Arceus...

Hey all,
I'm looking for a Arceus as well as any versions of the following pokemon. I'm not too picky as they are for a friend. I'm not interested in any cloned or clones of pokemon, hacks, or fakes of any kind. If you have any questions or offers, just let me know.

Looking for:

The 3 Regi's
(Or any shines of any pokemon except the dogs)


3 x Victinis (2 x Lax & 1 x Naughty)
Virizion ~ Quirky
Terrakion ~ Serious
Cobalion ~ Quiet
Kyurem ~ Lonely
Reshiram ~ Careful

These are all real as I have caught each one. I look forward to doing business with you...
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