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#494 Victini

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#494 Victini


New Member
im looking foa a JAPANESE liberty ticket victini PM me with what you want
note i havent got my game yet will be taking reservations will tell you when it comes


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hey i just got a ut victini from the wi-fi event pm me all offers


The Illusionist
I'm looking for a UT English Victini caught with a Normal Pokeball xD

UT English Gamestop Entei, Suicune, Raikou
UT English hatched from egg Bark Out Zorua (Male or female)
UT Japanese Event Bark out Zorarak
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Looking for an uft modest Victini with a modest nature. Offering shiny pokemon I have and Events. Which I have a lot of different ones! So pm me for further information of if you're interested in potentially trading. Thanks.


I am looking for a 14th movie victini with the V-create UT,

Offering some shinnies Pikachu colored pichu, various other events, and some wishmakers UT 1 timid wishmaker jirachi, just send me a msg :)

Pokemon Breeder Rob

The Master Trader
i have a level 30 victini, that i will trade for a tepig, or oshawatt


The Mew Man
LF good IV (high speed and sp atk), preferably modest or timid, will take any nature that raises sp atk or speed without lowering the other

will trade quite a lot, have events, shinies, and rares


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Have a level 33 Victini with the moves confusion,incinerate, reversal and flame charge. It is holding lucky egg which increases the rate in which it earns EXP. private message me with offers.


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Offering Victini for any female starter!

Hi, I'm offering my Victini for any female Unova starter.
Fast responses would be great! Thanks!


Show me the Munna!
Victini up for trade...

Hey all,

I have a few Victini up for trade. I've listed their data below:

1) Lv 15 Victini~Bold/Alert to Sounds... Stats: 55, 31, 40, 36, 37, 38
2) Lv 15 Victini~Hasty/Proud of its Power... Stats: 56, 38, 31, 38, 35, 40
3) Lv 15 Victini~Gentle/Scatters Things Often... Stats: 58, 35, 32, 37, 39, 35

At this time, I'm looking for 5th generation shinys and legendaries. I don't really have a preference, as long as it is NOT HACKED or CLONED in any way... OR if you have shinies from earlier games that you can transfer around to complete a trade for a Victinis, PM me your offers and I will reply as soon as I can.
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I have one legit Japanese Liberty Ticket Modest Victini with perfect Special Attack IV. Looking for LEGIT DW starters (excluding Treeko and Bulbasaur) or Eeveelution, but might trade for Gen 5 shinies with good IV/nature combined or other event pokemons as well. VM me with your offer.


Advanced trainer

Offering a legit lv 15 liberty pass victini.
PM if interested. Looking for shinies and events of any generation.;492-s;


Catching 'em all.
Offering a Legit Victini with Pokérus, level 15.
If you want it named, I can do that too.
Any shiny pokémon or any female starters (Except Tepig Snivy and Oshawott) will do.


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I have a level 15 UT Timid Victini in a Pokeball

Looking for:

Modest/Adamant Snivy
Adamant Oshawott

Please PM if you are wanting to trade
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Trading a UT Victini from the liberty island with the pass. Looking for Shinies or event pokemon. PM me please with offers


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does anyone have a victini that i can have please i left the liberty garden and now i can't return to it please anyone fc 0518 6687 0393
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