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#494 Victini

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Sith Lord
I have the liberty Victiny im not really gonna use, I'd rather trade it for something I'm gonna use. Im looking for a RUFFLET. It has to be recently hatched. Thanks.


Vanilite <3
I got a victini, just a normal victini, looking to trade :)


Training day
Hello all just want 2 swap out my Victini with another Victini so it can go grow faster let me know. its a win win situation you win and so do i.
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I got the event Victini for the Arceus :)


Poison Trainer
I've got a Victini up for trade. I'm looking for shiny Poison Pokémon or (non shiny) Moltres, Celebi, Dialga, Rayquaza or Darkrai.


dragon temer
i got a victini not been used looking for pokemon with egg moves


New Member
Have a level 33 Victini with the moves confusion,incinerate, reversal and flame charge. It is holding lucky egg which increases the rate in which it earns EXP. private message me with offers.


Got a Victini for trade. I'm looking for shinies (I really like Grass, Ice or Steel types :)) or Events/Legendaries, especially Celebi. All got to be legit, please :) PM me for offers.

Austin Chaos

New Member
I have a lv.19 Liberty Garden Victini, I believe the OT is in Japan...

All I want is a shiny Rayquaza.

Hit me up if interested!


Offer UT Event Victini. Looking for a Male UT Dark Pulse prefer timid but Modest is alright, Deino. Pm me


Shiny Hunter
Looking for a Victini, offering anything in my sig. PM me if you are interested.


New Member
have a victini pm me if interested looking for a shiny :) do have preferences. pm me please would love my first traded shiny preferably ev trained or untouched.


I have for offer a Victini

- Timid Nature
- Level 20

Looking for a (legit) shiny Bouffalant, Sawsbuck or Lucario. Or Egg breeded Riolu with Modest nature and move Vacuum Wave. Or Egg breeded Bouffalant with Adamant nature. Other offers always welcome (Legendary to complete my Pokédex).

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