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#494 Victini

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I got four different Victinis up for trade:

lv 15 with a Hardy nature
lv 28 with a Careful nature
lv 30 with a Gentle nature
and a lv 39 with a Serious Nature.

I'm looking for shiny Pokémon (particulary Grass, Ice or Steel types, but all shinies will do) or Event Pokémon (particulary a Celebi or a Mew, but others might do). All gotta be legit, please! :) PM me for offers.
I have male and female Zoruas I will trade for a Victini. They're all lvl 1 and know scratch, leer, and shadow ball. I will trade multiple Zoruas for one. Message me.


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Untouched Victini up for trade for a shiny. Lets make a deal!


God of Fire
looking for an emboar up to lv45, i have a UT Victini lv15. i also would accept pignite 1lv before it evolves


Johto Region Trainer
i have a this pokemon up for trade, im looking for any sinnoh legendaries.


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I would trade anything in my shop for a flawless good-nature Victini
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Para Noid

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Im offering any Victini for trade normal ones for decent trades a ceratin type will cost you a item.


Pokemon Master
In need of:
LV 15 untouched Liberty Pass Event Pokemon
Modest Nature
preferably good IV's in Speed, Sp Atk and/or HP

Can offer: Zorua's
Pokemon XD Shadow Lugia (purified of course)
Fossil Pokemon
Anything you can breed


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Okay, I have a Level 15 Victini. Legit. Just captured. Nickname requests open.
Also, just some other Pokemon:
I have a Japanese Movie 12 Arceus
Wish List: (No nicknames please.) Hacked Pokemon are fine.
Shiny Female Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus
Shiny Deino (Any gender.)
Thanks :)


A Foongus Amoongus!
I also have a Movie 13 Beast-Entei
Level 1 Rufflet
Level 60 Braivary


Offering Victinis! Looking for shinies, event Mew or a Rayquaza. If the Rayquaza or Mew is shiny, I'll be willing to offer more. Just PM me for offers :)
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Poison Trainer
I've got a Victini for trade.
I'm looking for Arceus, Moltres, Darkrai, Celebi, Regirock, Shiny Poisons/Pineco/Foretress


Offering a UT lv.15 Victini for a lv.1 Zorua.

Would prefer a Zorua with a nature that does not hinder Sp. Attack, and one that knows Dark Pulse.

PM with offers :D

Edit: Traded.
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I have a level 52 legit Victini, holding expert belt. This was very hard to get, so the only things I want for it are:
Shiny Lucario
Shiny Hitmontop
Shiny Grumpig
Shiny Eevee
OR Shiny Pika/Pi/Raichu
Trade complete for jap ditto.
Now I have one Victini left
lvl 15 with bold nature and victory star ability obviously lol.
Look for an UT Zekrom. Message me if you have it.
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i'll swap a lv 15 ut "hardy" victini for a master ball :)


Blink Kid
looking for a shiny victini ?:)


A Foongus Amoongus!
Um...Pokemon Black and White are programmed so that you cannot encounter a shiny Victini, Reshiram, or Zekrom. Sorry. I, for one, was so mad, when I found out about it. :(
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