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#494 Victini

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Wtf then how should you ever get one ;_;


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I don't know. That's just what my sister said when I told her that the games were programmed against shiny Victinis. :/


I have an uncaptured Victini up for trade. This means that I can SR for any nature (and decent ivs) that you'd desire it to have. I can try to catch it in a specific type of ball (except masterball) if that's something you want (you just gotta tell me in advance).

Looking for a 5th Gen shiny in return (specifically Scraggy and Roggenrola/Boldore). Preferably UT with a workable nature. IVs do not matter.

Pm me with all offers and questions.
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I'm seeking a Victini, preferably of low level. I breed Dark Pulse Zoruas and can find you one of whatever nature you like.


I got the legit, level 15, Victini up for trade. Looking for Zorua mainly.


A Foongus Amoongus!
I got the legit, level 15, Victini up for trade. Looking for Zorua mainly.
I'm breeding Zoruas, if you want one.


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I have event Victini UT. I would like it if you had Zekrom or Thundrus to trade if interested Pm me.


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Got 2 for trade. One from each version. 1 is currently uncaptured so I can get which ever nature you like. PM me.


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I have a UnTrained Victini. It is level 15 with a serious nature...

I am looking for a sp. Attk natured litwick around level 28-30.

Pm me please!

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Sup my h0m1e5 and g3nt5, 1'm a finna tr4d3n 7h1s n3w victini, i g0t 1t y3st3rd4y w1t the "w1-f1" so yeah.

I'm finna l00kin 4 g00d off3rs s0 just h011a at m3 wen u g00d 1ght?!

P34c3 0ut.


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0h btw the victini i got is l3git n mine is lvl 15 and adamant, its new and for real ight i'm only lookin for some good legit pokemon kk homieezz?!


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6 x Victini up for trade

Hey All,

I've been playing Black over & over and have some Victinis for trade. Here they are:

1) Lv 15 Victini~Lax/Proud of its Power~Caught in a Premier Ball
2) Lv 15 Victini~Naughty/Quick to Flee~Caught in a Great Ball
3) Lv 15 Victini~Gentle/Scatters Things Often~Caught in a Great Ball
4) Lv 15 Victini~Lax/Capable of Taking Hits~Caught in a Great Ball
5) Lv 15 Victini~Bold/Alert to Sounds~Caught in a Premier Ball
6) Lv 15 Victini~Adamant/Scatters Things Often~Caught in a Great Ball

I'm also willing to take special orders and load a game with YOUR name and character gender. Ill get any nature you like and try to get it in either a Regular, Great, Dusk, or Heal ball.

I'm looking for just about any shiny outside of the dogs. I will give preference to the shinys listed in my sig. All these Victinis are not hacked or cloned, so please do not trade me hacked or cloned pokemon either. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Offering Victinis! Looking for any shiny Pokémon or other event poke. They gotta be legit! :) PM me for offers.


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Um...Pokemon Black and White are programmed so that you cannot encounter a shiny Victini, Reshiram, or Zekrom. Sorry. I, for one, was so mad, when I found out about it. :(

Wait what? xD
And to think I SR'd for a Zekrom around 60 some times. x3

Anyway, I have an extra victini open to offers. :3


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trading my victini lvl 60

i want to trade for metagross/ adamant nature/ lvl 40

hit me up on a private message


trading my victini level 57 , bold nature


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Trading lvl 23 Victini, it's adamant nature. Pm any offers ^-^
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