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#495 Snivy / #496 Servine / #497 Serperior

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I have some eggs for Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. All are from the UK version of White.

Drop me a PM if anyone wants one.


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Hey there Alanistic,

I've sent you a pm as I'm after a Snivy & Tepig please :)
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a Snivy, so please drop me a PM if you have one...I don't have much to offer for trades I'm afraid. I just got my second badge in Pokemon Black.


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TM offering: iron tail,psychic,thunderbolt,ice beam, flamethrower, aerial ace,steel wing,
brine,shadow claw,avalanche,sleep talk,swagger, flash cannon,payback
drain punchdig, giga drain.

I have pokemon with egg move:
;393; aqua ring
nature, modest 3x, caml 4x.
;004; with belly drum
;001;bulbasuar with leaf storm
;252;treecko with leaf storm,synthisis, leck seed.
:172bros:pichu with wish and volt tacle
;133;eevee with wish
;396;starly with roost


im looking for
;246;;243; win2011 ;349;;147;;304;;037;;235;;372; first evolotion
a 3 master ball, snivy, tepig, oshawott.



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Hi :) I've Got A Snivy Egg Ready To Trade :D But Wont Be Able To Do So Until 4-5pm UK Time Sorry For The Inconvenience But I Have College And Need Sleep :D Thank You (PM Me With Offers :) )


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Hello, I really want a snivy. Any will do as long as the snivy is from an english version and has not been nicknamed. I only have 1 badge so I dont have anything to trade really. It would be cool if someone could help me out!


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I have a level 1 shivy Snivy and some other Snivy eggs, all at level 1, Profile message or PM for trade

Toxic Hazard

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I am currently looking for a Snivy. I know I might some like a leech, but I just signed up today. I got my first pokemon game today (Pokemon White). I don't know how to do much, but I am trying my hardest. I do not have/use and cheat devices. I also don't accepted hacked pokemon, if I somehow get one, it will be released. I am looking forward to this community and so far I like it a lot. If you want to trade me a snivy, let me know. I can't offer much though. I will however be able to maybe give you something in the future when I get a good team set up.

So if you can trade me a snivy please let me know!

Edit- I forgot to mention, please send a private message or visitor message!
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I am looking for a Snivy, either in egg form or preferably a female so I can breed for my friends in my town.

I don't have much to offer Pokemon-wise but I do have Pokerus that I can trade in return. I have many Solosis from my White version and I can also breed Zorua as well.

PM me if you'd like these things in return for a Snivy or if you'd like to be generous and give me one. :3 Much appreciated ahead of time.

Toxic Hazard

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I've got a Snivy, I'm looking for any of these pokemon. (Low leveled)


I would appreciate if I could get more than one.

I just caught a sigilyph it is around level 28 is that low enough?

my name is ben

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I Currently have a few snivy eggs if anybody is willing to trade teapig, oshawatt, or white exclusives apart from rufflet send me a pm


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Looking for tepig and oshawott, preferably adamant, though I'm not too bothered. Can trade snivys with 31 IV's in speed.


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Anyone willing to trade me a Snivy egg, I'd be much obliged. I don't have much to offer since I haven't gotten very far. PM me if you're willing to help me.
Looking for shiny or normal snivy , offring a shiny aggron lvl 100 bashful female


dragon temer
can breed snivy if you went one pm me with your offer can breed mild nature on request hint i really would like a low lvl manephy but will trade for other low lvl pokemon


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^Um. Yes. Isn't it obvious considering its a Unova Pokémon? If you'd like a better answer, try the help thread.

I can breed Snivy for anybody that requests it. I don't not expect nor want anything in return, as I can get as many as I want.

Can I have a Male and Female Snivy, A Female Oshowatt, And a Male and Female Tepig?


been playing 4 ever
snivy needed over here

i need snivy for the drift veil city can offer a few things but not much since i havent really caught more than 6 if someone could help me out
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