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#498 Tepig / #499 Pignite / #500 Emboar

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Genshin4ever

    Genshin4ever New Member

    Hi everyone! Im pretty new here to this site. I was just wondering if any1 have a spare of these following pokemons:

    tepig, torchic or chimchar
    cacnea or seedot

    i know this is too much to ask to all of you but any pokemon that you think is best in getting through the game is appreciated too.
  2. snivy trainer

    snivy trainer Driving myself batty

    Sorry guys, got a tepig, so don't need one.
  3. Zombie Pikachu

    Zombie Pikachu New Member

    Looking for a shiny Tepig, adamant.
    Trading DW pokemon. you want it i got it.
    Or shiny Haxorus.
  4. Butterfreecatcher

    Butterfreecatcher New Member

    I can trade you for any of these, I need an oshawott or snivy though

  5. Litovoi

    Litovoi Astral Shadow

    Looking for a Tepig, can trade most starters. PM me if interested.

    Edit:Trade complete, Thanks.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2011
  6. Mobscene

    Mobscene New Member

    I need a female tepig :D PM anytime to work out something
  7. Concordia

    Concordia The Dreamwalker

    Looking to trade a snivy and a deino with dark pulse for the two other starters I do not have in Unova; Tepig and Oshawott. Please mail if interested, you'd be an absolutely awesome help :)
  8. miyazakipig

    miyazakipig New Member

    I've got a bunch of Tepigs I'm looking to get rid of from when I was trying for a shiny. Any pokemon from prior to gen 5 would be fantastic, especially starters, or a male Emolga or male Snivy (especially foreign!) but I'll take just about anything for them at this point.

    F - Lonely - Level 1
    F - Lax - Level 1
    F - Adamant - Level 1
    F - Naive - Level 1
    F - Serious - Level 1
    F - Brave - Level 1

    M - Lax - Level 1
    M - Gentle - Level 1
    M - Docile - Level 1
    M - Modest - Level 1
    M - Mild - Level 1
    M - Naughty - Level 1 (x3)
    M - Lonely - Level 1
    M - Hasty - Level 1
    M - Bashful - Level 1
    M - Relaxed - Level 1
    M - Adamant - Level 1 (x2)
    M - Serious - Level 1
    M - Sassy - Level 1 (x2)
    M - Brave - Level 1 (x2)
    M - Naive - Level 1 (x2)
    M - Careful - Level 1
    M - Impish - Level 1 (x2)
    M - Quirky - Level 1 (x2)
    M - Gentle - Level 1
    M - Modest - Level 1
    M - Bashful - Level 1

    I also have a level 23 lonely Tepig if anyone is interested. Pm me if interested at all!
  9. Imrhien

    Imrhien Eater of Leftovers

    Hiya folks! I am a Starter Pokemon Breeder. I have all starters up for trade.

    Looking for previous gen Pokemon, particularly Bagon and Gible, as well as Pokerus, in return.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2011
  10. Valkrist

    Valkrist New Member

    Collecting starters

    I'm just now to the point that I can breed my starter. I have some fresh Snivys available for trade for a Tepig and/or an Oshawott

    UPDATE: I now have an Oshawott, still need Tepig and especially Victini
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2011
  11. I can breed some pignites to trade for anything in my signature or any other non-unova pokemon. Legits only please.
  12. Butterfreecatcher

    Butterfreecatcher New Member

    offering Tepigs for trade. Looking oshawot or snivy. pm me
  13. Frozen Ghost

    Frozen Ghost Well-Known Member

    Can offer Tepig, looking for Gen IV pokemon.
  14. DarkDemonSlayer

    DarkDemonSlayer Gold>Red

    i have a lvl 62 Emboar willing to trade it for a great offer.
    I will trade one for a Torchic
    lvl 50 or above
    other starters or Legendaries will do
  15. psighost

    psighost shadow puppeteer

    I am looking for a male UT tepig, preferably adamant and or shiny if possible, but I'm pretty flexible on that as I have very little to offer in return, please PM me if you can help me out thanks
  16. fluffio88

    fluffio88 Top Trainer

    I am offering all gen starters, Zorua's, Phione's, Jirachi's, Shiny Legendary Bird Trio and I have an UT MSTRY Mew lv 10 looking for a Reshiram but get in touch if you really need something. if you require any special moves when the pokemon are bred, I will see what I do, depending obviously on the gender of the pokemon I already have.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2011
  17. crobing

    crobing Breeder

    hi can someone trade me a tepig with curse and sleep talk egg moves please can trade what you ask for :)
  18. fluffio88

    fluffio88 Top Trainer

    Offering bred pokemon including all generations starters, zorua and phione (any TM or HM moves required let me know). Looking for evolution stones in return
  19. wacwacwac

    wacwacwac Member

    I have a shiny tepig for trade, looking for other shinies. LEGIT shinies only. PM me if interested.
  20. Lavi

    Lavi Poke-Trader/Giver

    Loking for a shiny Tepig, lots of events on offer.
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