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4th Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!


So long
Wasthereonce, take a Nosepass. It can evolve into Probopass after it has landed the final blow on Maylene's Lucario. It must learn and keep Rest and Power Gem. If you take nicknames, name it Nosebeard.


The Ghost Master
Ok, I kinda already started a little bit. I decided to do a nuzlocke and a "can't evolve your pokemon" run. So under those parameters, you could suggest something else or I can still take that one.
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So long
Okay. Instead of the Nosepass, take the first Pokemon you meet on Route 209. This one may only use STAB moves in battle until you have beaten 2 more Gym Leaders, then it may use any moves. If must also be holding a Leppa or Sitrus Berry at all times.



This is the continuation of my Low Encounter Runs, which were inspired by JRose11 and Load97.
Having finished Gold, Silver and Crystal: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/...-challenge-thread.514921/page-8#post-18943574

I'm staying in Johto and complete Heartgold/Soulsilver with the lowest amount of encounters.
I won't tackle Hoeen, as baron_iw1 recently completed a Ruby run here: https://pastebin.com/04HiNhyD


- Beat Red
- Skip as many trainers and Pokemon as possible. Always flee from wild battles
- No using items in battle and no held items either
- No Daycare
- Battle Style is Set
-No Buena's Password and Pokeahtlon (otherwise there would be a limitless amount of Rare Candies)
- No elements outside the game (trading/events)
- No Glitches (manipulating the clock to skip waiting time for Return is fine in my book)

Which version?

There is only one decisive difference: In Soulsilver, Lugia has to be confronted and in Heartgold it is Ho-Oh. To reach Lugia in the Whirl Islands, at least one trainer has to be fought, as some of them are guarding the entrances on the sea. There is no trainer in or in front of the Bell Tower. This has the minor inconvenience that two Rare Candies can't be obtained in Heartgold, as they are found in the Whirl Islands. The only other difference I noted was in the Game Corner: In Soulsilver there is Sandshrew Heartgold has Ekans. A second minor inconvenience for Heartgold, but it is the superior game for saving one encounter...


The Battle Style is changed to Set.
It is theoretically possible to chose any of the three starters, as the HM pool is a bit more generous. In gen 2, only Totodile could use Whirlpool, now a Dratini can be bought for that purpose.
Chicorita has type disadvantage against the first two gym leaders and no good move pool.
Cyndaquil may be good enough to take on most gym leaders, but it still hasn't the typing and coverage of Totodiles move pool.
Totodile is chosen again for its decent all allround stats. This time, Natures exists. I made it through the game with a Nature that lowers speed, just to be walled by Red's Pikachu which OHKOed Feralgator. So I suggest a Nature that increases speed to ensure a First strike agains almost all Pokemon. The best may be Jolly (reduces Spec. Atk), as Totodile uses physical moves anyways, aside from Surf. Reseting until one with above average stats is gotten doesn't hurt either.

As usual, Mr. Pokemon has to be visited and the first Rival match is fought rather unspectacular. Route 30 only forces to fight one Youngster with a Pidgey and a Ratata, just like in Gen 2. The first major difference shows in Violet City. The Bellsprout Tower is now mandatory. Some Sages can be avoided, but four have to be fought. Despite Totodile suffering from type disadvantage, the low leveled Bellsprouts don't hurt it too much and it can take a trainer per time, though constant retreats are necessary. The Hoothoot with Hynose is arguable a larger treat.

Totodile favors the additional exp gain, because the trainer in the Violet gym can be avoided now and Falkners Pokemon got a level bump. Pidgey isn't too terrible, though it can lower Totodiles accuracy, making the following fight a larger gamble. Pidgeotto has an edge over Totodile and a critical hit of the just learned Bite move is mandantory. The AI may allow for additional chances by using Roost and even the weaker Tackle.

A decent Totodile can make it through this fight with luck. It should be noted that it is possible to get Mareep, Wooper and Slugma through an Event in the Pokecenter. Since they are gotten as eggs, they are too low leveled to do much, maybe Mareep could be trained? Still, if one takes the time to hatch one of them, Totodile can already swap in battle and cure itself of stat reductions like Sand Whirl. Mareep also has Static, so if it is switched in properly, almost every Pokemon can get paralyzed. Still, they aren't necessary and don't learn important HMs.

After the gym, Togepi can be gained. It is worth hatching it just to have another Pokemon to cure Totodile from Confusion in mid battle. It can also troll Ghost Pokemon and if it gets an opportunity to get a turn, Charm cripples the enemies offense.

Fights: 8
Level: 13


Bugsy, Rival 2

Route 32 and the Union Cave have avoidable trainers, like in Crystal. New is a different TM. Rock Tomb isn't too strong, but it is most important for exactly one following fight.

The four Rocket Grunts are still not a threat, even with the boss getting an additional Pokemon.

In the gym, only one Trainer has to be fought now and his Beedrill gives enough exp to compensate for that. Totodile wants to evolve as soon as possible. Sadly, it isn't done until the fight with the leader or the rival.

Bugsys Scyther got a nasty new attack that can 2HKO Totodile. The key is hoping for Energy Focus or Leer first. The already mentioned Rock Tomb is the only decent way to hurt Scyther and even then it survives a hit and cures itself with a Berry and a Potion. But it isn't surviving a critical and just that was what I got.

Against the Rival, Bite proves to be more useful, being learned earlier and using Croconaws superior Atk stat. Gastly can't do anything against it. Bayleef is still a danger, but with flinching and it using moves like Poison Powder, Synthesis and Reflect instead of always using Razor Leaf, it can be done. Zubat can ruin the last part of the battle with confusion. I didn't had Togetic hatched, so some luck was required.

Fights: 15
Level: 20



With the rival beaten, the Ilex Forest is entered and Cut is learned. Croconaw still has to spend an attack slot on it for a while. And later on it has to learn it sometimes if a tree has to be removed in Kanto. In Soulsilver, Sandshrew can do that in the later portion of the game.

No trainer in the forest or the following route. Goldenrod City has plenty to offer.

- A level 20 Spearow can be obtained. It can learn Fly which is optional, but useful. At the time, it has decent stats to survive a couple of rounds and deal some damage with Aerial Ace or weakening opponents for Croconaw with Leer.

- The underground harbors some trainers, but none of them have to be fought. Later on, in the Rocket mission, the area is cleared.

- The radio upgrade and the Bicycle have to obtained.

- The store offers vitamins and TMs. Carbos may be crucial for Feraligators speed stat. If it can't outspeed Red's Pikachu later on, it is screwed. Regarding the TMs, Blizzard and Hyperbeam can be useful, though they aren't needed. Return on the other hand is one of the physical stronger attacks, only outmatched by moves that inflict effective damage or Waterfall/Aqua Tail.

- The Game Corner offers Dratini, who can learn Waterfall, Surf and Whirlpool. It has good enough stats to survive a hit for now and can paralyze with Thunderwave, lower the defense with Leer and deal 40 damage with Dragon Rage, which is over half of the current HP of all opponents at this time. Getting two doesn't hurt. Getting them with 41 HP is useful for a certain fight later. This requires at last 25 IVs in the HP stat, so reseting a few times may be necessary. Sandshrew is missing in Heartgold, so no second user of Cut and no way to lower the accuracy either. It is sturdy as well, taking some hits from Miltank and being able to resist Magnetites. Instead, Ekans can be bought. I didn't bother with it, but it is a good Pokemon to start the battle, considering Intimidate. Many physical threats could be disabled by that and make it easier to set up Swords dance. That move can be bought here and it makes Feraligator an excellent Sweeper, good enough to beat most Pokemon. Icebeam may also be useful, but it is expensive and Surf isn't too far of in reach. Croconaw also learns an ice move soon enough.Thankfully, I like to play Voltorb Mine even without a guide.

When all is done, the gym is next. Two trainers have to be fought this time. Then it is Whitney and once again Miltank is too strong for Croconaw to battle it on its own, so the help of the new gotten Pokemon is appreciated. Dratini can survive a Stomp and paralyze it. Since it cures itself once, a second Dratini was necessary. Spearow also can use Leer. If Togetic is still around, it can also be useful with Charme. A properly weakened Miltank is easy game for Croconaw. It had more troubles with Attract, weirdly enough.


Battles: 18
Level: 21


Rival 3, Morty

With the Squirtbottle, Sudowoodo can be removed to reach Ecruteak City. Around the National Park lurk some trainers, so it goes all the way back to Violet City to approach Sudowoodo from the left. After that, there are two beauties guarding the gates of Ecruteak City. It isn't set in stone what exactly qualifies as an encounter. If both are fought at the same time in a double fight, I would count this as one battle. So they are approached with more than one Pokemon (otherwise they would be fought successively) to have one single encounter. Their Clefables and Wigglytuffs are rather sturdy and a threat if thy gang up on Croconaw, but the Dratinis and Spearow can weaken them properly, so that Crconaw has an easier time beating them, when it is alone and the last Pokemon.

First task in Ecruteak City is getting Surf, which just requires a fight with a Grunt. I hesitated teaching it Croconaw immediately, since it would have two HM moves then, having even less flexibility in learning moves.

Even with Surf, it can't be used outside of battle yet and the only places that can be reached are the Lightinghouse. There are trainers who give Croconaw some easy exp before it returns to Ecruteak and fights the Rival, then the four trainers in the gym and finally its leader Morty.

Zubat and Gastly are easily OHKOed. Bayleef requires two Icefangs and ideally the first one crits, freezes or flinches. Magnemite should go down with a Surf really. Still, the battle isn't so tough that it was required. As a side note, the ability to freeze allows for some free turns to use Sworddance, making Croconaw possible able to sweep the rest of the team. Not always working and and not reliable, but most of the game could be trivialized through this already.

Morty has one Haunter that survives a Bite and Gengar who can 2HKO Croconaw and outspeed it. There are good chances it sets up Mean Look and misses with Hypnosis. A critical Bite OHKoes it.

Battles: 29
Level: 29


Pryce, Chuck, Jasmine

It is possible to face Chuck and Jasmine immediately, but it is easier to tackle the Rocket hideout first for some easy experience. The red Gyarados doesnt have to fought in the remakes, it can simply be fled from. The grunts and executives in the hideout aren't a threat either. Many grunts and all scientists can be avoided, six grunts are confronted in total. The two executives and three Electrodes conclude the mission. It may be useful to catch an Electrode.

Then, the three gyms can be tackled on in any order. One trainer has to be fought in Chuck's gym and two in Pryce's gym.

The easiest is Pryce, as Surf is quite effective against Piloswine and ice attacks aren't bothering Feraligator at all.

With Chuck, it is still an issue that none of Feraligators attacks are effective against Poliwrath. If not teaching Surf, something like Headbutt or a second Return or even a powerful Special Attack like Hyperbeam may be more effective. At the very least, Surf beats Primeape quickly. Poliwrath often uses Powerpunch, so always attacking is preferable to using non attacks like Leer.

Jasmine is annoyingly difficult, because Feraligator with it's stat penality in Special Attacks fails to OHKO Magnemite with a Surf barely. It may do it on low HP because of its ability, but Steelix may finish it then. The Magnemites retaliate with Thunderwave or Thunderbolt, putting the fight in their favor. An Electrode could weaken them properly, but I had to retort to Shuckly. It can force them to use Thunderwave repeatedly with Encore and use Safeguard to let Feraligator be immune to it. This is the only time in the run in which experience are shared. Not an issue at all.

Fights: 46
Level: 36


Clair, Kimono Girls, Rival

With all seven gym leaders beaten, Team Rocket has to be driven off again. There are only two Grunts in the Radio Tower, the one at the entrance and the female one near Buena. After beating Perel, the underground is next. The Rival and four Grunts have to be fought there. Another Grunt and three Executives are fought at the second visit of the tower. None of them are a threat. The Rival may require a reset because of his higher number of Pokemon that get a few more hits in, but Feraligator still 1-2HKOes them.

After that, Blackthorn City is waiting. There are no encounters on the way and Feraligator can finally forget Cut, which gives room for Sworddance. Sworddance is crucial for sweeping. In the gym, a number of trainers can be avoided, but two have to be faced.

Clair starts with Gyarados, a rather tough opponent to build up Sworddance. The Dragonairs can paralyse, so they have to be brought down with one boosted Icefang. Kingdra deals even more damage than Gyarados. Gyarados uses Dragon Rage against Shuckle, it likely recognizes the high defense and goes for reliable damage I guess. Shuckle can survive Dragon Rage barely and trick it with Encore. After it is beaten the next turn, Gyarados will use Dragon Rage again against Dratini, which should have 41 HP. It has one turn to use Thunderwave. The paralyzed Gyarados hopefully gives Feraligator more turns to set up Sworddance. It is a tough fight and if Gyarados and Kingdra use their strongest moves, Feraligator most likely dies.


Before getting the final badge, the Dragon Cave has to be visited. Just like in Crystal, one trainer has to be fought at the entrance.

Now the five Kimoono Girls have to be fought in order. Without healing in between and without being able to set up Sworddance, those fights are difficult and require luck.

Umbreon is bulky and hopefully wastes turns confusing Feraligator. Freezing it would help. Ending the battle with Hydro Cannon is preferable, it does deal the most damage, but Umbreon gets an additional turn if it survives it.
Espeon deals a lot of damage with Psychic. Hoping for a critical Crunch or maybe a flinch and freeze of Icefang is the best bet.
Flareon falls after one Hydro Cannon. It survived Surf, as my Feraligator has a nature reducing its Special Attack.
Jolteon is the trickiest one, with it 2HKOing Feraligator handily with Thunderbolt. If Feraligator has high HP, it may go for a defensive approach first, stunning with Thunderwave and setting up Double Team.
Vaporeon isn't difficult on its own, but Feraligator is most of the team weakened enough to get beaten in two hits. And Vaporeon is bulky enough to survive two attacks.


The next destination is the Pokemon Leauge. The last three trainers on the way to Victory Road can't be avoided. And the Rival appears a final time. The first Pokemon, Sneasel, isn't too strong and allows to get Sworddance two times. The other Pokemon can be OHKOed now with a physical move, with the exception of Magneton. I kept Hydro Cannon just for this Pokemon. It allowed the following Haunter one turn, who could use Confuse Ray.


Encounters: 71
Level: 48