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4th Gen Lil' Legendary

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Fione isn't a prevo. It's a spawn.

I don't care for lil legends but my vote goes to Sheimi for being a marshmallow.

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I guess Shemei is more of it.

Manaphy is pretty easy to obtain (especially in the US, just get Ranger and enter a code, and trade it) while Shemei probably will be harder.

I like Shemei better though, since he's quadropedal and pretty damn cute and not as cookie cutter as Manaphy. He's teen-schoolgirl-tastic!


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Mew:they give it away
Celebii:Got you probably can't get it yet!
jirachi:Download from channel.

Shiemi seems to follow the rules more, but they probably both are.


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Sheimi is cute, chia pet-ish, and obtainable through event only. I'll have to say the Sheimi is our little legendary because he reminds me of Celebi back in the good ol' days.


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Meh, they're either both or both not.

Manaphy = Able to get with another Pokémon Game
Sheimi = Event Pokémon
Also, Manaphy is breedable.


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I was never a fan of the "lil´event legendairies".

I liked Mew because of its relation with mewtu but that´s all...it was pretty cute and having all pokemon DNA in it is a nice touch.

Celebi was always very boring to me...its typing it interesting and its timetravel-skills could be cool as well, but somehow it is lacking...never liked it at all ^^; ( the horrible movie didn´t help )

Jirachi is kinda cute, but that´s about it. I was never interested in it...and buying Pokemon Channel to get it was a cruel joke...

(Deoxys has a very interesting concept and its design is nice as well. I wish I´d had a chance to get one...nya,..it isn´t a "cute lil´ legendairy, so it doesn´t count)

Manaphy is cute and all...but I like its offspring more. It has some interesting moves and a cool ability though.

Sheimi...looks like an ordinary hegdehog, but green and with a flower....it feels very kanto-ish to me. Its design is surely different from the ordinary cute event pokemon which is nice.

What I don´t get...why do some people compare manaphy with deoxys and sheimi with jirachi? Both, manaphy and sheimi are mew-like event pokemon. it´s not that hard.

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Sheimi is obtainable by A Super Rare Event, you can tell only A lucky few will obtain Sheimi every few Years or so.

However, Manaphy is already obtainable in the US even though DP isn't out yet. The Manaphy Ranger Password is public and that means that Manaphy is availible to everyone at all times.

So Sheimi is the true 4th Gen Mew. Manaphy is just A Special Pokemon, and knowing that Manaphy is found in an EGG it should be noted that Manaphy isn't one of A kind while Sheimi is. And Manaphy breeds. Nuff said.
^Manaphy is easy to obtain through ranger... and Sheimi is a super event pokemon...so this means that Sheimi is the lil' legendary.

Although Manaphy was a movie star, which Mew, Celebi and Jirachi was too. And there has already been a grass lil' legendary. And this might mean that Manaphy is the lil' legendary.

My conclusion is: we don't know. :I


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If it has to be one of them I'd say Manaphy.He just seems like a lil' legend to me. However I was disappointed that the little legendary wasn't psychic. All the previous one were. Anyway Manaphy has the movie, he's an event poke (well, shiemi is too), he's the correct body shape (big head, small body, and cute), and he already has the whole mysterious pokemon thing down. That definitley gives Manaphy the proper qualifications.


this genhas two:

they both have the 100 base stat. therefore both = new "4th gen lil' legendary"


Shemei. It wasn't revealed right away, like Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi (actually, it still isn't officially revealed). Its also one of the three hardest to obtain without cheating. We'll see which one is banned from the next official tourney (unless all legends are banned). It is smaller. However, neither of them are Pyschic, making them unusual.

HOWEVER! There are reasons it could be Manaphy. Manaphy floats. Plus, there is also a grass legendary.

However, the real 4th gen lil legendary is (dun dun dun duh) Dakrai!
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