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4th Gen Lil' Legendary

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I don't think we can say anything yet until we know how Fione is related to Manaphy (not breeding wise). Maybe something to do with Heart Swap on a Ditto. O.O Who knows?
Originally Posted by Clash
Sheimi's height is 0'08"
Manaphy's height is 1'00"

Sheimi is the smallest 4th Gen legendary.

lol xP
Mew: 1’04”
Celebi: 2’00”
Jirachi: 1’00”

Yes sheimi is the smallest, but look Manaphy is kind of the same size as these^ So that may mean that Manaphy is the lil' legendary.

BUT, now that I looked in the pokédex, I saw that all the lil' legendaries was in the end of the pokédex in their own region. Which sheimi was too but not Manaphy. This may likely mean that Sheimi is the lil' legendary...

We don't really now pplz!! :0


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The 4th gen just wanted to make things weird. So many legends.

Im guessing Manphy is.


Sheimi is Strong and Cute!
Strong Because Of Seed Flare! A Very Strong Sttack.
Sheimi Can Be Easily defeated by a Poison Or Fire Move. ^^


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Sheimi is at the end in the national dex, while Manaphy is at the end of the Shinou dex. But I think this time there are two little legendaries.


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Hey nintendo, next time, make 15 pokemon at the end of the pokedex with 100 base stats, then things will get interesting!
But really, nintendo made a fatal flaw there, i will always say Manaphy is the lil legend and its hard to argue with that if Sheimi doesnt star in a movie :/


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Both of them are the lil legendaries. It's obvious.


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Manaphy is the lil Legendary by wieght and Sheimi is by height but in my eyes Manaphy is king lol
They are both the small legendary. Why? They're small and cute, they're not obtainable through normal game, and most importantly they have 100 base stats across the board.
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