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4th Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    After finishing thing up at the Jubilife City Trainers' School, I headed to the Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon. I then went north, but I was stopped by the president of the Poketch company. He told me to obtain the coupons to earn a Poketch, and I talked to the clowns around Jubilife City until I got all three coupons. I obtained the Poketch after that and then I headed west. I got the Old Rod from a fisherman there and I fished in the water between Canalave City and Jubilife City. I found a wild Magikarp and I captured it for my team. I healed again and then I trained north of Jubilife City since I had to battle my rival on Route 203 soon. I finished training after about 20 minutes, and I saved before going to Route 203.

    My current team:
    ;393; - Piplup level 11
    ;129; - Magikarp level 7
  2. Darkrai00

    Darkrai00 .*.*.*.*.

    been a while again, xD

    Beat Blaine for my 7th Kanto badge, and lost my first attempt against Blue, damn stone edge, and machamp hitting everytime

    [​IMG] - Weavile lv. 59
    [​IMG] - Honchcrow lv. 59
    [​IMG] - Umbreon lv. 52
    [​IMG] - Houndoom lv. 46
    [​IMG] - Searching the Safari Zone still for Larvitar
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2011
  3. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I headed to Route 203 and I met up with my rival there. He talked and then he challenged me to a Pokemon battle. He used Starly first, and I used Magikarp despite it not being very powerful. I swapped to Piplup eventually, but Magikarp gained experience once Starly was defeated, so everything worked out ok. I used Piplup against my rival's Turtwig, and I won with a critical hit move. The battle ended and I gave my rival the Parcel that his mom had sent him. He then left and I healed my Pokemon at the Jubilife City Pokemon Center. I then proceeded to Route 203 and I battled some trainers on my way to Oreburgh City. I also trained against wild Pokemon in the area, but I was sad that I couldn't capture any. I eventually made it to the Oreburgh Gate, and I arrived at the city after I had battled inside the cave. I saved at the Pokemon Center.

    My current team:
    ;393; - Piplup level 13
    ;129; - Magikarp level 9
  4. Darkrai00

    Darkrai00 .*.*.*.*.

    been a while yet again, but havent made alot of progress game wise xD

    Beat Blue a while back and got my 8th badge. Went to all the spots with legendaries and defeated mewtwo, ho-oh, zapdos, moltres, and articuno. Climbed mount. Silver but am gonna need ALOT more trainnig to take down red xD

    [​IMG] - Weavile lv. 63
    [​IMG] - Honchcrow lv. 63
    [​IMG] - Umbreon lv. 56
    [​IMG] - Houndoom lv. 57
    [​IMG] - Searching the Safari Zone still for Larvitar, havent really been there in forever lol
  5. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    After healing at the Oreburgh City Pokemon Center, I headed to the Oreburgh Mine since I had to locate Roark before I could challenge him at the Oreburgh City Gym. I went inside and I picked up some items. I also trained against the wild Pokemon there for a while, until I reached the bottom of the mine and I battled against a couple of trainers down there. I eventually found Roark, and after breaking open a rock, he returned to the Oreburgh Gym. I healed at the Pokemon Center once more after that, and I headed north to the Mining Museum to explore. I then went to train at the route north of town, and I returned to Oreburgh City after about 20 minutes. I saved as I got inside the Oreburgh Gym.

    My current team:
    ;393; - Piplup level 14
    ;129; - Magikarp level 11
  6. gardevoir rocks

    gardevoir rocks Well-Known Member

    Thinking of doing a monotype in either SS or D/P, but not sure what type to use, any suggestions?

    Edit: Decided I'm either going to use Pearl with either psychic type with abra, giraffirig, meditite, mime jr., chingling and bronzor OR poison type with zubat, budew, ghastly, croagunk, dustox, and skorupi. So, which should I use?
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2011
  7. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    You know, I am having problems as well deciding. Why don't we help each other out? Let's see... which one would have a balanced and diverse team? To me, I think the Poison one would. You get Ghost, Fighting, Dark, Bug, and Grass along with the Poison. If that doesn't matter to you, then what Pokemon have you not really used and want to train? If I trained the same one over and over and over again, to me it wouldn't be so fun.

    I am going to play a Monotype run on my Platinum, but I don't know whether to do Steel or Flying. With the Steel type I get Water, Electric, Flying, Psychic, Fight, and Ground. I have only used two of them before. (Lucario and Piplup.) With Flying I get Normal, Poison, Ground, Steel, Bug/(or Water), and Ghost. I have only used two of them as well. (Starly and Drifloon.) So... I really don't know. Any suggestions as to which one would be more diverse and balanced??

    EDIT- I have decided to go with flying. However, I do not know which ones... there are so many! (And yes, I will be evolving all of these) These are the ones I am most definitely using: Starly, Gligar, Drifloon, and I think Yanma. (Would Combee be better?? Or should I add both?) I am debating using Zubat and Togepi. I was thinking about using Mantyke, but the stats aren't the best. Should I add it for the water typing, or no? So, any suggestions as to who I should use and not use?
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2011
  8. gardevoir rocks

    gardevoir rocks Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help. Thinking about it out of the pokemon I've listed I've trained budew and zubat before, but I've only really used zubat as a hm slave before. So, based on that I'll probably go with poison type. Oh, and I was thinking of using a tentacool instead of the dustox as I realised last night that they are also poison type, and I never really liked dustox that much, that and if I were to catch a wurmple I wouldn't know whether or not they would evolve into beautifly instead, meaning I could do unnecessary training.

    As for your query I would use yanma instead of combee as you could be waiting a while to get one of those, and if you do find one and it's a male combee then it won't evolve, which could limit its power. I would then probably use zubat and togetic, because togetic is a normal type and can probably learn some water type moves via tms if you really thought having a water type would help you. Also they allow you to have a good mix of move types, I have a porygon on my Platinum, and it knows an ice type move, a bug type move, a psychic type move and an electric type move, which I find very helpful. Hope this helps!
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I got inside of the Oreburgh City Gym, and I began to challenge the Gym trainers inside. I managed to beat the two trainers inside by switching between Magikarp and Piplup. That helped level up Magikarp some more, and then I left to heal at the Pokemon Center. I returned to the Gym and I challenged Roark to a battle. He used Geodude first, and I went ahead and used Piplup. I managed to defeat Geodude with one move, and then I swapped to Magikarp when Roark sent out his Onix. I swapped out once more to Piplup, and then I defeated Roark's Onix with a strong Bubble attack. Roark then sent out Cranidos, and I had a tough time against that, even with Piplup's Bubble attack. I beat it eventually, Piplup evolved into Prinplup and I got the Coal Badge. I saved before leaving the Gym.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 16
    ;129; - Magikarp level 13
  10. gardevoir rocks

    gardevoir rocks Well-Known Member

    Just started the challenge, but I've made it to Jubilife City so far, and I caught a budew just ahead of there, which I'm training up, as it was only level 4 when I caught it.

    ;406; - level 6
  11. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I left the Oreburgh City Gym after I defeated Roark there, and I healed my Pokemon. Once that was done, I headed east once more and I arrived in Jubilife City eventually. I explored the city some more, and then I headed up north to the next route since I had to go to Floaroma Town next. However, before I could continue my journey, I encountered Team Galactic north of Jubilife City. Professor Rowan was there, and I had to help him get rid of the Team Galactic grunts. I battled them and once that was done, I healed at the Pokemon Center. I headed up north once again, and I battled some trainers along the way. I got to Ravaged Path, and I encountered a wild Psyduck there. I battled it and I captured it for my team. I exited the cave eventually, and I battled another trainer as I got to the northern path of Route 204. I saved afterwards.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 17
    ;129; - Magikarp level 14
    ;054; - Psyduck level 5
  12. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    I finally started this challenge, one that I have been meaning to do for awhile now. I decided to go with the Flying type on my Platinum game. I began with Piplup, until I got the pokeballs from Lucas after Sandgem town. I then captured my official starter Pokemon, a Starly named Vanessa. It was an absolute BEAR to train her, since she was only level 2. I caught another Starly to help train her, and it was an awful hour or so to get her to about level 8.

    I made it to Jubilife City, where I met Looker and bought some pokeballs. I headed towards Route 203, where I plan to battle the trainers there and get my next teammate.

    Current Team:

    ;397; Vanessa Lvl 14
  13. gardevoir rocks

    gardevoir rocks Well-Known Member

    Defeated Roark in Oreburgh City after a battle that seemed like it was never going to end. This was against another budew though not one of Roark's pokemon. I stupidly thought I could beat with one PP left on absorb and no other attack moves. I spent 15 minutes waiting to be defeated only for the foe's budew to run out of PP on absorb as well, but the battle eventually ended when my budew ran out of PP on all of its moves and used struggle. Unforunately I still lost due to damage from recoil.

    However, on a more positive note I managed to catch a zubat in the cave between Jubilife and Oreburgh, but I haven't trained it much yet. My level 17 budew should keep me going for a bit though (it defeated Roark's cranidos in two turns!) I'm now back in Jubilife, and I plan to head north to Floaroma Town next.

    Current Team:

    ;406; Rose - lvl 17

    ;041; Fang - lvl 6
  14. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    As I got to the northern portion of Route 204, I began to battle against the trainers there. I managed to beat the lady with the Cherubi, and then I battled against the Bug-Catcher there. I trained my Pokemon in the tall grass a bit, and then I battled the Twins and their Pachirisu. Once that was done, I arrived in Floaroma Town and I healed at the local Pokemon Center. I then explored the town a bit more. I bought some stuff at the Poke Mart there and I also visited the flower shop and did some stuff there. I talked to everyone and then I had to prepare to battle Team Galactic grunts at the Floaroma Meadow. I went there and I battled them. Once that was done, I got some Honey from the man they were bothering, and I left to Valley Windworks. I saved before getting there.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 18
    ;129; - Magikarp level 14
    ;054; - Psyduck level 9
  15. gardevoir rocks

    gardevoir rocks Well-Known Member

    Beat Commander Mars at the Valley Windworks after reaching Floaroma Town and defeating the two grunts in the meadow. After this I healed my pokemon and headed for Eterna City, which I reached after a series of battles in Eterna Forest with Cheryl, who I was accompanied by. I now plan to train my zubat further for the battle with Gardenia, as they are part flying type they should have an advantage.

    Current Team:

    ;406; level 25

    ;041; level 14
  16. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I headed east towards Valley Windworks, and I had to battle some Team Galactic Grunts before I was able to enter the building there. I finally made it inside, and I had to battle even more Team Galactic grunts in order to reach Mars. I finally reached her, and we had to battle each other. I managed to defeat her Zubat with my Prinplup, and then I used Psyduck against Mars's Purugly. I couldn't beat it though, so I used Prinplup again and defeated Purugly with a critical hit Bubble attack. Mars and the Team Galactic grunts left Valley Windworks, and I headed out as well. I trained in the tall grass there, and I captured a wild Shellos that I found. I healed at the Floaroma Town Pokemon Center and then I saved.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 19
    ;129; - Magikarp level 15
    ;054; - Psyduck level 12
    ;422; - Shellos level 10
  17. gardevoir rocks

    gardevoir rocks Well-Known Member

    Beat Gardenia with my zubat after it learn wing attack, which gave it a type advantage, and have made my way through to Hearthome City after battling several trainers. I also caught a ghastly at the haunted mansion in Eterna Forest, I plan to use my zubat again to defeat Maylene at Veilstone City, although I might relax and participate in some contests first.

    Current Team:

    ;406; Rose lvl 28
    ;041; Fang lvl 20
    ;092; Ghost lvl 21
  18. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    After healing my Pokemon at the Floaroma Town Pokemon Center, I left for Eterna City. I traveled all the way back to the Valley Windworks area, and I battled some trainers as I heard to the northern route nearby. I found a wild Buizel in the tall grass, and I decided to capture it for my Water-type team. I managed to snag it with a Poke Ball, and then I began to grind in the tall grass like never before. I healed once more and then I headed north a bit more. I battled wild Pokemon and trainers along the way north to Eterna Forest, and I saved at the house right before the entrance to the forest since I wanted to rest before traveling through that landscape.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 20
    ;129; - Magikarp level 16
    ;054; - Psyduck level 14
    ;422; - Shellos level 12
    ;418; - Buizel level 12
  19. snivy trainer

    snivy trainer Driving myself batty

    Well I'm doing a water monotype:
  20. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    I've decided to start a monotype flying challenge on pokemon soulsilver and right now I'm at Violet City and I just beated Falkner. I used Spearow's Peck and landed a critical hit then his Pidgeotto used Gust on me twice and so I used Potion two times then Pidgeotto used Tackle on me and I survived it so I finished it off with a peck. After the fight I went outside the gym and then I received a phone call to collect an egg. After I got the egg I headed back to the pokemon centre and saved. My team so far is:

    ;021; Spearow Lvl13
    ;041; Zubat Lvl8

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