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4th Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!


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After sending my Pokes off my HG cartridge to my Black 2 game, I want to do a mono-type challenge. I've done water and psychic in the Gen 1 games, so I don't want to do either of those. Suggestions?


So I challenged Gym Leader Jasmine at her Gym. She sent out her first Magnemite and I used my Quagsire against it. I had it use a Magnitude attack and that defeated Jasmine's Magnemite. Jasmine sent out her Steelix afterwards and I used my Feraligatr against it. I had Feraligatr use Water Gun and that damaged Steelix, but it wasn't enough to defeat it. I had to endure Steelix's next attack, but I defeated it with a second Water Gun attack afterwards . Only Jasmine's second Magnemite remained for me to deal with and my Quagsire took care of it with another Magnitude attack. I defeated Jasmine at long last and I won the Mineral Badge and the Iron Tail TM from her. I left the Olivine City Gym after that and saved.

;160; - Level 35
;195; - Level 32
;130; - Level 30
;073; - Level 30
;079; - Level 29


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Hello there if anybodys still here, I'm new to the forums but this section isn't dead is it?

Never did a monotype before but I'm thinking of trying one on platinum, probably fighting since Infernape is pretty beast.


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Okay so I started mono fighting on platinum, obviously picked Chimchar and nicknamed him Sherlock but I'm quite ahead for a first post so I'll skim along the big points. I battled Barry made my way to the jubilife city,got my watch, talked to looker and headed through the caves towards Oreburgh City. I grinded a fair bit and Sherlock evolved into Monferno! I also caught a Machop and named it Nigel though unfortunately I have no access to another DS to evolve him into his last evolution later on.

Anyway I then grinded Nigel for a bit and challenged Roark the Rock type gym leader. It was too easy, Nigels Low Kick literally swept the whole gym and I got my badge XD I then headed back to Jubilife City and ventured north for Floaroma Town. Ran into some more of those team Galactic guys in the Windmill and put them in their place, then headed north east towards Eterna City, though I'm currently in Eterna Forest.

Current Pokemon:
Sherlock (Monferno): Level 21
Nigel (Machop): Level 22

Okay so that was my first time doing anything like that so sorry about my terrible writing :p I regret choosing fighting a little bit because the effort of trying to find a Heracross.


So I dashed out of the Olivine City Gym next and I headed out to the Pokemon Center and I healed my darlings. I did some quick shopping at the Poke Mart as well next and then I sashayed back to Route 39. I stopped by MooMoo Farm first though and fed the sick Miltank Oran Berries and it finally got cured. I soon made it back to Ecruteak City and I pranced east to Route 42's gatehouse. I arrived close to Mt. Mortar and I Surfed across a lake and saw Suicune lurking by Apricorn trees. I walked to it, but it fled once it saw me. Eusine the Suicune stalker arrived afterwards and then I picked some Apricorns. I Surfed across another lake next and I battled trainers in the area outside Mt. Mortar before saving my game.

;160; - Level 36
;195; - Level 33
;130; - Level 31
;073; - Level 32
;079; - Level 31
So to take a break from Nuzlocking (and because I wanted to do something I hadn't done in a while) I started a Flying Monotype run on HeartGold.

I'm quite a distance in, actually- I just hit Blackthorn, and I have the final member of my team now. The run's been going pretty well so far, save for some difficulties with Jasmine- I didn't think to teach Fire Blast to Aquila, so half my team was obliterated by her Magnimites.

I'll take on Claire at level 40 or so.

;022; Bellatrix, level 37
;468; Aquila, level 38
;130; Pyxis, level 37
;178; Andromeda, level 37
;430; Corvus, level 37
;472; Rigel, level 35


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Today, I decided to play through Diamond again, this time with a monotype team (Water-type). I picked Piplup, took down Starly, got the Dex and the PokeBalls. After reaching Jubilife City, I got an Old Rod and caught a Magikarp. I got the Poketch, beat my rival, and reached Oreburgh City. I learned that the Gym Leader was in the mine, so I healed my team and saved.


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Been doing a Water Mono on HG and and a Ground Mono on Platinum. I’ve kept, some, details in the Gen 4 recent happenings.


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My last Champion monotype team in Generation IV was a Water-type one in Diamond.
Ability: Torrent
Surf/Ice Beam/Grass Knot/Drill Peck
Ability: Intimidate
Waterfall/Bite/Ice Fang/Dragon Dance
Ability: Swift Swim
-Waterfall/Crunch/Ice Fang/Brick Break
Ability: Keen Eye
-Surf/Ice Beam/Shock Wave/Roost
Ability: Sniper
-Surf/Flamethrower/Ice Beam/Energy Ball
Ability: Water Absorb
-Waterfall/Earthquake/Stone Edge/Yawn
I only really had trouble dealing with Cynthia's Milotic, even her Garchomp wasn't much of a threat.


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Started a Steel-type mono-run in Platinum (implementing a levelcap of the next gymleader's ace). I had this challenge in the works for some time and it opens up for a Water-type run in Brilliant Diamond.

So far this has been the story:

1. Picked Piplup. Had a few faints vs. Barry in the second battle as Starly's Growl left me a sitting duck vs. Turtwig. Overlevelling that fight worked. Piplup just narrowly managed to sweep Roark on the first try due to a clutch Quick Claw on the final hit.

2. On the way to Eterna I had to limit which trainers I fought, as Prinplup was on the verge of overlevelling Gardenia's Roserade (after having been forced to train it upwards so I could beat Mars' Purugly). I'd only be able to add one new addition to the roster by that time: Burmy (after an annoying Honey Tree-grind) at the ValleyWindworks. I managed to get through EternaForest without overlevelling either. Burmy evolved into Trash-Wormadam against the 2nd Eterna GymTrainer as Prinplup hit the level cap. Wormadam came in clutch as Bug/Steel is great defensively and BugBite helped wonders vs. both Turtwig and Cherrim. I gave Prinplup Pluck as a closer for this match-up (stealing Roserade's berry as well). After beating Gardenia the game opened up by a lot.

3. Got a Shieldon fossil in the underground after yet again, quite a grind.. (forgot if this was before Gardenia, but it didn't factor into the battle or afformentioned levelcap-issues), caught a Bronzor in WaywardCave while also picking up Tm26 and eventually caught a Nosepass in Mt.Coronet and evolved it there immediately for a nice defensive statbuff (and the additional Steel-typing). At this point, at least the level cap is a bit easier to stay under for now as Exp will be spread across 5 in contrast to 1 or 2 prior to Eterna. Finishing off Galactic in Eterna was a breeze.

The team:
- Prinplup
- TrashWormadam
- Shieldon
- Bronzor
- Probopass

Tomorrow I'll be off to crush Hearthome's Fantina and square up Veilstone's Maylene - which will probably pose a signifcant challenge.

I have since managed to quite easily beat Fantina and move on to Veilstone City. I evolved my Shieldon into Bastiodon. I have managed to beat Maylene thanks to a clutch burn from Fire Blast from Bastiodon. Now onto Wake, which is surprisingly difficult thus far, but mostly because I'm underlevelled at this point. I've also managed to evolve Bronzor so the team is coming along nicely for now. Just waiting to be able to Surf so I can get a Magnezone from Fuego Ironworks.

I'm starting to notice that the average Speed-stat of my team is what's crippling some of the matches. Without Lucario and Magnezone - and without having fully evolved Prinplup yet, it sits below the 40 mark. This means that since even my tankiest (Bastiodon and Probopass) are in the 2HKO-range of a Gyarados Waterfall, I don't have a safe swap. Meaning that I need to sack something to switch in.

I essentially don't have a revenge killer on my team (yet).
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