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4th Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I finally entered the Eterna Forest, and I met Cheryl inside. She wanted help crossing the forest, and I agreed to help her out. We traveled through the tall grass there, and I managed to train my Pokemon by grinding in the tall grass, since I didn't have to worry about healing. We eventually ran into some tough trainers in the forest, but we managed to take them down with some teamwork. We continued the pattern of training in the tall grass and battling random trainers until we reached the end of Eterna Forest. Cheryl left and I left as well. I battled some of the last trainers along the route there, and I saved the game before entering Eterna City.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 22
    ;129; - Magikarp level 18
    ;054; - Psyduck level 17
    ;422; - Shellos level 15
    ;418; - Buizel level 15
  2. snivy trainer

    snivy trainer Driving myself batty

    I'm doin a water type run on soul silver. I've currently got:
    Vaporeon(Vapour) lv9
    Wooper(Mudshaker) lv10

    And I plan to end with:

    Anyways, I've played up to the violet city gym and am just about ot face falkner. After that, I'm gonna get Poliwag( nickname Cosimo) and a slowpoke( nickname CleverTail). Then... Whatever.
  3. SuperMariofan64

    SuperMariofan64 <- Fabio Montorez

    I'm currently in the middle of a Normal-type challenge on Platinum and I'm battling Cyrus in the Torn world. The challenge has been going well...it was just a pain to find a Munchlax on one of those darn honey trees...

    The Team:

    ;428; - Zeus, Male. Lvl 43
    ;143; - Boss, Male. Lvl 45
    ;400; - Chompz, Female. Lvl 42
    ;176; - Cupid, Male. Lvl 43
    ;398; - Columbus, Male. Lvl 45
    ;474; - Emoticon, N/A. Lvl 45

    I didn't think I'd ever use a Bibarel until I started this challenge lol. Only thing I have to do after I get out of the Torn world is find a Shiny stone to evolve Cupid.
  4. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    After beating Falkner's gym, I've headed towards Azalea Town and defeated trainers along the way as well as getting more phone numbers. I stopped by at the pokemon centre and got myself an old rod which I need for capturing Magikarp. After that, I went through the cave and caught myself a Magikarp along the way and out of the cave heading towards Azalea Town. I healed at the pokemon centre and went to save the slowpoke from Team Rocket. After that, I headed to the gym and beating it due to type advantage. At this point, I decided to switch my Spearow for a Pidgey since I couldn't decide before so I went all the way back to the route near New Bark Town to get myself a Pidgey and headed all the way back to Azalea Town. My egg hatched into a Togepi while I was at Azalea Town then I beated my rival and entered Ilex Forest. I decided to catch myself an Oddish for the HM Cut which I got after chasing Farfetches. Got through the forest and headed to Goldenrod City. After I realised I couldn't beat Whitney, I've decided to grind like there's no tomorrow and evolve my Marikarp and Pidgey. Then I went back into the gym and beated it at last. I went back to the pokemon center and saved there/ My team so far is:

    ;017; Pidgeotto Lvl20
    ;041; Zubat Lvl21
    ;130; Gyarados Lvl 20
    ;175; Togepi Lvl1
  5. Darkrai00

    Darkrai00 .*.*.*.*.

    I'm gonna run a HG/SS Water Mono Challenge!!!

    So would anyone like to pick my team for me? I would prefer to use 1 or more of the following: Slowbro, Kingler, or Lapras
  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I finally arrived in Eterna City, and the first thing that I did was heal my Pokemon at the local Pokemon Center. I explored the town a bit more afterwards, and I got done with most of the bigger tasks. I bought some items at the local Poke Mart, and then I left to the Eterna City Gym to challenge Gardenia to a battle. I got inside and there was a maze of trees that I had to navigate through if I wanted to make Gardenia appear. I also had to battle some Gym trainers, which was hard since my Pokemon was all Water-types. I had to heal at the Pokemon Center a lot during the Gym trainer battles, but I eventually made Gardenia appear. I walked to her location, and I saved before challenging her.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 23
    ;129; - Magikarp level 18
    ;054; - Psyduck level 18
    ;422; - Shellos level 16
    ;418; - Buizel level 16
  7. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    After I beated Whitney's gym, I got myself a squirtbottle to use at Sudowoodo and defeated it. After that, I fought against some trainers along the way and made it to Ecruteak City. I went to the pokemon center and saved there. While I was there, I decided not to keep Togepi and released it. So I went to the Burned Tower and fought against my rival. After that I went down the tower and saw the legendary dog pokemon run away and so I went back to the city and healed my pokemon there. I grinded a bit just outside the city and evolved my Zubat into a Golbat and made it hold a Soothe Bell after evolution. Then I went to the Morty's gym and beated him. After that, I decided to get myself a Scyther and so I went to the bug-catching contest and it took me ages to find myself a good natured Scyther. In the end, my patience paid off as I caught a brave natured Scyther. So I trained it up and then proceed to get the Strength HM from a hiker and then went west to head for Olivine City. After I headed there, I beated some trainers along the way with my Golbat and it evolved into Crobat. I healed and saved there then I headed towards the lighthouse and headed to the top of it to see Jasmine. After seeing Jasmine, I headed to the bottom and I realised I forgot the get the Surf HM. So I headed back to Ecruteak City and got the Surf HM from the Kimono's place and headed back to Olivine City. I taught my Gyarados Surf and went towards Cianwood City. I saved there and headed to the gym and beated him. After I went outside, I got the Fly HM and the medicine needed for Jasmine. I went north of the city and encountered Suicine and after it ran away Eusine challenged me and I beated him. So I flew back to Olivine City and gave Jasmine the medicine. I went back outside the lighthouse and received a phone call about the Safari Zone being opened up. I headed there to grind as I am in no condition to beat Jasmine yet. I saved there and my team is:

    ;017; Pidgeotto Lvl28
    ;169; Crobat Lvl29
    ;130; Gyarados Lvl29
    ;123; Scyther Lvl29
  8. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Well I finally got the nerve to challenge Gardenia at the Eterna City Gym. She sent out her Cherubi first, and I used Prinplup. That battle didn't last very long since Prinplup was able to use Peck against Cherubi. It fainted and then I swapped out to Psyduck when Gardenia used her Turtwig. That battled didn't go over very well since Psyduck was at a type disadvantage, but I was able to swap out to Prinplup again and I beat Turtwig with Peck. Gardenia sent out her Roserade last, and it gave me a lot of trouble. I had to heal Prinplup with Super Potion just to stay in the battle, but it finally managed to beat Roserade with another Peck attack. I got the Forest Badge and the TM containing the move Grass Knot from Gardenia, and then I saved before leaving the Gym.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 24
    ;129; - Magikarp level 18
    ;054; - Psyduck level 19
    ;422; - Shellos level 16
    ;418; - Buizel level 16
  9. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    So after I grinded near Safari Zone, I headed to Jasmine's gym once again and attempt to beat her. My strategy involved my Crobat using Confuse Ray to give my Gyarados an opening to use Surf and it worked wonders. After I beated the gym, I went to Ecruteak City and headed east of there to surf and head to Mahogany Town. I saved there and headed to the Lake of Rage and I beated the red Gyarados and met Lance there. I headed to the shop and Lance was there revealing an entrance which lead to the Team Rocket basement. Once I went through the place, I battled several Team Rocket members and I managed to evolve my Pidgeot and cleared the place. After that, I headed to the gym and beated Pryce and then I saved at the pokemon center. Then afterwards, I headed east of the town and went through the ice cave. Once I got out of there, I headed towards Blackthorn City and saved there. Afterwards I went south of the city and caught myself a Skarmory. Then I headed to the gym and beated Clair with my Gyarados which know Ice Fang. After her defeat, I went to the Dragon's Den and answered the questions correctly which resulted me in getting an extremespeed Dratini and the last badge alongside with a TM. I headed out of there and saved in the pokemon center. My team is:

    ;147; Dratini Lvl15
    ;169; Crobat Lvl37
    ;018; Pidgeot Lvl37
    ;130; Gyarados Lvl37
    ;227; Skarmory Lvl36
    ;123; Scyther Lvl38
  10. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I left the Eterna City Gym and I headed to the local Pokemon Center to heal my injured Pokemon. Afterwards, I stopped by the local Poke Mart to purchase some items that I would need for the journey. But before moving on, I had to get inside of Team Galactic's building to rescue the Pokemon that had been taken hostage. I went inside after cutting the tree in front of their office, and I began to climb the building. I battled Team Galactic grunts along the way, and I finally reached the summit after about 10 minutes. I battled against Jupiter, although I had some trouble against her Skuntank. I finally beat her with some luck, and then I headed off to the Pokemon Center once Team Galactic had fled the building. I saved before going south to Cycle Road.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 25
    ;129; - Magikarp level 19
    ;054; - Psyduck level 20
    ;422; - Shellos level 17
    ;418; - Buizel level 18
  11. Adeku

    Adeku Formerly Torterra14

    I'm going to do a fighting type mono challenge in my Platinum version with Infernape, Machamp, Medicham, Toxicroak, Lucario, and Gallade Heracross (which I forgot you could get in platinum). Wish me luck!
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2011
  12. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    So I headed towards the pokemon league and along the way, I've beated some trainers along with my rival then I saved at the pokemon league. After that, I decided to grind in Victory Road until all of my team are in their lvl40's. I saved at the pokemon league again and prepared to face the Elite Four. My team is:

    ;148; Dragonair Lvl40
    ;169; Crobat Lvl40
    ;018; Pidgeot Lvl40
    ;130; Gyarados Lvl40
    ;227; Skarmory Lvl40
    ;123; Scyther Lvl40
  13. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I headed south on Cycling Road, and I battled tons of trainers while I was riding around the area. I managed to evolve my Magikarp after beating a Cyclist there, and I continued south until I reached the route near Oreburgh City. I met up with Dawn there, and she handed me some important items for my journey. I healed my Pokemon at the Oreburgh City Pokemon Center, and then I continued east until I reached Mt. Coronet. I went inside and I battled some wild Pokemon. I eventually reached the exit after finishing with some stuff, and I battled some of the trainers on the bridges. I made my way back to Oreburgh City to heal my Pokemon, and I saved after beating the trainers on Route 207 (I had forgotten about them before).

    ;394; - Prinplup level 26
    ;130; - Gyarados level 20
    ;054; - Psyduck level 20
    ;422; - Shellos level 19
    ;418; - Buizel level 20
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2011
  14. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    I've finally beated the Elite 4 and now I'm back at New Bark Town to get myself an S.S Anne ticket to go to Kanto. Once I got the ticket from Prof.Elm, I headed to Olivine City and went aboard the ship. Then I had to find this guy's daughter who's on the ship and so I beated trainers in the ship as well as finding this guy's daughter and I went to Vermilion City. The gym was tough considering I have only flying-type pokemon so my best bet to beat the gym was with my Dragonair which can almost 1 hit K.O anything with Dragon Rush. I defeated Lt.Surge at last and got myself the badge. So I went to Saffron City and saved there. My team so far is:

    ;148; Dragonair Lvl44
    ;169; Crobat Lvl42
    ;018; Pidgeot Lvl42
    ;130; Gyarados Lvl42
    ;227; Skarmory Lvl42
    ;123; Scyther Lvl42
  15. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    After defeating the trainers on Route 207, I moved on to Mt. Coronet again, and then I arrived at the other side and I proceeded down to the tall grass where I trained for a good 15 minutes. I also encountered some trainers nearby, and I battled against them to raise my Pokemon even more. I stopped by the house there to pick berries and purchase Mulch, and then I set off towards Hearthome City. I arrived and a ran into a Buneary there. Its owner arrived and they took me to the Pokemon Contest hall. I got things done there and then I headed to the local Pokemon Center to heal my injured Pokemon. Once that was done. I explored the town a bit more. I visited the Fan Club and then the church, and then I proceeded back to Route 208 to train my Pokemon some more.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 27
    ;130; - Gyarados level 21
    ;054; - Psyduck level 21
    ;422; - Shellos level 20
    ;418; - Buizel level 21
  16. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    So I went to Saffron City's gym and beated the trainers there alongside Sabrina which she gave a lot of trouble to beat since my pokemon were all under lvl 50 at the time. After that, I healed at the pokemon center and saved the game again and I headed to Celadon City to face Erikia. At first thought, I would think this would be easy because of type advantage but a second thought appeared when she end up using status ailments including Leech Seed which was a pain to fight against her. Despite that, I won against her, earning myself another badge. After another badge obtained, I headed towards Cerulean City and saved there. I went north of nugget bridge and beated all of the trainers there until I realised Misty doesn't appear at the Cape until you defeat the Team Rocket member who stole the machine part. So I went east of Cerulean City to get to the power plant. After speaking with a couple of people there, I went back to Cerulean City and went into the gym which was the Team Rocket member. I followed him to the nugget bridge and beated him. After he told me where the part is, I took it to the power plant and gave it back which got me a TM Charge Beam. I headed back to Cerulean City and beated Misty which she gave me the toughest time ever so I headed to Celadon City and headed to Cycling Road and I beated all of the trainers there and got to Fuschia City. I saved there and my team so far is:

    ;148; Dragonair Lvl47
    ;169; Crobat Lvl45
    ;018; Pidgeot Lvl45
    ;130; Gyarados Lvl45
    ;227; Skarmory Lvl46
    ;123; Scyther Lvl45
  17. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    As I was exploring the tall grass at Route 208, I ran into a wild Bibarel. I thought it would make an excellent addition to my team, so I went ahead and captured it. I then proceeded to train there for about 45 minutes until all of my Pokemon were reasonably leveled up. I then set off to Hearthome City again to heal my Pokemon, and once that was done, I set off for the next route and I made my way towards Solaceon Town. I battled several trainers along the way, and I trained against more wild Pokemon. I got to the Hallowed Tower, and then I wandered northward towards Lost Tower. I got there and I battled against some of the trainers. I saved halfway up the tower since my Pokemon were injured.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 27
    ;130; - Gyarados level 23
    ;054; - Psyduck level 22
    ;422; - Shellos level 21
    ;418; - Buizel level 22
    ;400; - Bibarel level 21
  18. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    Since I have been enjoying my Monotype Poison run in FireRed, I decided to do one in Platinum. I originally was going to do a Fighting run, but I figured that would be too common. So I decided to use a type no one in this thread has used yet...Ghost.

    I did all the beginning stuff that doesn't need to be mentioned. After receiving PokeBalls, I captured 2 random Pokemon and traded them to Diamond for a couple of eggs. I know the rules say not to trade, but I figure it is my game and I can play it my way (Plus the 2 eggs are both Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex that are unobtainable or ridiculous to get). After running around for a LONG time, the eggs hatched into Misdreavus and Spiritomb! I have slowly begun to train both of them.

    Current Team
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I continued to climb up Lost Tower while training my Pokemon. I eventually reached the summit, and I was given some items while I was there. I then returned to the bottom of the tower, and I battled some more trainers along the route that connected Hearthome City and Solaceon Town. I eventually reached the latter location, and I healed at the local Pokemon Center. I then picked some berries and I visited the Poke Mart since I needed to stock up on items again. I then explored the rest of the sleepy little town, and then I went to grind some more near Lost Tower. I eventually got my Pokemon's levels to where I wanted them to be, and I saved before heading northeast towards Veilstone City.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 28
    ;130; - Gyarados level 24
    ;054; - Psyduck level 24
    ;422; - Shellos level 22
    ;418; - Buizel level 23
    ;400; - Bibarel level 23
  20. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    After growing both of my team members to level 8 I felt they were ready to face their first trainer battle. So I headed onto Route 202 and defeated every trainer (The fact their Pokemon only knew Normal type moves is not important). I arrived in Jubilife and met Looker, then I went to the School and met up with my rival. I received the Poketch from a man after talking to three clowns as well. I walked onto Route 3 and defeated my rival easily, along with the rest of the trainers. I soon arrived in Oreburgh, and after a quick trip to the mines I was finally able to compete in my first gym battle! I beat both trainers inside and saved in front of Roark.

    Current Team

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