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4th Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    Once I saved at Cinnibar Island, I surfed east towards Seafoam Islands to battle Blaine. He has easy since I have my Gyarados with me and so I got my badge. After leveling up a bit of my pokemon, I finally headed to Pewter City gym to battle Brock and it was a very narrow win as my Crobat luckily won the match. I got my badge and I flew to Cinnibar Island to get Blue back to his gym. Once I've done that, I headed to Viridian City to battle Blue. He was suprisingly easy since I seem to have a lot of type advantages and so I got myself my last badge. After I exited the gym, Professor Oak gave me a call and told me to head to his lab in Pallet Town. I flew to Pallet Town and gave Prof.Oak a visit. He gave me the last HM which was Rock Climb(unfortuanetly my pokemon can't learn the move) and he granted me access to Mt.Silver as well as evaluating my pokedex. After that I decided to re-match the trainers that gave me calls and I headed to the National Park. Once I got there, I encountered a shiny Hoothoot to my shock and surprise and I caught it. I was very pleased that I got it despite the nature it came with(Sassy). So I decided to replace my Pidgeot with Hoothoot and trained it. I managed to evolve my Hoothoot into a Noctowl and so far so good, I trained it against many trainers including re-matched ones. I decided to train elsewhere and managed to go to Mt.Silver and train there. I saved there and my team is:

    ;148; Dragonair Lvl53
    ;169; Crobat Lvl53
    ;164; Noctowl Lvl38
    ;130; Gyarados Lvl53
    ;227; Skarmory Lvl53
    ;123; Scyther Lvl53
  2. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    I headed west of Snowpoint and climbed the rock wall towards Lake Acuity but not before grabbing the Reaper Cloth. I entered the lake area only to discover that my rival had lost to Jupiter. I soon left the area and went back to Veilstone. Looker told me about going to the Warehouse, so I did and he let me inside the hideout. I defeated every Galactic member I could while exploring this place and soon found a key that allowed me to unlock doors throughout the area. I continued my search through the hideout and came across Looker again. We watched Cyrus give a speech before I continured my way through the place. I soon came face to face with Cyrus and we had our second battle which proved a semieasy battle for my team of Ghosts. He gave me a Masterball and I headed off to rescue the Lake Pokemon. Saturn was there so I had to battle him, but again it was easy. I released the Pokemon and left the hideout.

    I decided since this would be the end of my journey against Team Galactic I would do something to make it special. That something was to evolve both Haunter and Dusclops into Gengar and Dusknoir respectively. I saved once I arrived back in Hearthome. Since Ghost Pokemon cannot learn most of the HM's needed for the next leg of my journey I am going to have to leave a Pokemon behind. I am leaning towards Mismagius or Spiritomb.

    Current Team
  3. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    After I got the Fen Badge at the Pastoria City Gym, I healed at the local Pokemon Center, and then I left town and I headed towards Lake Valor. I did some training at the lakeside restaurant, then I made my way back to Pastoria City, and I entered the route between Pastoria and Mr. Backlot's mansion. It was rainy, so my Pokemon had the advantage while I battled the various wild Pokemon and trainers. I stopped inside a house there after crossing the marshy area, then I battled some Fisherman-class trainers. I headed north until I arrived at Mr. Backlot's mansion, and I battled some more trainers there. I finally reached Hearthome City, and I healed at the Pokemon Center. I then entered the Hearthome City Gym. I got into the first room and I battled a trainer. I then saved before entering the next room.

    ;394; - Prinplup level 35
    ;130; - Gyarados level 32
    ;054; - Psyduck level 31
    ;419; - Floatzel level 31
    ;400; - Bibarel level 31
    ;195; - Quagsire level 31
  4. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    @Drummerdude :O You started with those 2! Anyway I would say Mismagius? You said it has a bad nature plus Spiritomb has no weaknesses so that will help.
  5. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    After a huge amount of training and grinding done my re-matching trainers including gym leaders, I've decided to finally go for the final battle against Red but unfortunately my pokemon can't learn Rock Climb so I had to deposit my Gyarados and catch a Geodude to teach it Rock Climb. Once I've done that, I headed towards Mt.Silver and climbed my way to the top. Once I got to the top and saw there, I saved my game and went on battling him. Since the level difference was so huge, I had to resort to using Crobat's Confuse Ray along with tons of revives to survive against Red. Another strategy I used was to prolong the battle as long as possible so that Red's pokemon gets hit by hail and then finish them off. My pokemon can't withstand any attack Red's pokemon throw at me even if it's not very effective, I get OHKO'ed so easily. In the end I won because of my Noctowl's Hyponsis plus Dream Eater used against his Venusaur. The game saved itself at the end and my team is:

    ;148; Dragonite Lvl56
    Naugthy Nature

    Fire Blast
    Dragon Rush
    Draco Meteor

    ;169; Crobat Lvl54
    Quiet Nature

    Air Slash
    Dark Pulse
    Poison Fang
    Confuse Ray

    ;164; Noctowl Lvl53 (Shiny)
    Sassy Nature

    Air Slash
    Dream Eater

    ;130; Gyarados Lvl53
    Naughty Nature

    Ice Fang
    Hydro Pump
    Hyper Beam

    ;227; Skarmory Lvl55
    Adamant Nature

    Steel Wing
    Rock Slide
    Night Slash

    ;123; Scyther Lvl54
    Brave Nature

    Air Slash
    Night Slash
    Fury Cutter
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2011
  6. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    ^ Congratz!

    How can a level 50 team (And Noctowl) defeat a Level 80's team? That's what I wanna know...
  7. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    ^ I used my Crobat's Confuse Ray several times in order to do damage to their pokemon plus I used Poison Fang as well to get a chance to inflict toxic onto them to lose their hp fast. Noctowl's Hypnosis + Dream Eater also came in handy when facing Red's Veusaur. Status ailments, patience and revives are what made me win against Red.
  8. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    I postponed my trip into Mt Coronet for a little while in order to grab the TM's for Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt. Once I had nabbed all of them I headed back to Hearthome, deposited Mismagius for a HM slave, and went into Mt Coronet. These Galactic grunts inside the mountain proved extremely difficult. All their dark type attacks kept reaking havoc on Ghosts, plus my ghost types cannot hit dark types. Eventually though I made my way to the Spear Pillar and confronted Mars and Jupiter with the help of my rival. Let me state right off the bat that I hate Munchlax. I used up almost of my potions and revives because that little moron kept using Stockpile and Swallow. I honestly could not have beaten Skuntank if I had not got a lucky burn on it and also the kajillion revives/Hyper Potions I wasted. Eventually that battle was over and I watched as Cyrus was abducted by Giratina. Cynthia and I made our way into the Distortion World soon after.

    The Distortion World proved to be more of a nuisance than anything. I made my way along the path and did the boulder puzzle and such. Soon I was standing before Cyrus and we began our battle. Let me reiterate something. I HATE DARK TYPES! At least in this monotype anyway. Houndoom nearly swept my whole team but Weavile did end up beating me. This happened multiple times. I ended up getting lucky on my fourth try and had a few critical hits. His Honchkrow, Gyarados, and Crobat were simple compared to the first two. He left after I won and I went to battle Giratina. I decided to defeat the Giratina for experience and Cynthia and I left the Distortion World after the victory.

    When I exited I had to tell Rowan for some reason, so I did and got access to Sunyshore. I headed there as quickly as I could and after entering the city I returned to route before it to train. Hopefully I can finish this monotype this weekend.

    Current Team
  9. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    ^ You probably could, Then you can get on with the 3rd gen one :D. Are you not using legends then? Giratina would be good in a Ghost Mono...
  10. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    I honestly thought about using Giratina but then I decided to only use a Legendary if I cannot make a full team out of the monotype I am doing. (Ex: If I was doing Ice in Firered then I would only have access to four non legendary ice types so I would use Articuno to attempt to complete the team.)

    After I trained my team I headed to the lighthouse to talk with Volkner and then went to the gym. I defeated the trainers with minimum effort and then it came time to challenge the last gym leader. I started with Froslass who was at the lowest level of my team, but it fainted against Jolteon. Since Jolteon didn't have much health I switched to Spiritomb and defeated it with a Dark Pulse. He sent in Raichu so I spent a few turns using Nasty Plot while it did little damage against me. I managed to OHKO it so Volkner sent in Electivire. Again, it was a OHKO. So he sent in Luxray....who was brought down in a OHKO. I won my 8th badge anticlimatically! I soon was on my way towards the beach where I recieved HM08 from Jasmine. I surfed along the water using Rotom against every trainer and raising it up quite a few levels in the process.

    When I reached Victory Road I put Rotom in the PC and took out my HM Slave. The first room of the trainers weren't so bad and I healed up my team before heading to the second room. Because I was doing this late last night my goal was to get through Victory Road quickly and come back to train later. So I fought every trainer that you had to and skipped the ones you didn't. As I neared the end I only had Froslass and Mismagius remaining but I made my way to the Elite 4. I healed my team and decided to do the rival battle. I was excited to see that my team was either tied with his highest leveled Pokemon or was a higher level than it. He accepted his defeat and ran off while I headed back to Victory Road to train my team.

    Current Team
  11. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    Yup I understand, The exact same as my fire mono. I would have to use Moltres in my mono otherwise I would only have 5 team members. And nice work. You should easily complete it this weekend.
  12. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    I trained up my team a little bit, bought a ton of potions/revives/etc, and made my way into the Aaron's room.

    Aaron wasn't too bad. Rotom defeated Yanmega with Thunderbolt and Dusknoir defeated Scizor with a Fire Punch. Gengar tried to defeat Heracross but fell to a Night Slash so Mismagius came in and finished it off. I accidently kept Mismagius in when he sent out Vespiquen and after a long stalling Mismagius fell but Rotom came in and knocked it out. Dusknoir took care of Drapion with a few Earthquakes. One down, four to go. I healed my team and went to fight Bertha.

    I started off the next battle with Spiritomb which stalled against Whiscash long enough to beat it. Her Gliscor managed to knock out Spiritomb but Froslass knocked it out. She switched to Hippowdon but Froslass beat it and her follow up Pokemon Golem. She was left with Rhyperior who defeated both Froslass and Gengar. Mismagius came in and finished it off though, earning me my second win.

    Flint proved difficult. His Houndoom managed to defeat Dusknoir leaving me with no supereffective attacks. Rotom finished off Houndoom but lost to Flareon. Gengar came in and beat Flareon and ended up beating Infernape too (Thanks to Destiny Bond). Spiriomb defeated Rapidash and almost beat Magmortar but luckily Mismagius came in and beat it.

    I was so excited for Lucian because I knew my ghost types would easily beat his Psychic types..........yeah. Gengar started the battle against Mr Mime and lost to a Psychic so Dusknoir had to come in and finish it. He sent in Espeon who took out Dusknoir and Froslass but Mismagius was slightly faster than it which proved helpful in beating it. Rotom got a lucky critical hit against Bronzong and knocked it out after a few turns. Gallade defeated Rotom but Mismagius got a Shadow Ball in to knock it out. Then it was Alakazam against Mismagius and Spiritomb. Alakazam knocked out Mismagius in one hit so it was up to Spiritomb. I knew there was no time to use Nasty Plot so I just kept using Dark Pulse and healed myself constantly. Spiritomb had about half of its health left when Alakazam used Energy Ball. It left me with 23HP but Spiritomb was able to beat it. That was honestly a terrifying battle.

    This is it. One more battle in order to be done with this monotype. It started as a Spiritomb vs Spiritomb match. After a few lucky Hypnosis' and a couple of Nasty Plots my Spiritomb managed to knock it out. She sent in Lucario but I kept in Spiritomb. It was a similar process to last time and although my Ghost type moves were not very effective they still helped me pull of a win. She used Milotic next and Spiritomb managed to weaken it just enough before being knocked out. I used Rotom and quickly took it out. Next was Garchomp. I decided on Froslass but soon realized I was in trouble when Garchomp knocked it out. I tried Gengars Destiny Bond but Garchomp was too fast. Dusknoir went in and burned it causing its attack stat to decrease. I revived Spiritomb and went through the whole process of Hypnosis and Nasty Plot again and soon it beat Garchomp. Roserade fell to a revived Gengar and Rotom beat Togekiss.

    I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! 2 MONOTYPES HAVE BEEN WON!!!!!! I honestly would not have won without Spiritomb as it proved to be my MVP of the Elite 4. I still have my Water monotype going in Hoenn, and I am thinking of starting a new one in Unova pretty soon. I hope anyone that has been reading has enjoyed it!

    Final Team
  13. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I had to heal my Pokemon in between battles, since some of those Gym trainers were really tough. It wasn't until I reached the final room that I noticed that my Pokemon were a bit underleveled. I went out to train them for about 40 minutes, then I healed and returned to the Hearthome City Gym. I then challenged Fantina, and she sent out her Drifblim. I sent out my newly-evolved Empoleon to deal with it, and I won that battle with a critical hit Brine attack. I then switched out to Bibarel when Fantina sent out her Gengar. Since Ghost-type attacks didn't affect Bibarel, I was feeling confident. But that all changed when Gengar started using Poison Jab. I had to switch to my newly-evolved Golduck in order to beat Gengar. Once that was done, I fought against Fantina's Mismagius using my Gyarados. I managed to beat it, and I won the Relic Badge and the Shadow Claw TM from Fantina.

    ;395; - Empoleon level 37
    ;130; - Gyarados level 34
    ;055; - Golduck level 34
    ;419; - Floatzel level 33
    ;400; - Bibarel level 33
    ;195; - Quagsire level 33
  14. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    Congratz Drummerdude! That didn't take long at all :D
  15. Teebird

    Teebird Well-Known Member

    Way to go Drummer, I enjoyed reading your Mono.:)

    Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a Mono on either Soulsilver, or Diamond. It will be my first, so, what do you guys think would be a nice type? Other than flying or water. :3
  16. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    Well thank you guys!

    And holy lucario, if you're doing Diamond you could do a Fighting, Normal, Ground, or something like that.
  17. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I left the Hearthome City Gym, and I headed to the local Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon. I then did some things, and I headed to Solaceon Town to pick up the Shellos that I had left there a while ago. I deposited Quagsire after picking up Shellos, then I headed north towards the path that was blocked by Psyduck. Cynthia the Sinnoh Champion showed up, and after I used the SecretPotion to cure the Psyduck of their headache, I was allowed to pass. Once that was done, I was told to go to Celestic Town to run an errand for Cynthia. I headed up north through the tall grass while battling trainers and wild Pokemon, and then I arrived at a place covered in dense fog. I couldn't use Defog, so I just ran around, battling trainers through the mist. I got to the halfway point where the waterfalls were, then I saved.

    ;395; - Empoleon level 38
    ;130; - Gyarados level 35
    ;055; - Golduck level 35
    ;419; - Floatzel level 34
    ;400; - Bibarel level 34
    ;423; - Gastrodon level 31
  18. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    A Bug-type or Grass-type mono would be nice to read, especially the former.
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I continued on my way towards Celestic Town, and I arrived there shortly after battling some more trainers inside the mist. I healed at the Celestic Town Pokemon Center, then I explored the town a little bit. I then went to visit the ruins, but I met a Team Galactic grunt when I arrived. I defeated him, then I made my way into the ruins. I met Cyrus, and after chatting, he left. I met Cynthia's grandmother, and I returned the Old Charm to her. I then battled the trainers west of town, and then I flew back to Floaroma Town. I Surfed north around the river there, and I arrived at the Fuego Ironworks building. I entered, and I battled the various workers inside. I collected some items while I was there, then I headed back to Jubilife City to prepare for the journey west to Canalave City.

    ;395; - Empoleon level 38
    ;130; - Gyarados level 36
    ;055; - Golduck level 36
    ;419; - Floatzel level 35
    ;400; - Bibarel level 34
    ;423; - Gastrodon level 33
  20. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    Wow.... it's been so dang long. I can't believe it has been so long! But don't worry, I will post more often now. (Though I doubt that anyone notices anyways)

    Anywoo... I left off at Oreburgh Gate. I searched for a good while, and found my newest member, Leann the Zubat. I trained her just a smidgen, then I went on to Oreburgh City. I explored the city and defeated all the trainers in the Mine.. which really wasn't that many. I grinded a little bit more, and decided to kill myself by challenging the gym leader...

    Flying vs. Rock. Who do you think is going to win? Vanessa, my Staravia, was at level 17, but I knew I still couldn't win. I was thinking about spamming Vanessa's Double Team, but after experimenting on wild Pokemon I knew it wouldn't help much before they would make her faint. SO... I used something that I would normally throw away... a x-attack and a x-defend. I was frustrated and used them out of desperation... but it helped enough to get my first badge! All the super effective attacks didn't O.H.K.O. Vanessa, and the x-attack helped me K.O his Cranidos in 2 hits!

    After a little celebrating, (hello, flying beat rock!) I went up to Floaroma Town and destroyed some Team Galactic members and rescued the scientist at the Valley Windworks before I saved.

    Current Team:

    ;397; Vanessa Lvl 19

    My main girl. She is definitely the stronger of the two, and can take hits better than Leann any day.

    ;041; Leann Lvl 14

    She is... so useless right now. I am sorry Leann, but maybe now you have Bite you can attack better....

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