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4th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    4th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    Games in this gen: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver

    What is a Nuzlocke Challenge?

    A Nuzlocke challenge involves treating any Pokemon that you have in your party that faint 'dying', and hence said Pokemon cannot be used anymore in the challenge and must be replaced. In addition, you can only catch and use the first Pokemon you encounter in any city, town, cave or route. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances with Pokemon on that route. You complete the challenge when you beat the Champion/see the credits, or with HGSS beating Red.

    There are many other variations of such a challenge - such as having to nickname all your Pokemon (so you have a closer connection to your lost comrades =p) which will be used here, allowing for the first Pokemon you encounter to not include duplicates (so if you encountered a Rattata in one route as your first Pokemon and got it and then encountered another in the next route, you can wait until a different Pokemon appears and treat that as your 'first Pokemon'), no legendaries, restriction on healing items that can be used (beyond Revives obviously) and so forth.


    • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
    • You can only use the first Pokemon you encounter in each route/town/city/cave.
    • All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
    • If a Pokemon in your party faints you must box/release it and not use it anymore in your challenge.
    • If you wish to use any other restrictions, please specify them in the first post you make in this thread for your challenge.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2011
  2. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    Alright first to post!

    Anyway, I've started a brand new HeartGold Nuzlocke. And I say new... because I lost the last one. I didn't write it down, but this one I am, and I hope I have better luck... I went all the way to Lance... and he killed my team. It might had have something to do with the fact that my levels were slightly below par... plus I picked Chickorita, a good starter, but it is hard for me to start with grass types. (At the time of picking, I stupidly thought that I REALLY wanted a challenge... not that much of one.) Don't get me wrong, Chickorita is a great Pokemon, but in my hands she didn't do so hot.

    Well, off to a new start! I began my journey with Cyndaquill and nicknamed him... Quill. I know, awful, but it was 2 in the morning! Anyway, I took Quill and headed towards Mr. Pokemon, and along the way gained a few levels. I got the mystery egg and a Pokedex, then I went past Cherrygrove City and faced my rival for the first time. His Totodile was no match for Quill... but he was 4 levels higher.

    I then delivered the egg and got some pokeballs. I caught a male Hoothoot named Yancy. Along the way to Violet City I captured a female Spinark named Nicki, Zubat named Zuzu, and a Rattata named Cass. None of these really suited my fancy, so I boxed all but one or two. I headed to Route 32 without exploring Violet City in hopes of finding a Mareep. I found and captured my offical second team member, Chase. Will do a bit a training, then on to Sprout Tower.

    Current Team:

    ;155; Quill Lvl 10
    ;179; Chase Lvl 6
  3. TheEpicGoomba

    TheEpicGoomba Me Gusta

    Im thinking about doing a HG Nuzlocke challenge any suggestions
  4. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    just try your best have a bit of luck and try to keep you starter alive, hg/ss is a pretty good nuzlocke to start with it generaly an easy one
  5. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    Just try your best. My suggestion is go with your gut and make sure you train and your ready for the next battle. I know it is silly, but I went to the Elite 4 when I wasn't ready... and I lost my entire team to one Pokemon. One. Now don't go to level 100, but have a well balanced team and you should do fine : )

    Well, I finished my training and went to sprout tower. I trained Chase a little, (learned thundershock, yes!) but mostly scroched all the Bellsprouts with Quill. I picked up Flash from the elder and healed up my team at the Pokecenter.

    At the gym, it was really simple. Thundershock from Chase OHKOed both of Falkner's pokemon. I got the badge, then headed to route 32. I made it to Union cave and found a geodude, but Quill killed it so that went that catch. I continued on to Azalea Town and Slowpoke Cave, where I found a female Slowpoke named Sadie. I am stoked to have her on the team, and will train her a bit before I face Rocket.

    Current Team:

    ;155; Quill Lvl 16
    ;180; Chase Lvl 16
    ;079; Sadie Lvl 8
  6. TheEpicGoomba

    TheEpicGoomba Me Gusta

    Ok Ive finally started my Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke Challenge.
    I got my starter Pokemon Totodile named Xavier dunno why I think it kinda suits it. Headed to Cherrygrove and the Oldman gave me the Running shoes I then continued on to Mr Pokemons house. I got the Pokedex and got the call from Prof Elm. I battled my rival(I named him Silver)and won. Gave the egg to Elm, got Pokeballs. Ont he way to Violet I caught Ratata my HM Slave called Slave and I got a Pidgey for Fly called Talon. After beating all the trainers I got to Violet and caught a Mareep and named him Sparks he was my next memeber. I completed Sprout tower easily and got Flash. I then went to the gym and beat the gym trainers. Falkner was easy OHKOed his Pidgey and 3 hit KOed his (Hacked)Pidgeotto. Well time to take a break and start on my Platinum Steel montype run

    ;158; Xavier Lv 13
    ;179; Sparks Lv 13
  7. TheEpicGoomba

    TheEpicGoomba Me Gusta

    Alot has Happened. First of I headed down south to Union cave where Sparks evolved on the way. In Union cave I decided to put Talon on the team after that I went to the Slowpoke well where I defeated team Rocket and Xavier evolved. I then took on the gym and won rather easily. But after that I faced Silver when I had something bad happen Talon died :( RIP Talon. I then captured the Farfetches and got cut and headbutt then I caught Talon the Spearow and Crusher the Herracross(Thanks to Toobworm for the Nickname) I then went to the daycare and went and beat all the trainers and catching a HootHoot called Hedwig I then went north and caught Growlithe called Exia. After training Talon,Crusher,Exia and hedwig up I went underground where Talon evolved. I am currantly training for WHitney wish me luck.

    ;159; Xavier lv 21
    ;180; Sparks lv 21
    ;022; Talon lv 21
    ;214; Crusher lv 19
    ;163; Hedwig lv19
    ;058; Exia lv 19

    ;016;Talon Lv 2-14
    Last edited: May 6, 2011
  8. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    It seems like it has been forever since I last posted. But alas... finals are killing me and graduation is next week, so I have almost no time to relax and play this nuzlocke.

    EDIT: @TheEpicGoomba, good luck with Whitney!

    Anyway, I beat all the rockets in Slowpoke Well, and trained just a smidgen more then I went into the gym. The trainers were pretty easy, but I knew Bugsy would be much harder. And he was. He sent out Scyther first, and I spammed ember until he got my Quilava into the yellow. I then sent out my Mareep, Chase, and he managed to hit him with 2 thundershocks (Bugsy healed after I sent in Chase). He then used U-turn... and Chase survived with 2 HPs! After that, I swiftly killed the rest of his team with ember.

    After receiving the badge, I headed towards Ilex forest and ran into my rival. His team was really easy to beat with Chase. I went into the forest, captured the Farfetch'd, and got the HM Cut. I put it on my Bellsprout, Jasper, and then proceeded to get Headbutt. I put it on my Togepi, Tim, and headed back to Azalea Town. I was happy on Route 33 to catch my newest team member, a male Heracross named Vinny. He is only level 3, so I have some training to do, and then I will head to Goldenrod City.

    Current Team:

    ;156; Quill Lvl 18
    ;180; Chase Lvl 18
    ;079; Sadie Lvl 16
    ;214; Vinny Lvl 3
    Last edited: May 7, 2011
  9. TheEpicGoomba

    TheEpicGoomba Me Gusta

    I went through Whitneys gym and beat all the trainers making Hedwig evolve then I healed up. First she sent out CLefairy Herracross OHKO'ed it then she sent out Miltank and guess what...I OHKOed that aswell :D. Afterwards I explored National park where Hedwig died RIP. I then went back and caught aAbra which evolved soon after. I then proceded onto Ecruteak where Exia died RIP Exia. I went into the burned tower where I faced my rival where Kadabra died Rip(I'm not very good at this) after that I whitnessed Suicune and caught Magmar ( Nickname suggestions) After I went back to Goldenrod and got Eevee I'm going to evolve it into Espeon (Any nickname Suggestions) Thats where I stopped

    ;159; Xavier lv 21
    ;180; Sparks lv 21
    ;022; Talon lv 21
    ;214; Crusher lv 21
    ;133; Eevee lv 6
    ;126; Magmar lv 16

    Talon, Pidgey
    Hedwig, Noctowl
  10. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    I really should be studying for finals.. but I have to play a little Nuzlocke...

    Alright, after some intense training on Vinny, I went through the Ilex Forest and into Route 34. I caught a Dowzee named Zeno (Boxed), and battled all the trainers. I then explored Goldenrod City, and received my Radio Card. I went on Route 35, and defeated all the trainers there. I saved right before I entered the grass, and I will catch a pokemon for that route and train for the dreaded battle against Whitney.

    Current Team:

    ;156; Quill Lvl 20
    ;180; Chase Lvl 20
    ;079; Sadie Lvl 18
    ;214; Vinny Lvl 15
  11. IatosHaunted

    IatosHaunted THE GREAT RETURN

    Been doing a Pearl run for a while. Just got to Solaceon town. Was disappointed to find only a Zubat in the tower, but I haven't had any deaths in the team since fighting Gardenia so I'm feeling good. Only problem is I haven't had good luck with wild Pokemon, mostly just starlys and Zubat.

    Ze current team:

    ;394; "Mako" Lv 24
    ;042; "Vladmir" Lv 25
    ;406; "Kimblee" Lv 25
    ;397; "Paulo" Lv 24
    ;436; "Big Ben" Lv 24
    ;440; egg(replacing a Shieldon I had for a while but decided to box)
  12. Pokémon Trainer Xande

    Pokémon Trainer Xande Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist

    I started a Pearl Nuzlocke quite some time ago. So I will try to say what happened until I got to where I am.

    Woke up, blablabla, got to the Lake, got Turtwig and owned Starly. Then, I got to Sandgem, named my Turtwig "Turty" (will be renamed as "Earth"). Afte this, I trained a little in the lake and I got a Starly in Route 201, some weakling called "Sky" that got 2HKO in a wild battle. Then I got sad but, I got Shinx in the next route. This one girl, called "Volt" survived some training and then I got to Jubilife. Random training, no problems and then I got no catchs. When I got to the cave that leads to Oreburgh, I got a Geodude. "Nice, I got a HM slave" I thought, so I called it "Slave". It was a very good battler, but I sacrificed her later for getting "BlueSaber", the Machop. With Luxio, Machop and Tutwig, do I need to say the Roark lost easily? Then, some random training, got a Pachirisu called "Pachy" and slathered a tree with honey. Got a Cherubi, which I called "Cherish". I tried getting a Buizel, but I think I will not get any of it soon. So, after posting this, I will got to Eterna Forest, with the following team so far:
    Machop (Male) - BlueSaber - Lv18
    Grotle (Male) - Turty - Lv 18
    Luxio (Female) - Volt - Lv 18
    Cherubi (Male) - Cherish - Lv11
    Pachirisu (Female) - Pachy - Lv9.


    Starly (Male) - Sky - Lv4 - B.D.T.A (Better Dead then Alive)
    Geodude (Female) - Slave - Lv5 - R.I.P,G.F. (Rest In Peace, Good Friend)
  13. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Sunday, 15th May 2011

    Professor Elm has asked me to run an errand for him. He's given me one of his rare pokemon to keep me company, and hopes that by letting it walk beside me he can check on it's happiness. Mr Pokemon, a strange old fellow who lives nearby has something for him. When I leave, I spot a boy I've not seen before, skulking around outside the lab, but my Lyra catches up with me, and wee stroll off to Cherrygrove together. Whilst there, an old man shows me around (I have been here before though) and then gives me a free p[air of running shoes, so not a total loss. Cyndaquil and I encounter many pokemon in the short grass as we head to Mr Pokemon's house, and I think we're starting to form a bond already. I've named him Piri Piri, which he appears to like. When we reach Mr Pokemon's, he hands over a funky looking egg, that has weird triangular patterns on it. Professor Oak is there too. I've seen him on TV, he's form across the mountains in Kanto, and knows his stuff. He hands me a Pokedex (wait until Lyra learns this, ha!) and we head back to Newbark Town.

    On our way back, Elm calls me, something has happened back at the lab. I slip into the Running Shoes and we rush back, but end up bumping into the red haired kid. He's a miserable sod, and insists on battling. His totodile is no match to Piri Piri, who practically knocks the water type out in three short tackles. And he has the nerve to call me weak! I manage to get a look at his trainer card before he runs off. Back at the Lab, it turns out that red haired kid stole the Totodile. I thought I recognised it. After some confusion with the police, I tell them the boy's name was 'Parker', I don't know if that was his first or last name though. Finally, Elm gets the Egg, and he tells me to take on the Gym Challenge. Well I've got nothing else planned so why not?

    Piri Piri and I say bye to mum, and she offers to help save our money. Lyra catches up with me on Route 29 and hands over some pokeballs. It's not long before we encounter a wild Pidgey, and with a little bit of a battle, he's added to our small team. I name the Pidgey Squab after a culinary term for young pidgeon meat. Squab doesn't seem bothered about being named after a meal, so we head off. With hopes of going to Blackthorn Gym first, I head up to Route 46, only to find it blocked off. However, I do encounter a Spearow, and feel inclined to add her to the team as a partner to Squab. Spätzle (a type of noodle, roughly translated as 'little sparrow') joins the team. The four of us head to Cherrygrove to heal, and then get back out to do some levelling up.

    ;155; Piri Piri - Level 9 / Blaze
    Tackle, Leer, Smoke Screen

    ;016; Squab - Level 2 / Keen Eye

    ;021; Spätzle - Level 3 / Keen Eye
    Peck, Growl

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Monday 16th May 2011

    The sun has set by the time we get out to train. Turns out Piri Piri loves his namesake, and we spend the afternoon enjoying Mexican food at the pokecentre. Finally we get out into the night to train. Squab and Spaztle have many tough battles, teamed up with Piri Piri, but they all pull through, levelling up and learning some new moves. Piri Piri gets his first fire attack Ember, and is quickly ploughing through wild pokemon. We set out for Violet City, and along the way encounter a wild Rattata on Route 30. Squab is quick to weaken him, and soon a new pokemon joins our team. With a lack of rat based dishes, I give up and name him Rice Cake. Squab and Spaztle seem to agree with the name, and I wonder if they would prefer names that aren't based on cooking them. The trainers on this route are of little worry, and Spatzle knocks the Bug Trainer on his head. On Route 31, I'm lucky enough to encounter a Spinarak straight away. A definite addition to my team, Noodle becomes part of the journey.

    In Violet City, I can't help but start exploring. Someone mentions the nearby ruins, and I am inclined to check them out before going any further. There's not much here, but a young lady shows me to a tile puzzle. I love these games. I get so caught up, I didn't think twice about the eerie presence I felt, and shook it off as a night chill. It was a mistake I will live with for the rest of my journey. We all cheered when I solved the puzzle, but a trapdoor opened and we fell into a black pit. The strange pokemon in here did not like to be disturbed, and one pounced on us. Spatzle valiantly stepped up to attack, but the creature had a strange control over it's power, and in one swift attack, blasted Spatzle out of the sky.

    I held the pokemon in my arms, and renamed him there and then. Taco dies peacefully, with the strange pokemon flying around us. I can't stop to mourn my lost friend here as more of the creatures swoop in to attack. Piri Piri and I run out, ignoring a scientist who has the nerve to congratulate us on a puzzle well solved. Outside the ruins, the four of us who remain shed a tear for the fallen Spearow, but rest in the knowledge that he has joined many other pokemon in Valhalla, the hall of fallen warriors. We return to Route 46 to bury him, then finally move on. Noodle and Rice Cake need training, and we swear revenge on the Unown.

    ;155; Piri Piri - Level 9 / Blaze
    Tackle, Leer, Smoke Screen

    ;016; Squab - Level 2 / Keen Eye

    ;019; Rice Cake - Level 3 / Run Away
    Tackle, Tail Whip

    ;167; Noodle - Level 4 / Swarm
    Poison Sting, String Shot

    ;021; Taco
    Met 15th May 2011, Route 46 - Lost 16th May 2011, Ruins of Alph
    We'll fight on my friend, you will always be in our thoughts.
    Last edited: May 16, 2011
  14. cookies kill you

    cookies kill you Like a boss

    wish me luck starting now off with pits my chimchar :D
  15. TheEpicGoomba

    TheEpicGoomba Me Gusta

    Good luck.And also just a note, I'm quiting my Nuzlocke for now. Due to it being near the end of my school year i have been dumped with tons of homework,essays and stuff so I don't have time. I may come back to it eventually.
  16. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    I can't believe it has been so long since I done this Nuzlocke! I know it's because I had to write my speech and graduate, but still! I am glad summer is here : )

    So, I think I left off training for Whitney's gym. I grinded until my Pokemon were all Lvl 20. Then I marched to Whitney's gym, a little less confident than I was at the first two gyms. I did have a type advantage with Vinny, my Heracross, so I should have been ok. I destroyed all the trainers with ease, and then faced Whitney. Vinny OHKO'ed her first pokemon with brick break, and just about OHKO'ed her Miltank. Of course, she used two potions... and also brought Vinny into the red using her stupid attract! I switched out to my Quilava, Quill. One quick attack and she was gone. Thank goodness!

    After I got the badge, I defeated the Sudowoodo and headed toward Ecruteak City for something specific. I went directly to the pokecenter, and met Bill. I quickly turned back to Goldenrod City... and of course I got the Eevee. I named her Isabell, and I think I will evolve her into an Umbreon for a change : )

    Current Team:

    ;156; Quill Lvl 21
    ;180; Chase Lvl 21
    ;079; Sadie Lvl 21
    ;214; Vinny Lvl 21
    ;133; Isabell Lvl 14
  17. StonE EdgE

    StonE EdgE Brock n' Roll

    Wish me luck! I'm starting with Flower, my chikorita. This is my first Nuzlocke :)
    My custom rule is I can only heal with pokecenters and berries.
    Last edited: May 30, 2011
  18. FlamingRok

    FlamingRok Member

    @StonE EdgE
    Hey! I chose Chikorita too! Good luck to both of us then.

    I was doing a HeartGold challenge for quite some time now, and here are my additional rules.
    -No legendaries.
    -Duplicates can be ignored.
    -No saving before Gym Leaders, E4, Champion or Red
    I'll start from the beginning.

    Got my starter Bean from Elm, and headed to Mr. Pokemon's house. On the way back, Bean grew 4 levels, making it level 9. Battled who was soon to be named Eyan. Got the egg to Prof. Elm so I could move on. I also got 5 Pokeballs. I caught Ricksta the Geodude in Dark Cave. I trained in Sprout Tower until both Pokemon were level 11. Ricksta DESTROYED Falkner! Two OHKOs! We then went down to the next route. I got a Miracle Seed and continued on. The trainers were pathetic. I healed at the Pokemon Center and went into the Union Cave.

    What? Bean is evolving! Indeed it was! Before I left the Union Cave, Bean evolved into Bayleef! I gone into the Slowpoke Well only to find Zubat. Useless Zubat. I hoped for a Slowpoke, but no. Other than that, this place was easy! Ricksta also DESTROYED Bugsy! Three OHKOs! I quickly took care of Eyan with Bean and Ricksta. Inside the Ilex Forest, I caught a Butterfree that fell out of a tree while I used Headbutt. I named it Louis. I got out of the forest, took care of a few trainers and healed up. I took the quiz so I can challenge Whitney.

    1. YES 2. YES 3. NO 4. YES 5. NO
    Whitney was kind of hard. The trainers were dominated by my team. But Miltank almost killed Ricksta. Stupid Attract! After Whitney, I headed North of Goldenrod City. Away from Miltank. But not after getting the watering bucket! The trainers weren't too bad. But I learned to really HATE Roar! Good god, Vulpix! Stop using Roar! After the annoying Vulpix, I got my picture taken! Yay! I soon got treated to a Sandshrew. I wasn't too worried. After Sandshrew came Marill. Once again, not too worried. But I should have. ROLLOUT. It couldn't take out Louis, so I quickly switched to Ricksta and murdered Marill. I replaced Selfdestruct on Ricksta for Rollout. The guy who lost was the girl I fought next's boyfriend. Lovely. Two pathetic trainers together. Diglett are NOTHING to fear. Just Sand-Attack...which lowers accuracy. Joy. And let's not forget SCRATCH. Oh boy! Another dummy! Zubat! Yeah. OHKO by Louis.

    There is where I stopped.

    ;012;Louis Lv. 14 [F]
    ;074;Ricksta Lv. 22 [M]
    ;153;Bean Lv. 18 [M]
  19. bbbrrritcold

    bbbrrritcold Crazy Trainer

    So I have been doing a SS Nuzlocke for not too long, but I just recently got a profile here...so yeah...

    I am writing this as something episodic on a blog, but here I am just putting up progress and teams and stuff like that.

    Custom Rules:
    No repels.
    No in-game trades, even with duplicate pokémon.
    No breeding.
    No Masterball.

    I chose Chikorita (Timas) and soon caught a Pidgey (Gideon), Geodude (Cecelia), Hoot-Hoot (Luna), Kakuna (Bella) and Zubat (Jenna) before hitting Violet. Bella evolved and became useful in sprout tower. I got a horrible natured Gastly (Spook, boxed) and a Hoppip (Wayne, boxed) before beating Falkner. I went to Azalea and got Rattata (Justin, boxed), Ekans (Cyrus, boxed) and another Zubat (Suzette, boxed) before dealing with the rockets, Bugsy and my rival. I hatched the egg and got a horrible natured Togepi (Silver, boxed Luna for it) who evolved during the rival battle. After showing it to Elm (nd catching a Magikarp (Rose, boxed) in New Bark), I headed back. In the woods I got an Oddish (Harry, boxed) and, continuing with the horrible natures, I got a Drowzee (Randal, boxed) and an Aipom (Pierre, boxed [from Azalea]) both with the worst natures possible. I got another Drowzee after Goldenrod (Larten, boxed) and a Exxeggecute (Misako, boxed) from the National Park. I beat Whitney, almost losing Silver and Cecelia, before proceeding to catch the cursed Sudowoodo (Hershel, boxed) and arriving in Ekruteak. After going to get my Eevee (Tyler, boxed, cannot decide on the evolution, Brave nature), I explored the burned tower and got a Koffing (Sophie, boxed) and watched the dogs/cats/gerbils/whatevers escape. I traveled through Mt. Mortar and to Rt. 42 to get a Mareep (Victor, boxed Gideon) and got a Machop (Haley, boxed) with a sub-par nature in Mortar. I got a Tauros (Nick, boxed Bella) and a Magnemite (AgentSmith, boxed) on the way to Olivine to get the good rod. I fished some to get a Krabby in Olivine (Thames, boxed) with a horrible nature and a Krabby (Queenie, boxed) with a better nature on Rt. 40. I headed back to Violet in hopes of a Poliwag (Amy, boxed) before heading to train for Morty (oh, yeah, the plot). On Rt. 43, I caught a Giraffarig with a sub-par nature (Aeon, boxed) before losing Victor to a 1HKO Crit Gyrados Thrash. I trained AgentSmith for a while before boxing him for Bella again. I am still training for Morty, focusing on Nick.

    Progress - Training for 4th badge.
    Current Team:
    ;128; Nick - Lvl 20
    ;153; Timas - Lvl 21
    ;015; Bella - Lvl 21
    ;176; Silver - Lvl 23
    ;074; Cecelia - Lvl 23
    ;169; Jenna - Lvl 24

    ;180; Victor - Lvl 20
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2011
  20. MooseSmuggler

    MooseSmuggler #DeathToFascists

    I do believe I'm going to do a SS Nuzlocke. I tried starting one, but I managed to get KO'ed by a Pidgey >.> I'm going to restart soon, though, and I'll edit this post with my first log.

    In the meantime, I'm imposing these custom rules:
    1) No repeats (I'll catch the first non-caught Pokémon at each location)
    2) No in-game trades
    3) No breeding
    4) No legendaries
    5) No repels

    I will consider my journey complete only when Red falls.

    EDIT: Alright, here we go.

    I chose Cyndaquil as my starter (Cinder). After going through the story stuff, I caught a Pidgey (Pidgit) on Rt. 29 and a Geodude (Stonehenge) on Rt. 46. I also got a Ledyba (Lady) on Rt. 30. I attempted to catch a Kakuna on Rt. 31, but it broke out of my remaining two Pokéballs. Before heading to the Violet City Pokémon Center to heal/save, I went to Rt. 32 and caught a Bellsprout (Belle). It wasn't much for my first go, but I intend to do more as time goes on.

    So, my current team is:
    ;165; Lady--Lv. 5
    ;016; Pidgit--Lv. 3
    ;155; Cinder--Lv. 7
    ;074; Stonehenge--Lv. 5
    ;069; Belle--Lv. 6
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011

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