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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Mega Altaria

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In the last two times I played SoulSilver, I challenged the Battle Factory. In the first time, I was flunked up in the 7th streak when the opponent had two Pokémon of Cynthia's team, Garchomp and Togekiss. I lost there and started a new run but retired early due to a couple of time constraints. That was one unfortunate time.

Another time, the more recent one, I rechallenged the Battle Factory and I made it to the 7th streak and won. I also changed the Battle Hall with Altaria and won and got a much higher winning streak with it.


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Today, I tried the Multi Battle challenge at the Battle Tower in Pearl again. My team consisted of Togekiss and Gallade like last time. I decided to pick Riley as my partner, who had a Metagross and an Ursaring or something. The two of us started fighting trainers together and had an easy time defeating them. My Togekiss did faint once or twice so I had to use Gallade to finish off a few Pokemon, but other than that it was smooth sailing. I don't think Riley ever had to use whatever his not-Metagross Pokemon was. After defeating a set of seven trainers, I saved and stopped playing for the day.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
I played SoulSilver today and for the first part of the playthrough, I did literally nothing expect to fly around in Kanto. I even looked for Gym Leader rematches in the old Saffron Gym but unfortunately there weren't any Gym Leaders inside, so flew to Lavender Town after. I flew back to Johto afterwards and retrieved my Charmeleon for grinding to evolve her into Charizard. I grinded her in Kanto and she is now Lv 20.
So I decided to replay Diamond again after having gotten majorly off track in my last playthrough (and having absolutely no fun with the team I had selected before). I decided to go with Turtwig this time, and although I had no intention of using it once I got something else that interested me, I ended up liking Turpleturt so much that I had to keep him on my team- despite the joke nickname I gave him.

Anyways, I'm at Eterna Gym now. Last night, I caught myself a Murkrow (which, may I add, took me an hour and a half to find), and I spent most of the day fighting trainers I had skipped to train him. I'm just sweeping trainers right now with his Wing Attack. I'll update this with the fight with Gardenia once I get to her.

EDIT: You really aren't getting much of an update here- Soren literally swept everything with OHKO Wing Attacks. Seriously; Gardenia didn't even get to do anything.

Anyhow, I fought my way through the Team Galactic building. Although I had to go back to heal Turpleturt a few times, he mostly managed to take hits like a champ and dealt out some pretty good damage with Bite. Eventually, I made my way to Jupiter. Because I didn't know what she started with, I decided to lead off with Turpleturt. Possibly a bad idea against her Zubat- but he managed to OHKO it with a critical Bite, so it was no threat at all. I decided not to take any chances and switched to Soren when she sent out Skuntank. And for once- he didn't OHKO something with Wing Attack! A single Wing Attack brought it down to half-health, which allowed Skuntank to poison him. A second to red, but its berry healed it. Thankfully, it used Screech instead of something like Night Slash, which allowed me to finish it off with a third Wing Attack.

I left the building and went to go get my bike. After that, I started to make my way to Hearthome, training as I did so.

EDIT: And I just evolved Mira!

On that note, I got to Hearthome. However, I was used to my rival's placement in Platinum, so while travelling to get to the gate, I got surprised by Tanner before I got to switch around my team. However, I discovered that I was luckier than I thought- Mira was still at the front of my party from when she evolved. She OHKOd Tanner's Starly with a single Aqua Jet. He sent out his Roselia next, and I took the opportunity to switch to Soren. As usual, he took it out with a single Wing Attack. I switched into Mira to deal with his Monferno, and though her Aqua Jet didn't quite manage to take it out, and she took damage from Mach Punch, another took it out. Finally, I managed to OHKO his own Buizel with Turpleturt's Razor Leaf.

Anyways, I carried on, and I decided to capture a new team member- a Mime Jr nicknamed Gawky! I've started training her now. In other news- I've made my way past Solaceon Town and am now heading on to Veilstone with my team.

(I'm also kind of considering trying out a Cranidos for my team, seeing as I don't think I'd ever use a Rampardos otherwise.)

Current team:

;388; Turpleturt, level 25 (Male)
;419; Mira, level 26 (Female)
;198; Soren, level 26 (Male)
;122; Gawky, level 23 (Female)
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Did a few things on Pearl. First, I left the Battle Tower and flew to Eterna City. There, I used my Explorer Kit to go Underground, where I started looking for treasure. I dug in quite a few places and unearthed many interesting items, including several evolution stones (mostly Water or Leaf Stones) and shards. I also stopped by my Secret Base and stepped on some traps for fun. After putting all my treasure in my main bag, I returned to the surface.

Next, I went to Jubilife briefly, where I tried the lottery but failed to win anything. ;_; When that was done, I headed to Hearthome City and entered the Poffin making place. I did some cooking and made some Poffins, though only a few of them since I didn't have that many berries. I gave the Poffins I made to my Togekiss and then went to enter a Contest. Togekiss competed in the Beauty Contest at the Normal Rank level, where it placed first in every portion and won a ribbon.
I played through a lot of Diamond yesterday, so here's just a brief summary of what happened.

-Caught a new team member, Nabooru the female Hippopotas
-Swept Maylene's Gym with mostly Gawky (Mr Mime), though I did use Mira (Floatzel) against her Lucario to take it out with Dig.
-Defeated Crasher Wake with a combination of Gawky and Turpleturt (Grotle)
-Travelled to Celestic Town. Turpleturt and Nabooru evolved while grinding for Fantina.
-Destroyed Fantina with Soren (Murkrow) and Nabooru

Anyways, I'm a little underlevelled for Byron (with Turpleturt and Soren being my highest-levelled team members), so I decided to travel south of Sandgem to grind. I'll be trying to stay a little underlevelled before I get the opportunity to get a Dusk Stone, as I don't really want Soren to pass level 45 before he evolves- I want to make sure to get Night Slash. However, I decided to look up Torterra and Floatzel's movesets, and decided to alter them a bit- I replaced Mira's Aqua Jet with Surf, as I wanted a stronger move at this point (despite Floatzel's meh Special Attack), and brought her and Turpleturt to the Move Relearner to teach them Ice Fang and Wood Hammer respectively.

Because of that, I also shuffled around items. I took Turpleturt's Quick Claw off him to replace with a Shell Bell, and decided to give it to Nabooru instead.

EDIT: I managed to defeat Byron, and while I fought him, Turpleturt got Synthesis. This will be fun with Wood Hammer. I cleared through Lake Valor (long story short, Soren made quick work of everyone), and I decided to go up to Route 216 before returning to Twinleaf so that I could capture my final team member- Krystal the Sneasel. Yes, I know this gives me two Dark-types, but there are very few Pokemon in Sinnoh I've never actually used, and she was my top pick.

EDIT: After grinding a bit, I decided to take on Candice- and I was actually expecting it to be much harder than it was (though part of that was likely me remembering her Platinum team rather than Diamond). Because a lot of my team's weak to Ice, I decided to send out Krystal first in the hopes that she'd be able to take on her first Pokemon- which was a Snover, thankfully. Though she was weakened with Avalanche, and though Candice healed it once, three X-Scissors were enough to take it out. She switched to her Medicham next, and although Krystal had Shadow Claw (and a Spell Tag to boost its power), I wasn't willing to trust my luck. Instead, I switched to Soren, who OHKOed it with Fly. Her own Sneasel was next, so I switched Krystal back in and, once again, used X-Scissor to take it out (once again, it healed- and because Krystal was a little low on HP, I healed the same turn).

Things started going a little downhill when I fought her Abomasnow. Completely forgetting that Ice resisted Ice and, because of that, it was neutral on Abomasnow, I decided to chance using Mira. I realised my mistake as soon as I used Ice Fang and it barely did anything to it. Though I tried to heal, hoping that Abomasnow didn't have any Grass-type moves and would just spam Avalanche, I tried to heal, but she was taken out by a Wood Hammer.

I was a little concerned here. I wasn't sure if any of my team members could do anything to take it out in one hit, seeing as the only moves my team members had that it was weak to were on Pokemon it could easily destroy- those being Soren and Krystal. Because Soren had more HP, I decided to chance taking it out with Fly, and if he fainted, finishing the job with Krystal. Thankfully, it was enough- Fly took out the remaining half of its health and got me the Badge.

After that, I decided to teach Turpleturt Rock Climb. Though I am disappointed that I had to get rid of Curse to do it, I can easily delete it once I'm done with Mt Coronet and reteach him Curse.

Oh, and I just managed to evolve Soren at long last!

Current team:
;389; Turpleturt, level 40 (Male)
;419; Mira, level 40 (Female)
;430; Soren, level 41 (Male)
;122; Gawky, level 40 (Female)
;450; Nabooru, level 40 (Female)
;215; Krystal, level 41 (Female)

The lack of gender balance in my final team will annoy me a bit, I have to say, but it was worth it- I love female Hippowdon.
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Yesterday, I spent some more time on my Pearl. I left Hearthome and rode my bike over to Solaceon Town. After healing at the town's Pokemon Center, I went inside the newspaper place and talked to one of the people working there. He wanted me to show him a Pikachu, so I went back to the Pokemon Center and used the PC to put a Pikachu in my party. Back at the newspaper, I showed the Pikachu to the guy and received some Nest Balls as a reward.

After that, I left town and walked over to Veilstone City. There, I headed over to the Game Corner and played the slot machines for a while. I was able to play 3 bonus rounds in a row and made over 600 coins from that, which was pretty nice. When that was done, I went inside a house near the Gym, where my Togekiss got a massage and I received a Spring Accessory.


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Restarted a game of Pokemon Pearl yesterday. While I like the Gen 6 3d games, I do miss the classic sprites and Gen 4 really is, IMHO, one of the best generations,. I am currently hunting for a Ponyta in Pokemon Pearl, to help me beat the second gym and I am reminded how much I love the Piplup line. Since it learned Peck, my Prinplup was able to almost beat the grass gym single handedly.


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Earlier, I went back to my HeartGold for a while. I had saved in front of the Trainer House in Viridian, so I decided to head back inside to do some battling. I went downstairs and fought trainer Cal again to earn another Battle Point. After that, I flew to Indigo Plateau to have a battle against my rival. I defeated half of his team using my Typhlosion, Politoed, and Pinsir before switching over to my Clefable to take out the rest of his team.

Next, I healed my team and then headed over to Azalea Town. I wandered over to Kurt's house and decided to give him some of my Apricorns to make into Poke Balls since I had quite a few Apricorns in my bag. I gave him a few greenGrn Apricorns IIRC before heading back outside. Then, I made my way through the Ilex Forest and Route 34 to reach Goldenrod City.

In Goldenrod, I went to the department store. I stocked up on repels and then headed to the sixth floor. There, I entered the raffle several times and won some berries and Net Balls.


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Stocked up on moon balls in heart gold for breeding, some of my personal favorites


Call of Fate
Yesterday,I decided to enter Master Rank Tough Contest in Platinum with my Salamence,because she had a beneficial nature (Impish). The Dress-Up part was easy,since its theme was "The Natural" and I had a ton of accessories that fit it perfectly. As always,I struggled in Dance Competition,but in the end,the results weren't nearly as bad as I expected them to be. The third round wasn't too hard,though,despite Salamence only having Crunch as her Tough move. The combination of Dragon Dance and,ironically,Protect sealed the win for me,and I received the Master Rank ribbon. I obtained the Tough Cup from Mr.Goods and flew to Pastoria City to have the Move Relearner reteach Salamence Dragon Claw and Fire Fang. So, I have finally won all five Master Rank ribbons in Super Contests with my Lapras (Beauty), Azumarill (Cute), Skarmory (Cool), Salamence (Tough), and Toxicroak (Smart). Then,I saved the game.


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Went back to Pearl for a little while this afternoon. I was in Veilstone City still, so I decided to head back into the Game Corner and play the slot machines some more. I spent a lot of time and coins trying to get into the bonus round. It took a while, but I eventually got a few bonus rounds and earned several hundred coins, leaving me with about 300 more coins than I started with.

After that, I left through the southern exit of the city and headed down to the Valor Lakefront. I entered the restaurant there and battled several pairs of trainers with my Leafeon and Glaceon. When I had enough of that, I polished my Gym Badges since they were really dirty and sad looking.


The light is coming
I've decided to restart my SoulSilver game.

I began in New Bark Town, and I went to the lab. I picked Cyndaquil as my starter, and I was later given some potions and the Pokégear. I scurried to Cherrygrove City, where I met an old man who gave me running shoes and a Map Card. I then went up to Mr. Pokémon's house, and I met him and Professor Oak there. I was given the Mystery Egg, and I went back to Cherrygrove. I defeated a red-headed boy, my rival, and I saved afterwards.


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Today, I did a few things on HeartGold. I flew down to Azalea Town and went to Kurt’s house. There, I picked up some Friend Balls that he made for me and then left some Blu Apricorns to be made into Poke Balls.

Next, I went back to the Pokeathlon Dome and entered the Jump competition. I selected a team of Latios, Milotic, and Crobat and started competing in the events. My team easily placed first in every event and won overall by over 100 points.

Finally, I returned to Kanto after that. I visited a few places, such as Cycling Road, in order to do a few trainer rematches.


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After defeating my rival, I sprinted back to New Bark Town, where I told a police officer about my rival's details and gave Elm the egg. I also saw Lyra, who taught me how to catch a Pokémon. I caught a Pidgey and a Sentret, and I boxed the latter. I defeated some more trainers until I arrived in Violet City, where I traded a Bellsprout for an Onix.


I recently started my journey in Johto, After getting things ready i gave a visit to the professor in town and received my pokemon. The pokemon i chose was the fire type Cyndaquil which i nicknamed Ignia. While running an errand for the professor i bumped into a passerby who wasn't too friendly. After the errand was done i officially left New bark town to start up and collect all 8 badges.. A few days later i arrived in Violet city and explored a bit. While i was in violet i decided to do some training in Sprout tower, that's where i met my second pokemon, a Gastly i nicknamed Kaze. A few trainers and wild pokemon battles later i went to go challenge the gym leader in the city and won with both my pokemon. With my 1st badge in hand i left violet city towards the Ruins of Alph.. I'd like to explore more of the area later, so i'll be coming back here soon.


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So I tiptoed into Sprout Tower, where I overpowered some sages and their Bellsprout until I stumbled upon Elder Li. I defeated him and received a TM for Flash. After that, I challenged Falkner, whom I defeated to earn my first badge. I was given an egg, and I made my way to the Ruins of Alph. After playing around with a puzzle, I caught an Unown. I then saved the game.


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So I've just defeated the Kimono Girls and I'm going in Bellchime Trail to catch Ho-Oh. I'm going to stock up first, so I should go to the Pokemart and fill up on Pokeballs (great, ultra, quick balls, and probably any other type of ball I have the money for). My team so far is: Feraligatr Lv. 35, Pidegotto Lv. 31, Vileplume Lv. 37, Politoed Lv. 34, Charizard Lv. 37 (obtained in a trade), and Clefairy Lv. 33. They all have nicknames, but I'm not gonna list those now O3< I'm eager to train in Victory Road after, and perhaps get my Pokemon at levels 49-50 before working on the Elite Four. A lot of work to be done! O3O


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My Pokedex is now at 458 obtained in my SoulSilver! I'm gaining a pretty good collection of decently-trained Pokemon in the process, which is nice, but I wish more Pokemon had better movepools. :p