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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Nibbles4Ever

    Nibbles4Ever 1 more day ^^

    I'm almost done evolving the pokemon I want to evolve before the elite 4. I have 5 left. Man I sware i've been evolving pokemon for probably 5 or 6 hours now >.>
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2015
  2. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Decided to play Pearl a bit today. The reason is that today, it is exactly 8 years since I got this game. Didn't really do anything special though. Just went to various places in Sinnoh to look at the scenery, mostly. Tried to do some daily events, but couldn't. Guess it is because I have changed the time on my DS since I last played, or I might have played the game in my other DS. Went down to the Underground for a short trip. Visited my Secret Base but didn't redecorate anything, I am happy with it the way it is right now. Looked for some treasure but didn't find anything interesting. A Green Shard, an Icy Rock, a Damp Rock and several Spheres. I buried some of the spheres in the ground. Went back to the surface and out to Route 222, where I caught a Gastrodon. Didn't do anything more, and I don't think I'll do anything else on Pearl as I am done with it. Should continue in the Battle Factory in Platinum instead, but not sure when that will happen.
  3. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Made more progress at the Battle Arcade tonight. The first battle I had was pretty tough, since I accidentally stopped the roulette on a square that caused the battle to start with Trick Room activated, which made things tough for my Pokemon. But other than that, I didn’t struggle too much. It was difficult to stop the roulette on the right place every time, but I was still able to land on squares that didn’t harm my team.

    I eventually got to 48 wins and had to fight Dahlia again. She had Blaziken as her first Pokemon, who was an easy OHKO with my Starmie’s Surf. Zapdos came in next, so I switched to my Garchomp. I had Garchomp use Swords Dance and then used Outrage to defeat Zapdos and Togekiss.

    So, I defeated Dahlia and received another gold/coloured print! Now I have 3 gold prints on HeartGold from the Tower, Castle, and Arcade, the exact same ones I have on my main Platinum file.
  4. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    Making my way through victory road in Platinum. My team is all at level 52, and the pokemon are emoleon, staraptor, machamp, gengar, houndoom, and tangrowth. I've been saving money for the villa (I want ALL the furniture) and it looks like I don't need to save now. lol I'm at 999,999 pokedollars. I hate the length of victory road... It's so freaking long... Hopefully I'm almost done, I just wanna get to my free villa!

    Hopefully I'll do okay against Cynthia. I do the elite four in easily enough, but cynthia is ALWAYS a challenge. In general, I'd say she's the best champion.

    Here's to my favorite gen 4 game, platinum!
  5. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So I kept dashing along the corridor that connected the Galactic Warehouse to the main Team Galactic HQ. After defeating a few Team Galactic grunts, I finally accessed the Team Galactic HQ and ran around while challenging stray Team Galactic grunts. As I moved stealthily through enemy territory, I had to use warp panels to get around and I found the Snatch TM and a Dubious Disc after slaying a Scientist. I then entered the HQ through the front entrance and witnessed Cyrus holding a rally on a podium. Next I ran along more hallways, healed my team, and reached Cyrus's chamber. We fought there and I defeated his Sneasel with Infernape's Flamethrower, and his Crobat and Honchkrow with Rotom's Thunderbolt.
  6. Nibbles4Ever

    Nibbles4Ever 1 more day ^^

    I'm finally done getting my team to lv 48. I also evolved all of the pokemon I wanted except pidgeoto. Next I will be taking on the elite 4. After that i'm going to get a heartscale so that I can evolve my piloswine.
    Current team
    typhlosian lv 48
    gengar lv 48
    slowbro lv 48
    togekiss lv 48
    golem lv 48
    miltank lv 48
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2015
  7. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So once Cyrus had lost to me, he handed me a Master Ball and he left to Mt. Coronet to complete his wicked scheme. I quickly healed my Pokemon again and then I warped to the lab area of Team Galactic HQ. I arrived at the chamber where Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf were trapped and I saw Saturn speaking with Charon. Next I fought Saturn and slayed his Golbat with Golduck's Ice Beam, his Bronzor with Infernape's Flamethrower, then his Toxicroak with Gallade's Psycho Cut. I freed Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf afterwards and Saturn mentioned the Red Chain that Cyrus had made. I then left the Galactic HQ building and quickly healed my injured darlings at the Veilstone City Pokemon Center and I flew to Oreburgh City.
  8. JingIeBeIls

    JingIeBeIls 1+1=5

    I'm playing Platinum again after a while :U

    I haven't played it since April, it's been a while. Okay, I started at Old Chateau and I flew to Canalave City where I took the boat to Iron Island and I'm currently in the cave.
    Wow, I have done more traveling in a video game than in real life, fun thing is that I have spent all day reading articles about traveling lol, great to still apply traveling in some kind of way.

    Okay, back to Pokémon! I'm currently battling against Camper Lawrence!
    Pikorello grew to level 71! And I won! "When I'm with my Pokémon, I can camp anywhere I want." That's pretty inspiring, I should remember this quote :U
    Okay that was the left side of the cave, I have no idea how to get past the barrels, I will try that some other time. Bring it on, Picknicker Summer (I love your name btw)
    Cool you have a Raichu, Raichu's cry sound is my favourite from the entire Pokémon franchise lol and now your Raichu is defeated. Golduck grew to level 43! That was the battle, aww! Now she is gonna go home to play with her Pokémon, I'm such a meanie and picknick ruiner. Okay those random wild Pokémon encounters are getting annoying, time to use a Repel! I have a Max Repel left, aww yeah! lol There's an elevator. let's Battle, Worker Braden! I'm gonna win- is that a Steelix? oh
    And oh I mean ha! I beat your Steelix with Waterfall and won! And I found TM23 Iron Tail, Awesome! (I'm probably never gonna use it but still)
    That was the right side of the right side of the cave now I'm gonna try the left side of the right side of the cave rofl! It's Riley, what a surprise! Yay, we're a team now, Awesome!
    The Repel stopped working but that doesn't matter because I have to battle against Hiker Damon right now! We won, GG WP! dunno, wanted to say that lol
    Hiker Maurice is next, in the defeated trainer list HA! A team wild battle- Riley has a Lucario! Wait, I think I already knew this but I haven't played the game in a while lol
    Why should I even run, this is pretty Awesome! I can't wait to tell my kids about this! Aww come on, why did you have to use confuse ray on me! I'm not the NPC here =/
    lol sorry Riley, I can make mean comments about everyone when I'm mad. Worker Brendon also wants to be on my list of defeated trainers and he successfully did it! ohai Worker Quentin, there's also place for you on that list, don't worry! Golduck grew to level 44! I won btw. Another team wild Pokémon battle! Riley why do you keep using Metal Claw? That move doesn't defeat the Golbat and I keep getting all the hits from it! sorry sorry! Well we survived lol another one happened AND OF COURSE LUCARIO KEEPS USING MOVES THAT DON'T HAVE ANY EFFECT ON GOLBAT AND NOW I'M CONFUSED AGAIN BECAUSE GOLBAT USED CONFUSE RAY ON ME RILEY THIS ISN'T FUN ANYMORE! Okay two wild Gravelers, this can't go wrong! Great work, both were defeated with one move! Okay wild Golbad and Graveler, I take the Golbat and you take the Graveler. Golbat down now all we need to do is- What the heck just happened, Graveler used self destruct and defeated Lucario and itself, wat. Aww now again, we fought against two Gravelers and the other one used self destruct. Lucario survived though, from now on I'll call him Lucky-ario... okay nevermind.
    Aww yeah, team battle time! Bring it on, Ace Trainer Jonah and Ace Trainer Brenda... Yes! A Lopunny, that's one of the Pokémon that I still needed on my Pokédex! What a great day! Aaaand I defeated the Lopunny lol keep fighting the Quagsire, Riley! Meanwhile I'm almost done with all the other Pokémon hahahaha! Golduck grew to level 45! Hippopotas, that's a name that I can't say 3 times fast lol and it's also a Pokémon that I still needed to have one my PokéDex, this is going great! Lucario used Force palm, but there was no target... lol that's my new favourite moment of Pokémon hahahahah! Not sure if I already had a Staraptor on my PokéDex but if I didn't I do have one now so yay! We won, look at that PokéDollar! I thought I defeated Team Galactic for Good but apparently not. Another battle against Team Galactic, bring it on, Galactic Grunt and Galactic Grunt! Prepare to lose your Pokémon! It happened again, I already defeated the Houndour but Lucario still wanted to use his move and we all just needed to point out that he wanted to do that lol poor Lucario. Okay, one more Pokémon and we're done! Riley has an egg for me, unfortunately I don't have any space for an egg right now, he'll wait for me, that's sweet! I found a Shiny Stone, how cool! I wonder what it does. Oh, it helps Pokémon evolve, okay cool, I don't have any Pokémon that need one but I'll keep it just in case :U
    What is this? A Pokéball in the middle of an empty room, sounds cool! Let's save the game just in case. You'll find out what it is when you arrive there I don't want to spoil it for you lol
    I just realized that I have to travel back to Canalava City, put one of my Pokémon in the PC, and come back just to get that egg from Riley. lol oh well.
    Time to do that and go back to the cave where I have to go all the way to Riley again lol. Machoke, once the egg hatches I'll put you back in my team but I need to have space for it right now, you'll be missed but always known as one of the main members of the team, have fun in the computer Machoke, have fun! All those wild Pokémon popping up every 3 seconds is becoming super annoying, I should've bought a repel uuuurgh! Okay I got the egg, now I'll fly back to my hometown and go to bed.

    And I'm back in Twinleaf Town! Time to go home and sleep! This was a great adventure, what a pity that I didn't take my houseplant with me otherwise this would be an Awesome article for my blog!
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2015
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So next I dashed over to Route 207 and entered Mt. Coronet's cave from the west. I climbed a ledge via Gabite's Rock Climb, then I caught a wild Bronzong and encountered Looker. Looker gave me a Black Flute, then I thrashed two Team Galactic grunts and reached the snowy side of Mt. Coronet's peak. I sashayed along the snow and caught a wild Abomasnow and Absol, then I re-entered Mt. Coronet's cavern from the side. I battled many more Team Galactic grunts inside and then I walked through more snow outside and used Rock Climb again and then I entered another cave. I caught a wild Chimecho, then I thrashed a few more Team Galactic grunts and arrived at Spear Pillar. I fought two Team Galactic grunts there.
  10. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Today, I continued doing Battle Frontier stuff on my HeartGold by returning to the Battle Factory. I started a new open level streak and had to choose some rental Pokemon to use. Most of the Pokemon I was allowed to choose from were pretty good, but in the end I rented a team of Gallade, Roserade, and Dragonite since they seemed like the best choices against my first opponent‘s team. Anyway, my team did a good job dealing with all of the trainers I fought and some trainers were swept entirely by Gallade. I only felt the need to make one swap during my challenge, Roserade for a Golem that was pretty useful against Electric types. Winning seven battles wasn’t that difficult to do.
  11. ArtsyTrainer

    ArtsyTrainer Active Member

    I made it through Victory Road on Diamond yesterday. However, I don't think I'm ready to challenge the Elite 4 with my current team. I'm planning to train my team to level 50-55. I'm going to head back to some of more recent routes to re-battle trainers. I also need to add another Pokemon to my team. Of all of the Pokemon games, I am the least familiar with D/P/Pt.
  12. EverChanger

    EverChanger エヴァーチェンジャー

    I decided I'd play through Diamond ahead of the inevitable new game announcement. I forgot just how "grand" this game was. All sorts of optional areas are present within the Sinnoh region, and the region is just so huge and, for lack of a better term, epic in scale.

    I've gotten the first Badge from Roark and have made my way to Floaroma Town. I was planning on using a Drifloon on my team, but since it won't appear at the Valley Windworks the day Team Galactic is ousted I've opted to just go for the tried-and-true Starly line instead of waiting a week.

    My team so far:
    Monferno (Lv. 19)
    Luxio (Lv. 18)
    Shellos, West Sea (Lv. 7)
    Starly (Lv. 4)
  13. Chloe Cassandra

    Chloe Cassandra Long time no see.

    I was trading Pokémon from my Platinum to my Diamond and I was transferring a Machoke, Graveler, Haunter, and Kadabra all with everstones attached to them. When I traded each of them, it worked out fine, but even when Kadabra was holding an everstone, it evolved into an Alakazam anyway! I got slightly disappointed but I thought the glitch was pretty funny. XD
  14. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Continued at the Battle Factory today. I meant to continue my level 100 streak, but I selected lv. 50 by mistake. >_>
    I considered soft resetting or something, but then I decided I might as well get a new lv. 50 streak going. Rented a team of Butterfree, Shieldon, and Houndour and started fighting trainers. Most trainers were very easy for my team. Butterfree was really good and won some battles on its own. Shieldon was surprisingly useful too.

    Right before the seventh battle, I swapped Houndour for a Psyduck. Battle #7 was by far the most difficult for me. Psyduck defeated a tough Sealeo after spamming Confusion a lot, then Butterfree dealt with a Carnivine after Psyduck fainted. Finally, Shieldon took down a Dragonair after a hard fight.
    Then, I got some more BP for winning seven battles.
  15. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    After IV breeding some prime members for my Journey + battle frontier team, I'm continuing with the fifth and sixth pokemon of the team.

    Here is what I bred so far

    + Male Snorlax (Feast), Thick Fat (31/21/31/x/31/x) Careful - Curse.
    + Female Slowpoke(Shelly), Own Tempo (31/x/31/31/29/26) Relaxed
    + Female Chickorita(Autumn), Overgrow (31/x/26/31/24/31) Timid - Leech Seed
    + Male Gligar(Levantine), Hyper Cutter (31/31/27/x/25/31) Jolly

    With these four I managed to score 3 symbols of the battle frontier.

    The battle factory in general is though, it depends on luck in my experience mostly. My first attempt against the leader failed by bad decision I made which costed me the match eventually.
    My mons were Dusclops, Kabutops and Tauros and he ha had Mismagius, Hitmonlee and Weavile ( lol so much check right?) I managed to get to a 1on1 situation where my Kabutops was against Mismagius
    standing there proud with a +2 attack performing waterfall but I got outspeed by mismagius and I raged seeing her do MAGICAL LEAF and my kabutops died.. After some raging I decided to do this challenge again tomorrow.

    So I went on and I had some weird mons to choose from but I always mananged and got really surprised by mons I had that were so extremely good and mostly responsible for my wins.
    Here are some MVP mentions in the 3 streaks !

    First streak - ButterFree (Air cutter, Silverwind, Tailwind, Psybeam)
    Second Streak - Misdreavus (Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Omnious Wind, Pain Split)
    Third Streak - Infernape (Fake out, Fire punch, Close Combat, U-turn) <- Infernape was the best lead I ever had in the Battle factory.

    And then.. the leader appeared again. I was a bit worried, it always brings checks and counters afterall.
    and of course it checked my main powerhouse in the team. And so the battle started.

    - Infernape
    - Metang
    - Cherrim


    - Lanturn
    - Ludicolo
    - Alakzam

    It was a tough match since my Infernape was totally checked by his team, but gladly cherrim took care of Lanturn first and died against Alakazem in the second round.
    Metang did Meteor Mash at Alakzam but misses, while his Psychic did 28% damage. I decided to go for Bullet punch instead but it misses again!! Then I figured out this thing had BrightPower on it and I raged a bit lol. I decided to go for Metoer mash cuz bullet punch would not 2HITKO it, and lucky for me I scored a Crit with Meteor Mash and it was down. Ludicolo was sent out and did Sword Dance
    while I decided to go for Zen Headbutt but then I scored a Crit again ! and it was KO'd. Started haxxy for me but the hax backfired him lol.

    I decided to lead with my Gligar ( I lacked the BP to buy the Razor Fang therefore he was the cute little Gligar lol ) and bring Meganium and Snorlax along.
    When I easily reached the second streak, mostly thanks to my Sword Dance-Earthquake Gligar, I decided to make my Meganium lead since she is my quick Duel screener with Light clay.
    And so the battles went on and then the Tower Tycoon came.




    He lead with Rhyperior and I leaded with Meganium, I immidiatly set up my Reflect so Rhyperior could hardly do some damage against it, its crunch did about 14%
    against my Meganium after the reflect and I 2hitko'd it with Giga Drain and it was down. Next up was Dragonite, I outspeeded him (LOL props for Timid Meganium) and did Leech Seed while He did Aerial Ace on my meganium but with Reflect on that only did like 38% plus the leech Seed HP back turned my meganium back at 70%HP. Meganium however couldn't do anything against Dragonite, so it was time for the
    classic Curse Snorlax to show up, Dragonite just went on attacking Snorlax but it dindt do much on it, thanks to Reflect + Leech Seed. So I continued Doing Curse and Rest at +2.
    I woke up and did Body slam on Dragonite and it was down. Milotic came and just went down easily to snorlax because she couldn't scratch it.

    Overall Easy fight thanks to Meganium and Snorlax (Dindt even need Gligar for this match lol)

    This was personally for me the easiest of all the battle frontier challenges, I always figured out very quick how to manipulate the Game system in order to always put my enemy in disadvantage with either
    my mons being level'd up or the enemy team being burned or something.. It was easy to make everything go my way. So I wasn't really worried about this challenge.

    So I entered this round with the same core like in the battle tower as it did so wel.

    My lead was Gliscor (Yaya it evolved xD) and brought along Snorlax and Meganium.

    Everything went as planned, extremely easy and so came the Battle Arcade leader at the 21h streak.
    I received the lvl+3 bonus which is the best buff you can probably get and the battle started:




    I leaded with Gliscor and dindt liked the matchup at all against Dusknoir (Fearing the Ice punch or Will-o-wisp) So I decided to just let Snorlax handle Dusknoir, it had rest so Will-o-wisp dindt matter much
    and Crunch to KO it after some curses. I changed to Snorlax and Dusknoir did Trick Room, working himself in a bad spot thanks to Snorlax's poor speed haha.
    Funny enough, the second turn he went for Trick room again to reverse the room so Dusknoir can outspeed Snorlax again, this turn I did Curse. Dusknoir tried to attack but couldn't really do much, so i went for another curse and knowing she had Medicham aswell, I continued to Curse so I was +3 Attack and +3 Defense. Dusknoir was a sitting duck while I did rest and woke up after some turns and just Crunched him KO. The second pokemon was of course Medicham, I was not sure what to do here since a Crit could defeat Snorlax but decided to go for a Body slam which would ONHITKO it. Funny enough it did Zen Heabutt
    and did around 10% damage thanks to all those Curses. Unfortunatly my Snorlax got Flinched, so I went on Body Slamming risking the Crit Hi Jump Kick or something. But weird enough it did Zen Heabutt again, so I assumed by now that it lacked Hi Jump Kick and just went on Body slamming after I funny enough got flinched again, it was KO'd and ludicolo showed up.
    I did Body slam and it was KO'd

    Just like battle tower was this battle easy, I would say overall VERY easy.
    but hey Snorlax wasn't the UU king for nothing in this gen :D he rocks and my Team was build around it to support him the best.

    Next up is the Battle Castle ! but I need my Arcanine for this one, so onwards to breed Arcanine!

    Currently I'm breeding for an Adamant Growlite with atleast max IV's in HP, attack and Speed with overall outstanding potential with Intimidate
    and after Growlite, Modest Larvitar will be my aim.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2015
  16. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Continued my level 100 streak at the Battle Factory today. I rented a team of Lucario, Infernape, and Exploud since the other Pokemon I could’ve chosen had pretty bad move sets.

    Anyway, the first battle was pretty tough as I came close to losing because of this Empoleon . It was a critical hit machine that defeated my Lucario and Infernape after Lucario kept missing and Infernape failed to KO it. Exploud fortunately killed it, then went on to win the battle for me because my opponent’s Lickilicky kept trying to use Shadow Ball.

    After getting that battle out of the way, I swapped my Exploud for the Empoleon and continued battling. All the remaining battles were really easy. I only had to use Lucario and Infernape and most of the trainers I faced did stupid things like using Sludge Bomb on Lucario.
    So, I defeated seven more trainers and earned more BP.
  17. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Growlite has been hatched ! 31/31/21/28/19/31 (Adamant, Intimidate)

    Now its time to train it and aim for the battle castle next !
  18. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    Onto my SoulSilver and tried the Battle Factory. I managed 15 wins in a row and discovered hax in Battle 16, with a Quick Claw Machamp, followed by a speedy Espeon. I succumbed because of this, but with a horribly weakened Heracross, which was knocked out to a Zen Headbutt from a Golduck. Fairly easy and very random at first but cheating chance at last.
  19. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Yesterday, I went back to my Platinum to do a few things. I had saved in Jubilife City, so I decided to go to the TV station and try the lottery. I matched four digits and won a Max Revive, which was a pretty nice surprise. After that, I flew over to the Fight Area and then entered the Battle Frontier.

    At the Frontier, I wandered over to the Battle Hall and went inside to check my records. I saw that I had an active streak of 70 wins with Starmie, so I got my Starmie out of the PC and continued my streak. I won several battles, but then lost to a Bastiodon due to Metal Burst. -_-
    After that loss, I wanted to start a new challenge, so I checked my records again to help me decide which Pokemon to use. I noticed that I managed only 7 wins with Seaking before, which I thought I could improve on. So, I got my Seaking out and started a fresh streak. My Seaking did pretty well and soon reached 20 straight wins. I'll probably continue later to see how far Seaking can go.
  20. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So after winning against two pitiful Galactic grunts, I walked further along Spear Pillar and ran into Commanders Mars and Jupiter. Next my pal Barry showed up and we battled against Mars and Jupiter together. I did most of the work and defeated their Pokemon, then Barry healed my team after we had won. I then saw Cyrus use the Red Chain to summon both Dialga and Palkia and next Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf showed up as well. After Cyrus ranted, the earth opened up and Giratina emerged from a strange portal and took Cyrus with it. Cynthia arrived next and we followed Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf into the Distortion World. Once inside, I followed Cynthia to a small hovering slab and I soon saw Mesprit again.

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