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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Blazing Charmander

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I have been playing Diamond a lot over the last few weeks; catching various swarm Pokemon, migrating the Kanto and Hoenn starters from my Gen 3 games and trying my luck at chaining with the Pokeradar.

Chaining has been frustrating as I seem to have lost my touch and can't for the life of me reach anywhere near the magic 40 mark. My targets so far have been Oddish on Route 226, Starly on Route 201 and Chansey just east of Hearthome City (which also helped a great deal in training my Kricketune holding a Lucky Egg at the same time; just too bad that I walked out of the radar's range and broke the chain - d'oh!) - so yeah, both rare and common Pokemon have failed to yield results for me thus far.

In the meantime, I have also been training a Glaceon as I lack decent Ice type coverage in my rotational team and that typing in particular would obviously come in handy for taking on the Elite 4 again. That said, I am playing with the idea of using the more Physical-oriented Mamoswine or Weavile instead, since either of the two can utilise priority Ice Shard to much greater effect. The wait for a Swinub swarm is quite agonising.


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I healed up my Pokemon using potions and then saved before fighting Palkia. Couldn't get off a Stun Spore this time as my Tangrowth was OHKOed by Spacial Rend on the first turn. I sent out my Empoleon next and had it lower Palkia's HP to the red zone using a couple of Ice Beams and a Flash Cannon. I was then able to toss one Net Ball before Empoleon fainted. My Lopunny came out next, and ended up taking no damage at all because the next Net Ball I used caught Palkia.

With that done, I headed back into Mt. Coronet and used an Escape Rope to return to the mountain's Oreburgh entrance. I saved right after as I didn't feel like doing anything else.

This week I spent some time trying to get a good haul of Pokemon from Honey Trees while working through Eterna Forest and Eterna City.

I managed to gather together Burmy, Combee, Aipom, Drifloon, Buneary, Gastly, Chingling, Bronzor, Ponyta, Hoothoot and Nosepass. Then, last night I only had time for one attempt at catching Rotom at the Old Chateau but it managed to work its way through my Pokeballs without staying still for me. I guess I'll try to catch it some other night this week.

In my first trip to the underground I found loads of spots to dig for treasure. Normally, there aren't many for me to tap into or they are in areas that I cant access so this was a nice surprise. While digging I uncovered a skull fossil. I guess that means I'll have Cranidos for this save file!

Gardenia's crew was a walkover with my Staravia and Zubat, leaving me to progress towards Galactic HQ without a worry.

Monferno lvl 21
Luxio lvl 21
Staravia lvl 22
Zubat lvl 19
Aipom lvl 14

Badges: 2
Pokedex: 50 seen, 34 obtained


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I've forgotten how non-linear the game was after the E4.

So I defeated Lt. Surge and made it to Saffron, and got the Psychic TM. Also discovered that the Magnet Train is not running. So I headed to Cerulean to get that solved, leaving out Sabrina for now. Got to the Cerulean Cape and obtained the Nugget, having fought the 6 trainers.... and remembered that I actually needed to go to the Power Plant. So that would be my next destination. I got my team to level up to L50 while battling the trainers there. They should be ready for Misty afterwards.... I hope.


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Flew back to the Survival Area to do some more training. I was playing close to midnight, so I was able to take on two sets of trainers at the Battleground. Only had time to fight my rival once, though. Anyway, that training was great for my Pokemon, especially Infernape, Empoleon, and Gliscor, who all reached level 68.

Next, after healing I went to Route 225 to train up my other three Pokemon to level 68 as well. I got Froslass to that level after one battle and then started working on Lopunny, who was my lowest Pokemon at level 65. Lopunny took a while to level up as it struggled to OHKO a lot of things. Finally, training Tangrowth wasn't too bad.


Catcher of 'Mons
I managed to get my garchomp and milotic to lv 100, and my magnezone to lv 85. (there's not much to train magnezone on) While my other team members (driflim, infernape, and gallade) are in the mid-high 60's.
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Did a few things today. First, I flew back to Sandgem Town and headed to the Pal Park building from there. The Pal Park was now open, so I went inside and spoke with Prof. Oak.

After that, my next stop was Canalave City. I talked to Lucian in the library and then sailed to Iron Island to get a Metal Coat from Byron. Once that was done, I decided to do the Fullmoon Island sidequest. I sailed to that island, met Cresselia, and brought the Lunar Wing back to Canalave to cure the sailor's son.

The last city I went to was Eterna. I went to a small house there, where I talked to Oak again and got the legendary birds to start roaming. After that, I went to one of the routes next to the city and used my marking map app to track the location of the roamers. I managed to find and catch all five of them yay for transferring/trading cloned Master Balls from Emerald! :p
Soul Silver

Setting off from the Pokemon Center just before Union Cave, I moved my Hoppip to the front of the party and made sure it knew Bullet Seed to work through any Rock types that I might find along the way. Ironically, there were hardly any wild Rock types that came my way and instead I found a plethora of Rattata and Zubat to keep me busy.

Once in Azalea Town I helped out with Kurt's trouble at the Slowpoke Well and stomped through Bugsy's Gym with my newly evolved Pidgeotto. Seriously though, Bugsy normally gives me a hard time with his Scyther but for some reason all it did was use Quick Attack so my bird was able to tear through him pretty quickly.

I finished up by dusting Silver and capturing a Slowpoke to add to the party.

Crocodilly lvl 18
Pidgeotto lvl 20
Zubat lvl 15
Hoppip lvl 10
Slowpoke lvl 6
Togepi lvl 1

Badges: 2
Pokedex: 40 seen, 25 obtained


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I remembered that there were a couple of locations I hadn't gone to yet, so today I flew back to the Pokemon League and headed down to Victory Road again. Once there, I entered a section of the cave that was blocked previously. In the main room, I met Marley and had to escort her to the exit. We battled some trainers together in Double Battles, which helped my Pokemon level up. Marley's Arcanine was surprisingly useful this time- I think it only fainted once!

Soon, we reached the exit and Marley left. I, however, stayed in the cave a little longer to finish exploring. Once I finished doing that, I made my way out to Route 224. I thoroughly combed the entire route and defeated all the trainers.

After I finished exploring Route 224, I flew back to the Survival Area and healed. Then, I went to the Battleground, where I fought Cheryl, Gardenia, Fantina, and Maylene today. Managed to get my entire team to level 70+.

;395; ;392; ;465; ;478; ;428; ;472;
Lv. 70-71


Taking it slooooooow
Restarted SoulSilver and decided to make this one a solo run. So now it's me and Anubis the Riolu against the world!

We set off from Newbark Town on an errand for Prof. Elm, which turned out to be the collection of an egg from Mr. Pokemon. Upon leaving his home we received a frantic call from Prof. Elm - someone had stolen a Pokemon from the lab! Anubis and I quickly headed back, and got involved in a battle with a mysterious red haired boy along the way. It turned out that he was the one the police were looking for! I gave his name to the officer and then handed over the egg to Elm. He suggested we take the Gym Challenge and Anubis rather liked the sound of that, so we said goodbye to my mother and set off for Violet City. Once there we easily made it to the top of Sprout Tower, where the Elder gave me the TM for Flash.

Then it was time to take on the gym!

Admittedly I had been a bit worried, as Anubis was at a type disadvantage, but he quickly showed me there was no need for any concern. He swept through the gym without taking a single hit, taking down every foe with a well aimed High Jump Kick (a move he'd been bred to have, along with Blaze Kick). Badge in hand, we received another call from Prof. Elm, this time asking us to collect the egg from his assistant at the mart. Upon leaving the mart we were met by a Kimono Girl who seemed quite impressed with us. As she left I decided to hatch the egg before moving on, so for now Anubis and I are camping out at Violet City.

Progress: Badges - 1
;447; Anubis - Lv 17
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Now that my entire team was at least level 70, I figured it was time to do the Elite Four rematches. So, I flew back to the Pokemon League, made sure my party was fully healed, and stocked up on healing items. Then, I began my second Elite Four challenge.

1. Aaron:
I started with my Froslass and KOed Yanmega with Ice Beam no problem. Scizor came out next, which made me switch to Lopunny as it had Fire Punch and I didn't think I would get much use out of it in the later fights. Anyway, Lopunny's Fire Punch failed to OHKO (just barely, of course) and Lopunny took a lot of damage from X-Scissor or whatever strong move that Scizor has. After a Full Restore, Loppuny decided to get the OHKO after all, so Scizor went down. I then went over to Gliscor and swept the remaining Pokemon very easily.

2. Bertha:
This was probably the easiest battle for me. I had to use Froslass to Ice Beam Gliscor, but other than that, Tangrowth's Giga Drain did the job.

3. Flint:
This somehow ended up being the toughest fight for me. I had two failed attempts where I soft reset after getting annoyed. The first time, Infernape somehow KOed half my team, and the second time, Houndoom's Flamethrower was a critical hit/burn machine. I had no idea what was going on, as it was freaking Flint, and I never have trouble with him. Personally, I'm blaming it on ghosts. When weird things happen around here, it's always ghosts. Really.

Anyway, my third try went just as my first try should have gone: Gliscor uses Swords Dance -> Gliscor uses Earthquake -> easy win

4. Lucian:
I used Froslass against Mr. Mime for some reason, which was a bit of a struggle because of Light Screen, but Froslass managed to get the KO eventually. After that, I switched to my Infernape, set up a Swords Dance against Bronzong, then Fire Punched everything.

5. Cynthia:
I made this my Empoleon's fight as I hadn't used it yet and I really wanted it to gain a level. Okay, I used Froslass & Infernape once each as my designated Garchomp & Lucario killers, but Empoleon took down the other four Pokemon. Some Pokemon (read: Roserade, Togekiss) were a little troublesome for Empoleon, but after spamming items and using other Pokemon (read: Lopunny) as sacrifices, Empoleon pulled through and fainted them. My favourite part was when Empoleon KOed (a still decent amount of HP) Milotic with a critical hit Hydro Pump.

Final team:
;395; ;392; ;465; ;478; ;428; ;472;
Lv. 71-73

Now that the E4 round two is done, I've finished everything I want to do on this playthrough right now (I think...)
Will probably come back to it sometime in the future, though.


Taking it slooooooow
So the egg hatched into a Togepi! Prof Elm was very eager to see it, so I went back to the lab to show him. In return he gave me an everstone, which I placed in my bag. Now pushing past Violet City, Anubis and I decided to check out the Ruins of Alph. Using an escape rope after examining some strange symbols at the back of the chamber netted me some nice items, and then I took a look at the sliding puzzle. Upon solving it, the ground opened up beneath us, dropping us into the chamber below! Anubis took down a few Unown that tried to attack while we searched for the exit and then we moved on.

We made our way down to Union Cave, engaging in several trainer battles along the way. A fisherman in the Pokemon Center outside the cave gave me an Old Rod and I made sure Anubis was good and rested before we actually went inside the cave. The rock Pokemon contained within were no match for Anubis' kicking power and we made it through with no issues, only to find it was raining heavily on the other side. Anubis didn't seem to mind it, but I did! So we quickly rushed towards Azalea Town, only to find an two men (one of whom was in a strange black uniform) having an arguement at the top of Slowpoke Well. The older man ran back to town and the one in the uniform refused to let me into the well, so Anubis and I continued into Azalea.

Progress: Badges - 1
;447; Anubis - Lv 20


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Went back to HeartGold today to do a few things. I had saved in Azalea Town last time I played, so I started by heading over to Kurt's house. I obtained some Friend Balls there and then gave Kurt some more Apricorns. After that, I took a little trip around the Johto region in order to pick Apricorns off trees.

Next, I flew to Indigo Plateau as the day had rolled over to Wednesday and I wanted to fight my rival again. I had an easy time sweeping his team using each of the Pokemon I had in my party at least once (except for my Fly/Cut slave Farfetch'd).

Lastly, I competed in the Jump Course at the Pokeathlon. I selected a team of Dragonite, Salamence, and Jumpluff as none of those Pokemon had any medals, which surprised me. My team placed first in all three minigames and won the competition by a lot.


Call of Fate
Today, I was training Bellsprout in Union Cave in HeartGold. After defeating several Rattata, Zubat, and Geodude, I came across a shiny Sandshrew, which I caught in a Friend Ball after putting it to sleep with Sleep Powder. I then flew to Mt. Silver to train Salamence, and soon it hit level 68. Then, I beat Cal in Viridian City and saved the game.


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Today, I entered a couple of competitions at the Pokeathlon. First, I did the Jump Course again with a team of Butterfree, Ninjask, and Staryu. I got off to a poor start as I somehow placed second in the Lamp Jump event, which has never happened to me before. However, I easily won the next two events and won the course overall. The guy who beat me in Lamp Jump came in last place, which I approved of. ;p

Next, I did the Speed Course with Zubat, Azelf, and Charizard. I did well in every event except the Pennant Capture, which wasn't that surprising as it's often a weak event for me, though I was a little surprised at how sluggish my Pokemon were when running around. Anyway, it didn't matter in the end as I still won handily.

Once I was done with the Pokeathlon for today, I flew back to Azalea Town and returned to Kurt's house. I obtained some Heavy Balls from him and gave him more Apricorns afterwards. Finally, I visited the radio tower in Goldenrod to enter the lottery, where I won a PP Up.


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The past few days I've been shuttling back and forth between Johto's daycare, the bicycle road (Route 17 I think) in Kanto where I've been hatching eggs, and the Battle Frontier where I've been consulting the IV rather. Trying to breed for a 5IV Seedot to get a Shiftry with sucker punch, but I'm close to giving up. Over a hundred eggs and the only outstanding Pokemon with the right IVs had the wrong nature and ability :(


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Visited the Goldenrod radio tower to try the lottery again and ended up winning another PP Up. Then, I headed over to the department store and took the elevator to the top floor. There, I entered the raffle several times, winning a Facade TM in addition to several berries.

After that, I flew back to Azalea Town. I received some Fast Balls from Kurt and gave him some Pnk Apricorns afterwards. Next, I went around the Johto region in search of Apricorn trees. I ended up going to nearly every tree in the region and got their Apricorns. Then, I headed over to Kanto and did the same there. It was really nice being able to replenish my Apricorn stock while also re-visiting areas that I hadn't been to in a while.

Finally, I went to Saffron to have some battles in the dojo to earn money. I ended up rematching Clair a few times, defeating her team using my Typhlosion and Politoed.
I am re playing Pearl and i chose Piplup as my starter. I caught a Starly and a Shinx so far.


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Did a few things on HeartGold tonight. I returned to Johto and headed to Azalea Town, where I picked up some Love Balls. Then, I flew up to Goldenrod City to do a couple of things there. At the Radio Tower, I won a PP Up from the lottery. After that, I went to the Game Corner to win some more coins. I played several levels of Voltorb Flip until I had won a few hundred coins and had more than 11,000 total.

Next, I headed north and spent some time on the routes around Goldenrod, Ecruteak, and Violet. My Pokegear map showed that there were trainers on those routes who wanted to see me, so I wanted to find them all. I rematched a few of them and received items from the others. I also picked Apricorns from all the nearby trees. While picking the Apricorns on Route 37, I happened to talk to Sunny of Sunday, who gave my Typhlosion a Smile Ribbon.


The Exceptional Everyman.
I have revisited the Battle Arcade to obtain my first Silver Print Record. After 21 battles, faced against the Arcade Star Dahlia. The match-up was in my favor, and managed to select the 'Burn' on her Pokémon. Espeon handled Medicham and Dusknoir with Shadow Ball pretty well, although it was surprising her Medicham was faster than my Espeon (Considering they don't hold items in Arcade?). Thyplosion handled Ludicolo pretty well, leaving Scizor to rest during the entire battle.

Looking forward to complete the Frontier until the release of S/M, or at least, obtaining all the Silver Prints.