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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Today, I continued at the Battle Hall with my Seaking. I had a pretty easy time and soon got my streak to 40 wins. After taking a break, I continued on to the next set of 10 battles in hopes of reaching 50 wins. Most of these battles weren't too bad, though I did have a scary moment against a Quagsire. It used Yawn on the first turn, followed by Endure on the second, so my Seaking failed to KO it and then fell asleep. I thought that the Quagsire was going to kill me for sure, but then it stupidly kept using Endure. My Seaking eventually woke up and finished things off.

    Once I got to battle #50, I had to fight Argenta. She used a Nidoqueen against me. Seaking damaged it quite a bit with Waterfall, but got poisoned by Nidoqueen's Poison Point. Nidoqueen then used Shadow Ball, but fortunately Seaking was able to survive both that and the damage from poison. On the next turn, Seaking was able to win the battle for me. I got quite a lot of BP for winning, which was awesome.
  2. c1234

    c1234 Trainer Since '98


    Play time: 44:14
    Badges: 8
    PokéDex: 69

    Location: Vermillion City

    WEEPINBELL lvl 50
    FERALIGATR lvl 52
    FEAROW lvl 51
    AMPHAROS lvl 51
    VULPIX lvl 51
    HYPNO lvl 51

    Since my last update I successfully navigated Victory Road and defeated the Elite 4+Champion. After defeating the champion I receive the SS ticket. After boarding the ship I defeated all trainers on board and ended up in Vermillion City in the Kanto region.
  3. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    A few days ago, I left the Battle Frontier on Platinum to do some other things. First, I flew over to the Resort Area to visit my villa, which I hadn’t been to in quite a while. I had Byron visit me, which was pretty cool, and watched a few shows on my TV.

    When I was done with that, I headed over to the Survival Area. I decided to train my Seaking up a bit just for fun, so I entered the Battleground building to fight some trainers. I battled Riley, Candice, and Maylene there and got Seaking to grow a few levels, reaching level 55 iirc. Next, I flew to Veilstone City, where Seaking got a massage.

    Finally, I returned to Jubilife to enter the lottery. I won a prize, though I don’t remember which one exactly. XD
  4. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I continued exploring the Distortion World and walking along the strange gravity-defying slabs of rock and spotted Cynthia again and then Cyrus on a different platform. I then saw Uxie and used Strength to push a boulder to the platform below and Cyrus appeared again. I Surfed next down a vertical waterfall and saw Azelf afterwards and pushed another boulder. I soon saw Cyrus once more and after me and Cynthia chatted with him, I fought him. I defeated his Houndoom with Golduck's Surf, then his Crobat and Gyarados with Rotom's Discharge. I used Infernape's Flamethrower to thrash Cyrus's Weavile next, then finally Golduck's Ice Beam to crush Honchkrow. After Cyrus lost, Cynthia healed my team.
  5. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I tried the lottery at the Jubilife TV station again today, winning an Ultra Ball. After that, I headed upstairs to dress up my Pokemon using accessories. I created several pictures with my Seaking, Gallade, and Kingdra, but I didn’t save any of them since I didn’t think they were as good as the picture I currently have saved.

    When I was done with that, I flew back to the Fight Area and entered the Battle Frontier again. I returned to the Battle Hall and continued my streak with Seaking. I fought another ten trainers and defeated all of them without any trouble whatsoever, which brought Seaking’s streak up to 60 straight wins.
  6. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    I had a very lucky morning searching the Honey trees of Sinnoh on Diamond, having slathered the majority of them before bed last night. Since defeating Cynthia many months ago I decided to try and catch every Pokemon possible, within the Sinnoh Dex at least and before today I had caught most base stage critters apart from the extremely elusive ones such as Spiritomb and Feebas, as well as the Honey tree exclusives. Little did I expect that my Honey tree hunt today would land me an Aipom, Cherubi, Heracross, and Munchlax! The latter has never appeared for me down the years due to the 1% chance of finding one in select trees, so I was completely shocked.

    Later today I started the hunt for Feebas, but i'm already feeling weary with all the uncertainty of finding one in that huge Mt Coronet lake.

    Infernape - Lv 60
    Staraptor - Lv 60
    Luxray - Lv 57
    Roserade - Lv 57
    Floatzel - Lv 58
    Mr Mime - Lv 56
  7. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So once Cynthia had healed my darlings, I hopped on some levitating platforms and encountered Origin Forme Giratina there. I wasn't in the mood for a tedious battle, so I merely threw my Master Ball and caught it the easy way. Next Cynthia and I left the Distortion World via a portal and I dashed around Sendoff Spring after that ordeal was finished. Next I flew back to Sandgem Town and sashayed to Prof. Rowan's lab and we gossiped. I dashed west afterwards and visited Lake Verity. Once there, I Surfed and visited the cavern in the lake and saw Mesprit, which soon fled. Prof. Rowan spoke to me again, then I flew to Veilstone City and walked south to Lake Valor. I caught Azelf there and saved in Snowpoint City next.
  8. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I continued at the Battle Hall with Seaking, playing until I lost my streak. Got up to 90 wins without too much trouble. The only tough match I had was against this Mawile, which took 3 hits to take down due to its Intimidate lowering my Seaking’s Attack.

    Anyway, once I reached 90 wins I left for a sec and flew over to Pastoria City. I hadn’t fought any Bug or Ghost Pokemon during my streak, since my Seaking didn’t have any moves to hit Shedinja, so I had the move relearner teach it Peck temporarily. Sure enough, when I returned to the Battle Hall to take on some Bugs and Ghosts, the first Pokemon I fought was Shedinja.

    I defeated the Shedinja and several more Pokemon before encountering a Froslass. This Froslass is what ended my streak due to Snow Cloak hax. It used Hail on the first turn of battle and then my Waterfall missed 3 turns in a row while Froslass proceeded to kill me.

    My record ended up being 95 wins, which was much farther than I was expecting to get with Seaking, which I’m glad about. reaching 100 would’ve been nice though
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I dashed west from Snowpoint City and visited Lake Acuity and captured Uxie inside the cavern there. Next I flew back to Pastoria City and caught wild Pokemon at the Great Marsh, then I sprinted east towards Route 113. I passed Hotel Grand Lake and wandered into Route 222. I caught a wild Magnemite and Electabuzz in the tall grass, then I thrashed some trainers including some Fishermen by the coastline. I picked a few Berries as well and grabbed the Fling TM, then I sashayed into Sunyshore City's gatehouse. I encountered Flint of the Sinnoh Elite Four and he wanted me to cheer up Gym Leader Volkner. I healed my darlings inside the local PC and next I shopped at the Sunyshore Market and then saved.
  10. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Started a new Battle Hall streak, this time with my Garchomp. I want to see how far I can get and get the gold print earn a little more BP. I started by challenging Ice type Pokemon, since I figured they would give Garchomp the most trouble and I wanted to get them out of the way. I defeated quite a few Ice types, but then I had the misfortune of getting Weavile as an opponent. That Weavile defeated me, so I had to restart. This time, I fortunately did not face a Weavile so Garchomp was able to defeat 10 Ice types. Then, I entered again and took on Dark types. I defeated all 10 ranks, so my streak is currently at 20 wins.

    After that, I just spent some time visiting several towns around Sinnoh that I hadn’t been to in a while. Then, I went to the Battleground in the Survival Area to battle some people for money. I battled Roark and Fantina there, mainly using my Togekiss, Kingdra, and Gallade.
  11. The Red Thunder

    The Red Thunder Backwards thinking?

    And, so it begins again. I journey back to Johto, for yet another romp through Pokémon Heart Gold version. I booted up the game, deleted my old save, and started anew. I chose the female protagonist. I have two naming themes. In my current-gen playthroughs (X/Y and OR/AS) I typically name my protagonist after letters in the Greek alphabet. In my replays, I typically name them after their manga counterparts. And so, with this playthrough, I continued with that convention, and named my protagonist, Crystal.

    Immediately, I set out and chose my starter. I picked Chikorita, but I had zero plans on keeping it for very long at all. Professor Elm sent me northwest, to visit his friend, Mr. Pokémon. Along the way, I did a bit of battling, but tried my best to avoid most wild Pokémon. I wanted to progress through this point in the game as quickly as I could. Eventually, I reached Cherrygrove City, and the old man showed me around. He also gave me the Map Card upgrade for my PokeGear, gave me the Running Shoes, and sent me on my way. I headed out north, and made a bee-line directly for Mr. Pokémon's house. Along the way, I managed to pick a Green and Pink Apricorn, since those will come in handy quite a bit later on.

    In the house, he gave me an egg. He also had a guest, who turned out to be Professor Oak, who gave me the PokeDex. This is a big step toward accomplishing the immediate task that I wanted to, since that almost enabled me to start trading via the Union Room. Mr. Pokémon sent me back to New Bark Town, with a mysterious egg for Professor Elm. Getting back was far quicker, since I could jump down the ledges. But, as I exited Cherrygrove, I got accosted by the "Red-Haired Boy".

    He immediately challenged me to a fight, and thus began the first of many. He sent out a Cyndaquil, while I used Chikorita. I had reached approximately level 8 by now, and learned Razor Leaf. However, it doesn't really pack that much punch, since it has the type disadvantage. So, I relied solely on using Tackle, and eventually emerged victorious. After throwing a tantrum, he split and I headed back on my way. Upon reaching Professor Elm's Lab, I was grilled on the identity of the thief, and thus I was given the chance to name my Rival. And, of course, in keeping with the naming theme, I named him after his Manga counterpart, Silver.

    With the matter settled, I was sent on a quest to take on the Pokémon League Challenge. When I left New Bark Town, Ethan felt the need to explain to me something that I've known for the better half of two decades, how to catch a Pokémon. Although, he did hook me up and give me some Poke Balls, which came in handy for catching the five Pokémon I needed for trading. With five trash Pokémon in hand, I proceeded to the Pokémon Center, and headed for the Union Room. Time to get the team I really want! I had bred a team for a planned replay of Leaf Green, but as luck would have it, I couldn't get the items I wanted. So, instead I moved up a generation and migrated them to Fourth Gen. I booted up my Platinum in a second DS, and traded over six Pokémon that I plan on keeping through the entire playthrough.

    With my real team, I had to train them up a few levels. I grinded up about two levels per Pokémon, and headed north out of Cherry Grove. I battled every trainer and wild Pokémon I found along the way, making short work of pretty much everything. I also picked every Apricorn I found, for a small collection of Green, Pink, and a couple Black ones. Soundwave lacks any natural offense, so I decided to give him Hidden Power, from an extra TM I had in another one of my Fourth Gen games. Turns out, he's got Hidden Power Electric, and it's fairly powerful, so I plan on keeping that around for at least a good while. Everybody else is relying primarily on their own natural abilities and moves. Once I reached Violet City, I headed to the Sprout Tower, and saved the game.

    Here's the team's levels, as of this update.
    [​IMG] Nightbird, the Sandshrew (Lv. 8)
    [​IMG] Soundwave, the Abra (Lv. 8)
    [​IMG] Ransack, the Tentacool (Lv. 8)
    [​IMG] Jetfire, the Farfetch'd (Lv. 8)
    [​IMG] Esmeral, the Chansey (Lv. 8)
    [​IMG] Starscream, the Scyther (Lv. 8)

    - = - = - = -

    EDIT: Update 2
    (Posting this in an edit for my previous post, instead of making a new post.)

    I left off in the Sprout Tower. I began climbing, with Jetfire in the lead, and backed him up with Starscream. Jetfire had Peck, which is a STAB Flying-type move, that's Super Effective against Bellsprout, the Pokémon that almost everyone in this tower has. Starscream is 4x resistant against Vine Whip, which is Bellsprout's common STAB at the level I was fighting them. Climbing the tower was fairly easy going, and I kept my party evenly leveled by using the other four members against the wild Ratattas found here. The boss went down without that much trouble, although his Hoothoot gave me a bit of grief. I eventually brought out Ransack, and managed to Poison his Hoothoot, securing the win if I could last long enough.

    Once that was done, I got the Flash TM, and decided it was important to head over to the Dark Cave. But before I could, I caught three more Pokémon, and traded over two HM Slaves, and a TM Slave that knew Dig, Teleport, Headbutt, and Flash. I took Esmeral out of the party, and put the TM Slave in, and headed to the Dark Cave. I explored a bit, got a couple items (that I can't recall), but ultimately didn't get very far in the cave before I hit a brick wall.

    With a quick use of Dig and Teleport, I was back in Violet City. I swapped the TM Slave back for Esmeral, and headed out to the Ruins of Alph. I wanted to explore as much as I could before challenging Falkner. I solved one of the puzzles, and fought a few Unown, but ultimately again didn't make it very far.

    There really wasn't much left for me to do but challenge Falkner. I made my way to the Gym, and headed up to the loft. I led with Nightbird, wanting to save Soundwave for Falkner. I took out the first two trainers with ease. I retreated for the time being, healed up and headed back in for my match with Falkner. I led with Soundwave, since his Hidden Power Electric is absolutely devastating to Flying-types. With one hit, I took down his Pidgey, and was straight on to his Pidgeotto. I switched to Ransack, because I wanted to get the Poison in effect. I managed to get it but at the cost of Ransack fainting. I switched to Nightbird, to start some real damage. I wanted to save Soundwave as a last resort, since Falkner's Pidgeotto was far higher leveled than my team was. He managed to take out Nightbird as well, so I decided to go for a decisive strike, put out Esmeral for a last strike to end it.

    Zephyr badge in hand, I moved on out of Violet City. I went through Union Cave, and it was fairly easy at first. But then I ran into a hiker with an Onix. It was right about now that I realized I had no real offense against a Rock-type. I switched to Ransack, and tried to get the Poison effect with Poison Sting. He ended up KOing Ransack before I could apply Poison, so I switched into Nightbird, since she has Poison Sting as well. She managed to get it on the first try. At this point, it was just a matter of tanking out the Onix until it fainted.

    Shortly after this battle, I ran into another Hiker with a Geodude. This was pretty much a similar problem, but Geodude's defense wasn't as high as Onix's. I employed the same strategy, and eventually fainted it. I reached the opposite end of Union Cave, and made my way to Azalea Town, but I needed to grind out a few levels, badly. I started around level 12 for everyone, and grinded up to level 16.

    With this done, it's time to head into the Slowpoke Well and get rid of the first appearance of Team Rocket!

    Here's the team's levels, as of this update.
    [​IMG] Nightbird, the Sandshrew (Lv. 16)
    [​IMG] Soundwave, the Kadabra (Lv. 16)
    [​IMG] Ransack, the Tentacool (Lv. 16)
    [​IMG] Jetfire, the Farfetch'd (Lv. 16)
    [​IMG] Esmeral, the Chansey (Lv. 16)
    [​IMG] Starscream, the Scyther (Lv. 16)
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2015
  12. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I shopped at the Sunyshore Poke Mart next and then sprinted towards the Vista Lighthouse in order to speak with Volkner. After seeing him mope up there, he headed back to the Sunyshore City Gym to await my challenge. I swapped Pokemon on the PC and did some extra training on Route 222, then I visited the Sunyshore Gym. I waltzed around the interior and defeated the Gym trainers and changed the direction of the gears. I soon reached Gym Leader Volkner's spot and we fought. I used my Infernape's Flamethrower to beat Volkner's Jolteon, then Gallade's Psycho Cut to slay Raichu. I then used my Garchomp's Dig attacks against Volkner's Luxray and Electivire and won the Beacon Badge and Charge Beam TM next.
  13. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Continued my Garchomp’s streak at the Battle Hall. I got up to 60 wins without a problem, clearing all the ranks for Water, Ghost, Ground, and Grass type Pokemon. For the Argenta fight at battle #50, she used a Drapion, which I easily destroyed with Garchomp’s Earthquake. However, I ran into trouble when I fought Fighting types. I got through most of them smoothly, but then I faced a Poliwrath that put Garchomp to sleep with Hypnosis. I knew it was over at that point and all I could do was watch as Poliwrath proceeded to Focus Blast me to death.

    So, my streak ended at something like 68 wins, far below my record of around 117. Might try again tomorrow or something.
  14. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So I left the Sunyshore Gym after winning the Beacon Badge, then I stumbled upon Barry. After chatting, I gossiped with Jasmine on the northern shore and she handed me the Waterfall HM, which I taught to Golduck next. I healed my team at the Sunyshore City Pokemon Center, then I headed north once again and Surfed through Route 223. I thrashed some Swimmers along the sea and caught a wild Tentacruel, then I found the Rain Dance TM on some rocks. I kept Surfing until I arrived at the waterfall at the base of the Pokemon League. I climbed it and then visited the PC. Afterwards, I entered Victory Road and began challenging trainers after using Rock Climb. I also found items and caught a wild Rhydon.
  15. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I decided to take a break from the Battle Frontier today, and go do some other things. I looked through my PC and noticed that my Metagross from Emerald version didn't have any Contest Ribbons, so I figured I should get it to win a Contest. Over in Veilstone City, I purchased some Poffins at the department store and then gave them to Metagross. After that, I flew to Hearthome and entered the Normal Rank Beauty Contest. My Metagross swept all three parts of the competition and won easily.

    After that, I swapped out Metagross for my Empoleon. I then wandered over to Amity Square and walked around with Empoleon for a little while. I talked to it several times while in the park and got some berries and accessories. Once I was done with that, I returned to the main part of Hearthome and saved.
  16. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Still inside Victory Road, I went down a set of stairs and pushed boulders with Strength and used Rock Smash and thrashed wild Pokemon and trainers as well. I also got the Stone Edge TM inside there, then I visited a bigger cavern with lakes. I Surfed and slayed more trainers, caught a wild Azumarill, and found the Dragon Pulse TM. I soon headed to the main cavern and defeated more miscellaneous trainers. Before leaving Victory Road, I snatched the Dark Pulse TM, then I finally exited the cave. I ran past some statues outside and found a Sky Plate there and then I Surfed on a lake and used my Golduck's Waterfall to climb a huge waterfall. I arrived outside of the Pokemon League building and saved my game there.
  17. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I returned to the Battle Frontier today and made several more attempts at the Battle Hall with Garchomp. My first two attempts ended pretty early because my bff Weavile decided to show up.

    The third attempt I did went better, though far below my record still. I got passed several difficult types, and easily defeated Argenta at battle 50 since she had a Rapidash. However, I ended up losing my streak somewhere in the 60s again. I went up against Whiscash and got trolled by its Lax Incense. My Garchomp missed, then survived Blizzard thanks to its Focus Sash. On the next turn, though, I couldn’t OHKO Whiscash with Outrage, so it finished me off with Water Pulse.

    Will probably make some more tries later.
  18. JingIeBeIls

    JingIeBeIls 1+1=5

    I thought it was time to join more contests so I went to Hearthome City and decided to join a Great rank toughness contest with Machoke :U
    Before I started writing about my adventures on Serebii I won a toughness contest with Machoke back when he was still a Machop somewhere around 2013-2014 and since I already beat the champion I felt like it was time to win some contests, hopefully lol

    I got this cool tuxuedo for a reason, right?
    The judge's name is Dexter, I wonder if he also does suspicious stuff in his lab (reference to both Dexter series ba dum tss)
    You know, someone should edit the intro songs from both series into one track, that would be Awesome.
    Okay, I'm getting distracted lol

    Dress up time :U
    The theme was "shapely" so I decided to get all the make up stuff and put it around Machoke like a square border.

    Dancing :{U
    Well, my dancing moves were terrible hahahahah ='[

    Okay Machoke, I hope you paid good attention to my sketches on YouTube and hopefully know how you shouldn't act, lol
    Let's start with Seismic Toss, shall we? I'm sure that Dexter loves it, just like the way he tosses people into the ocean. *canned laughter*
    Dexter loved Machoke's acting, we all know how good Dexter is at acting and finding lies so we know we're doing good :U
    Okay, how about you perform Karate Chop to Jordan? I'm sure that Jordan is looking forward to that. I mean Jordan has a cool name so we all know that he must be looking forward to a karate chop.
    okay that sounded better in my head
    Anyways, let's do it! Jordan was impressed by our performance, we're on top of this round :U

    Now we're the final act, let's use Rock Smash! Let's show it to Keira, no one showed her anything since round 2. She loved it!
    We attracted a lot of attention! Last performance, Jordan deserves a Seismic Toss, am I right guys? It was great, I don't think we won but it was fun to be part of the contest lol

    OH SNAP, I WON! I actually won the Tough contest, I wasn't prepared lol
    Good thing I already took a photo of the original portrait of Machoke winning the normal rank Tough contest. Awesome to know that we have another ribbon in the pocket! And we got a yellow balloon, I love contests <3
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So upon visiting the Pokemon League building, I encountered my buddy Barry and he challenged me inside. I destroyed his Rapidash with my Garchomp's Earthquake, then his Snorlax with Infernape's Close Combat. I thrashed Barry's Staraptor using Rotom's Discharge afterwards and next his Heracross using Togekiss's Air Slash attack. I defeated his Roserade with Infernape and his Empoleon with Gallade, then I healed my team and purchased items. I began my Elite Four challenge next and fought Aaron. I defeated his Yanmega and Scizor using Infernape's Flamethrower, then Togekiss's Air Slash crushed his Vespiquen and Heracross. Garchomp's Earthquake beat Aaron's Drapion last and I saved my game afterwards.
  20. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I tried the Battle Hall again today and had the best run I've ever had. Garchomp did very well and won against some pretty tricky opponents. I had trouble against Pokemon like Jynx, Empoleon, and Espeon, who made me miss thanks to BrightPowder, but fortunately I hit them on the second turn of battle. Also had some tense battles against Yanmega (glad it didn't have Speed Boost) and Bronzong, but managed to still come out on top.

    After playing for quite a while, I made it to 138 wins, beating my old record of 117. For my 139th battle, I faced a Bastiodon, which I thought would be an easy win for my Garchomp. But then:
    >Bastiodon's Quick Claw activates
    >uses Blizzard, it hits
    >Garchomp survives thanks to Focus Sash, but is frozen (me: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!)
    >next turn, Bastiotroll's Quick Claw activates AGAIN
    >Garchomp dies

    I hate Bastiodon.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2015

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