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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Shiny Venusaur

    Shiny Venusaur The Prodigal Son

    So far today, I've only had the time to do one more set of 7 bringing me to battle 35 complete. This run was really aggravating however. It seemed like all 7 trainers either lead with something that spammed double team, or was lead Abomasnow, which my team doesn't match up with terribly well (Lead Garchomp). The worst thing I faced however was a Ludicolo that had Double Team, Toxic. Leech Seed, Substitute. Luckily with Sub SD Garchomp I was able to avoid any direct his, but ended up wasting a large amount of move PP. I manged to win the fight fairly easily though as Chomp was +6 and behind a sub.

    I've also gotten to the point that I've had to actually bust out a damage calculator just to make sure my move choice makes the most sense (in particular, to switching stuff into physical Abomasnow). It's gonna be a long road to 100, that's for sure.

    EDIT to not double post: Managed to get another 7 streak in today. Current win streak is at 42! Almost half way there. This set of 7 was very stall heavy and filled with OHKO moves which made it very tedious to play around. Never had any big scares but there were moments I had to plan out a few turns in advance.
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  2. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Instead of continuing EV training on HeartGold today, I thought of more Pokemon I wanted to send to Ultra Sun in Apricorn or other rare Poke Balls, so I caught a bunch of them.

    First, I smashed rocks in Cianwood trying to find a Shuckle. Took a few tries, but I didn't mind since I found some shards. After catching a Shuckle, I Surfed to Route 41, where I caught a Mantine.

    Around the Mt. Silver area, I caught a Sneasel and a Heracross, both in Heavy Balls. I was really excited about the Heracross, since I've been trying to get one in an Apricorn ball for a while, but hadn't had much luck finding one through Headbutt on HG.

    Next, I caught a few Pokemon in Kanto (Hypno, Voltorb, Electabuzz) before heading back to Dark Cave. Right away, I found a Wobbuffet, which was a frustrating catch since I forgot about Shadow Tag and thus couldn't switch to my Farfetch'd to weaken it. Wasted quite a few Moon Balls before I successfully caught it. Later on, I used Rock Smash and found a Dunsparce! That was a nice surprise, since I didn't know Dunsparce was a Rock Smash encounter in Dark Cave, and thought I would be stuck with the 1% non-swarm standard walking encounter rate.

    After that, I competed in the Bug Catching Contest since I really wanted a Sport Ball Pinsir. I entered with my Clefable, and encountered a Pinsir after a few minutes. After using nearly half of my given Sport Balls, I caught it. And then, I ended up winning the contest! My prize was an Oval Stone.

    Then, I wanted to catch a Corsola in a Love Ball, but my Pokedex said it was a morning/day Pokemon only, and I was playing at night. I didn't want to change the time on my main 3DS, so I switched to my other 3DS and changed the time on it to day. Back in HeartGold, I fished for a Corsola in Cianwood City. I ended up soft resetting the first time since the Corsola was breaking out of a ridiculous number of my Love Balls. I caught the second Corsola I found and didn't waste as many balls.

    Finally, I finished by catching a Doduo. I then transferred all the Pokemon I caught.
  3. dnomyar27

    dnomyar27 Rockettoman

    I got Platinum from the Internet. I was looking for it but it was so overpriced. Finally, I found a bid and got it for 12 bucks. Anyway, I started it like a month ago and because life is so complicated I am in Jubilife City. I found all the **spoilers** clowns around the city. I hope I can play this week a bit.

    My team: Chimchar and Starly. I hope to get another flying type, not starly, and probably train some Budew to get advantage with powders and that stuff and capture some Pokemon. I was thinking (since i lost my first game card and data with it) to add Gible and Shinx.

    Sorry if this is not OK for this thread, I haven't been here in a very long time.
    Have a great day.
  4. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    In SoulSilver, I levelled up Charmeleon to Lv 30 and Nidoking to Lv 38 at Mt Silver, making Charmeleon closer to evolution into Charizard. After that, I went to the Pal Park at Fuschia City and I caught a Psyduck, Voltorb, Taillow, Meditite, Koffing and Spoink. After participating in the Catching Game, I got a Seafloor backdrop and I saved.
  5. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur The Original

    Started at night, just so i could catch a Wooper. The next morning Meatball took on Falkner's gym. Meatball learned Rock Throw against the first trainer, then swept through everyone else. After collecting the Togepi egg i headed to the Ruins of Alph. Caught 4 unknown thinking you get something for catching them all. After Finding out you get nothing i left. Skipped half the trainers on route 32, so i can level up Paras when i catch one. Couldn't skip most of the trainers in Union cave though. It was hard to catch a paras since both Quill and Meatball were double the Level of wild ones. Quill evolved in my catch attempts. Eventually managed to catch one named Rome. In my rush through Route 32 though, i had forgot to grab the Bullet Seed TM. So i grabbed a few repels and ran my way back. Rome reached level 9 after clearing the trainers and a few extra wild battles. With all the Running i did Togepi hatched. So i'll make the Journey to Elms next time


    Quill - Quilava lvl 14
    Meatball - Geodude lvl 14
    Rome - Paras lvl 9
  6. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Finally got around to restarting SoulSilver tonight. First, though, I had to trade over a dozen Pokemon (+items) to HeartGold. After catching some Pokemon on HG to use as trade fodder (mostly Magikarp & Hoothoot), I completed all of the trades I needed to do.

    Then, I deleted my old SS save file and began a new one. I selected the female player character and named her Lyra. After checking out New Bark Town, I went over to Prof. Elm's lab and saved in front of the starter Pokemon. I plan on using a Chikorita on my SS team this time, and decided to soft reset for one instead of trading for one. Took a few resets, but I eventually got a Chikorita with an acceptable Nature.

    Later, I will trade Chikorita to HG or Platinum for EV training and then trade it back. I also want to trade over and hatch a Sentret egg on SS, so that I'll have two Pokemon with the SS game's OT.
  7. Baggie_Saiyan

    Baggie_Saiyan Well-Known Member

    After finally acquiring a legitimate copy (I can't tell you want a massive headache finding a legit copy for a good price was oh my god so many fakes) of Platinum playing through it. Not a nuzlocke just want to enjoy the game as I haven't played through main Gen 4 since it came out so a lot of nostalgia attached here!

    Current Squad:

    Son Goku the male Chimchar

    Goof the female Bibarel (will be replaced later)

    Minx the female Shinx

    Bicker the male Starly.

    Plan to replace Goof with a Buizel, and then add a Beduw eventually a Roserade and then the Hippo Mon. So I'll have one of the evolution gimmick Mons and then rest of sqaud will be proper Gen 4 Mons.
  8. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    HeartGold: I needed to create a Sentret egg to trade over to SoulSilver. After searching through my PC several times, though, it seemed like I didn't have a Sentret or Furret anymore for some reason, so I had to catch one. Since it was night, I had to look for one in the Safari Zone. I added the swamp area to my Safari Zone, and encountered & caught a Sentret there right away.

    Once I had a Sentret, I went to the Day Care and started collecting eggs. It took me a while to get an egg with the Sentret I wanted, since I kept getting ones that either didn't inherit my Ditto's Nature or had Run Away instead of Keen Eye.

    When I finally hatched a good Sentret, I soft reset so that I could trade the egg to SS.

    SoulSilver: I had to play until I got far enough to trade. I walked all the way to Mr. Pokemon's house, where I received the Mystery Egg and a Pokedex. Back in Cherrygrove, I wanted to trade right then, but I discovered that the mart still wasn't selling Poke Balls yet. So, I had to do the rival battle and return to New Bark Town first. I eventually received some Poke Balls from Ethan after he showed me how to catch Pokemon.

    I caught a couple of wild Pokemon on Route 29, then went to the Pokemon Center in Cherrygrove to trade with HG. I traded over my Sentret egg, and then left to hatch it. After the egg hatched, I traded both the Sentret and my Chikorita to HG for EV training.

    Next time, I'll work on EV training my remaining SS team members (Cubone, Chikorita, & Sentret) on HG.
  9. Shiny Venusaur

    Shiny Venusaur The Prodigal Son

    It's been a minute but I'm back with a Pokemon Diamond update. Did the next set of 7 in Battle tower as I work towards my final Trainer Star. This was battles 42-49, which as we know ends on the second fight with Tower Tycoon Palmer. I didn't really struggle too much on battles 42-48, I encountered a ton of bulky water types but nothing absurd in terms of hax.

    The fight with Palmer was a bit of a rush, and required me to really play it slow. As per usual, I had my Yache berry Garchomp lead. Palmer lead with Regigigas, which has Ice Punch. I'm not gonna lie, even though you have the 5 turns to deal with Regigigas, that thing is threatening when you realize any wrong move could be your last. After running some calcs, I decided my best bet was switching in Starmie on the expected Ice Punch to then just get off as much damage as possible. Starmie was able to do about 30-35% before going down. I then sent Garchomp back out. I knew keeping Chomp alive was the key to winning, and I knew with Yache, I could take 1 Ice Punch and could KO the Gigas with 2 EQs. Luckily for me, Heatran came out next, though because of Bright Powder, I knew that if I missed this EQ it would be GG. Luckily I hit and then it was just a game of Toxic Stalling the Cress with Blissey!

    Only 51 battles more to go!
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  10. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Tonight, I had to earn some more money on HG for vitamins since I was too poor again. I spent close to two hours earning money at the Fighting Dojo in Saffron (via rematches against Clair & Brock) and the Elite Four.

    Once I had enough, I purchased all the vitamins I needed to EV train my Cubone and Sentret. I used the vitamins on them, and then went to fight wild Pokemon to complete their EV spreads.

    Now, I just have Chikorita left to EV train.
  11. SubtleVVeirdoh

    SubtleVVeirdoh Unova Enthusiast

    I, recently, acquired Diamond and Platinum from the local GameStop. Plenty of Gems on the Diamond save file. A Lugia, Shaymin, a newly hatched Tyrogue (might get some werk in White) to name a few.

    After transfering some mons to my B2 file I checked Platinum, which was a bust.

    As there was no previous data, I was greeted by Rowan. Selected the MC, as I’ll do the opposite on Diamond. Named him ‘Aaron’. Chose a Jolly Piplup that painfully lost its first battle. The only loss it’ll ever know.

    After dialogues I named said Piplup ‘Codsworth’. Saved just before the catching tutorial with Dawn.
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  12. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Finally finished EV training. I filled most of Chikorita's EVs using vitamins, since I really didn't want to battle too many Pokemon. I spent about half of my remaining money on some of the vitamins I needed, then bought the rest at the Battle Frontier using BP. After using them all on Chikorita, I didn't have to fight that many Pokemon before its EV training was complete.

    Now, before I trade everyone over to SoulSilver, I just have to make some moveset changes. I plan to visit the Move Tutors at the frontier next time.
  13. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    A few days ago, I finally got to challenge Castle Valet Darach for the Gold Print in HeartGold. First, he sent out Entei, and I sent out Latias. She was faster and hit it with Surf, but Entei survived the attack and set up Sunny Day. The second Surf took out the legendary beast, and Darach next used Empoleon. Latias hit it with Thunderbolt, but the penguin used Blizzard and dealt a lot of damage to her. She was still able to fight and finished it off with another Thunderbolt. Darach's last Pokemon was Gallade, who avoided Latias' Draco Meteor and took her out with Night Slash. I then sent out Jolteon, who hit Gallade with Shadow Ball, but fell to Close Combat. Lastly, I used Gyarados, who was faster than Gallade and defeated him with Waterfall. Darach congratulated me and awarded with 20 Battle Points, and I also got my Gold Print. I then taught Aqua Tail to Aerodactyl and saved the game.
  14. SubtleVVeirdoh

    SubtleVVeirdoh Unova Enthusiast

    Traded in Diamond for SS. Transferred what I could before, I have all the legendaries so I didn’t care too much that I missed some. Maybe all.

    Got that Tyrogue though...

    Opened up the SS file which was... meh. Nothing I couldn’t get again. Or even better, really. Deleted the file and started from scratch. Chose the FC and named her ‘Naomi’, after the previous. Received a Chikorita, feel like trading it for Codsworth.

    We’ll see, more to come later.
  15. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    On HeartGold, I taught a few moves to my SoulSilver team members. I tutored Seed Bomb onto Chikorita and Fire Punch onto Cubone. I considered teaching Sentret one of the elemental punches as well, but it would've taken away most of my remaining BP. After that, I taught a couple of moves by TM.

    Back on SoulSilver, I caught a few more Pokemon to use as trading fodder. Then, I connected with my HG and traded my team over.

    Finally, I continued with the story on SS. I went through Routes 30 and 31, where I defeated all of the trainers using my Sentret. I received the VS Recorder from Ethan, then saved in Violet City.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. SubtleVVeirdoh

    SubtleVVeirdoh Unova Enthusiast

    Gotten up to the first gym in Platinum. Traded Codsworth and Kazza (Abra) over to SS. Xhaka (Bayleef) is on Platinum with an unnamed Zubat I’m using. Saved in Oreburgh City.

    More on SS; Earned my first badge quite easily, Xhaka was bulky enough to wear down its opponents via Tackle, PsnPowder, and Synthesis.

    After switching for Codsworth and Kazza, I got the egg from the assistant as well as the HM for Rock Smash.

    Also talked to Primo and bagged three eggs. Currently outside of Union Cave. Would be nice if I make the Bug Contest today, I’ve decided I’ll add Sycther to my SS team.
  17. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    After talking to some people around Violet City, I headed into Sprout Tower. While climbing to the top, I battled all of the Sages, defeating them mainly using my Houndour. For the final battle against the Elder, I used my Cubone. Once I had the Flash HM, I made my way back down.

    Then, I went back to Routes 30 & 31 in order to pick some Apricorns. I also fought a few wild Pokemon in the grass before making it back to Violet.
  18. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    Yesterday, I went to Seafoam Islands to train my Slaking and Heracross in HeartGold. I soon reached the deepest part of the cave and encountered a shiny female Seel. After several failed attempts, I finally caught her in a Level Ball. She had a Naive nature and Thick Fat as her Ability. I started training her today, and she soon evolved into Dewgong, making me remember the shiny Dewgong I had encountered at Battle Factory in Emerald years ago. I beat my rival and boarded the ship to Olivine, then got off and saved.
  19. SubtleVVeirdoh

    SubtleVVeirdoh Unova Enthusiast

    On SS I managed to make the Bug Contest, the other day, after Bugsy. Caught a Butterfree that lost to a Weedle. Though its Status Moves should come handy when it’s time to bag Sycther.

    Whitney wasn’t much trouble. Kazza (Alakazam) was quick enough to get off its attacks first. Codsworth would clean up, after Kazza getting Infatuated.

    Met Bill in Ecruteak only to run back to Goldenrod, obtaining an Eevee that is now an underleveled Leafon.

    Platinum has been eventful as well. Beat Gardenia early this morning. ZuuPuu (my now Golbat) has been carrying my “team”. Think my next mon will be Porygon. Saved inside the Eterna Galactic building for now.

    Platinum: Bayleef, Golbat
    SS: Prinplup, Alakazam, Leafeon
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  20. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    At the Violet Gym, I defeated both of the Bird Keepers using Sentret. Then, I battled Falkner. My Sentret took down his Pidgey with a couple of Scratch attacks. I kept Sentret in for one turn against Pidgeotto, where Sentret managed to do a bit of damage. It would've taken several turns to KO, though, and I knew Pidgeotto had Roost, so I ended up switching to Chinchou to win the battle.

    With my first badge obtained, I left the Gym. As soon as I got outside, I received the call from Prof. Elm about picking up the egg at the mart. I picked up the egg, then met one of the Kimono Girls shortly after.

    Finally, I went to the Ruins of Alph, where I solved the Kabuto puzzle.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lv. 12-14

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