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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread


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Took on the Battle Hall with Infernape and increased my streak to 20. Then took on the Battle Arcade with a team of Infernape, Garchomp, and Venusaur but lost to Dahlia.

Mega Altaria

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Found a Feebas tile at the lake at the bottom of Mt Coronet! Caught several of them to get them of various Natures and to look for a shiny one, but I didn't find a shiny unfortunately.


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Yesterday, I decided to catch a Smeargle in Diamond. I used the Poke Radar at Route 212 and defeated several Budew, and eventually encountered a shiny one. I weakened it with Weavile's False Swipe, then threw a Poke Ball and caught the critter. It had a Lax nature and Poison Point as its Ability. I then caught a Gulpin in Great Marsh and saved.


Cerulean Blues
This morning while replaying Pearl I battled my rival in front of Fight Area and almost swept his whole team except that at the last moment his Snorlax survived Electivire's Brick Break and that ruined my perfect victory. But after that disappointment I went and used my Poke-Radar item because I needed to find a Nidorina at Valor Lakefront to finally complete my PokeDex. After almost an hour I gave up and just traded one from SoulSilver instead because I didn't have the patience to find one in Pearl. But thankfully I now have a completed PokeDex in Pearl!


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Haven't played my HeartGold in a long while, but today after watching lucahjin's HeartGold playthrough I decided to train a Heracross. I already had Lucario as my main Fighting-type but I said screw it, let's try Heracross just because. So I went to Mt. Silver and headbutted trees until I found a Heracross outside. I've been busy leveling it up since yesterday evening and it's now at level 65. I'm being lazy today though and mostly feeding it rare candies since I have a huge stock of them. I'm now trying to figure out which moves to give it.


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With a month to go before I finally have access to Sword & Shield, I decided to play through the Sinnoh region once again in Platinum. I've still got the Diamond playthrough with my friends to go through, but we're all at uni now so expect no progress for a very long time, or possibly ever. Platinum was the only game I actually had a team planned for, since I was trying to beat the Alola games but just felt unmotivated. That alongside my participation in Inktober this year, I'm pretty busy, and it was better to play a game I actually felt like beating. So here we are!

Started my journey and did the opening Barry stuff, finally got around to picking my starter Pokemon - a Piplup! My first ever game was Diamond and Piplup was the starter I chose back then, but it's been so long since I've used one that I had to choose him this time! I defeated Barry's Turtwig, went to Lake Verity, got my Pokedex from Prof. Rowan (and nicknamed my starter Bubbles) before completing the main tutorial bits and finally being able to take on some trainers! Piplup disposed of them with ease and I caught a Bidoof to serve as my HM user. Did all the Jubilife stuff, defeated Barry once again (Pound vs. Withdraw spam, not fun) and made my way to Oreburgh City where I could finally capture my second team member, Machop! Or 5 of them, since none of them had No Guard + a nature which didn't lower Attack. Luckily the one in my possession now does, and I nicknamed him Machad. I used my newest addition to conquer the Oreburgh Mine and the Gym, crushing Roark's Cranidos with a couple of Karate Chops. Piplup one-shot both Geodude and Onix with Bubble before evolving into Prinplup! I then progressed onwards.

I defeated Team Galactic both at Jubilife City and Floraroma Town, Mars proving to be no issue to my powerful Machop and Prinplup combo. I moved through Eterna Forest with Cheryl and finally got to Eterna City, where I had a hard-fought battle against Gardenia. Machop barely defeated Turtwig and Cherrim, before falling to Roserade, but luckily did enough damage to Gardenia's ace that Prinplup could clean up with Pluck. Jupiter fell much easier though, and I received my third team member from Cynthia - Togepi! I hatched the egg, thanked the gods for it having Serene Grace, and nicknamed him Eggbert because I couldn't think of an alternative. I spent a few hours running around aimlessly with Togepi holding the Soothe Bell, and at Level 15 just before Mt. Coronet Eggbert evolved into Togetic! Machad also evolved just before Hearthome City, so I had a Machoke as well. I then received my fourth member of my team from Bebe, the Eevee who I nicknamed Selene. Another 3hrs of running and I had an Espeon on my team! Name might not make too much sense there (would suit Umbreon more) but hey ho.

I traded Espeon and Machoke to Diamond version, and used the Heart Scale I had obtained in that game to teach Espeon Confusion since no STAB was just painful. Machoke also evolved into Machamp, since it made sense to do it then. I gave both Pokemon TMs for Shock Wave and Water Pulse, traded them back and then used those TMs on Togetic so it could attack something, because honestly no moves to attack with aside from Metronome is pure garbage and I need Togetic for Fantina. I trained Togetic and Espeon up a bit and have saved. Current goal is to get Togetic to 26 and then beat Fantina.

Platinum Team:
Bubbles the Prinplup, Level 28 [Bubble Beam, Pluck, Metal Claw, Pound]
Machad the Machamp, Level 28 [Revenge, Seismic Toss, Rock Tomb, Return]
Eggbert the Togetic, Level 22 [Water Pulse, Shock Wave, Charm, Yawn]
Selene the Espeon, Level 26 [Confusion, Grass Knot, Quick Attack, Growl]
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I had the urge to play through Sinnoh before Sword and Shield come out and I almost restarted Platinum before remembering that I had a Pearl play through that I never finished from back in 2015 I think. So after a little digging I found the cartridge. It looked the last thing I did was catch my final team member, a Glameow so I used my newish ability to Surf to train it up somewhat close to my other team members. Once I couldn't think of anywhere else to surf I headed to Canalave City and fought my rival on the drawbridge before skipping the gym and heading to Iron Island. I teamed up with Riley and his Lucario and began exploring the large section of the cave. Good lord why is everything in this game so slow?



Call of Fate
Recently, I encountered yet another shiny Golbat in Cerulean Cave in HeartGold. I caught it in an Ultra Ball without even weakening the critter. Now, it is a Crobat, and I'm planning to teach it Super Fang, but I don't have enough Battle Points yet.


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After stopping Team Plasma at Iron Island and evolving Croagunk and I headed to the Canalave City gym and beat Byron handily with Mismagius, Gyarados and Torterra. I was then whisked away by Barry to the library where an explosion could be heard from the other side of the region. I flew on a random Starly to Pastoria City and biked up to the lake just to beat down Saturn. Then I had to go beat Mars again at Lake Verity before I was told to go help Barry. I tried to remember where all I could explore with Strength but all I could remember was Oreburgh Gate so I instead chose to trudge through the blizzard to reach Snowpoint City. I always go into this gym hating it and then I always walk away thinking it wasn't as bad as I remembered. Toxicroak and a newly learned Poison Jab were lifesavers against the trees while Misdreavus took down Medicham. All that was left was for Toxicroak to Rock Smash her Sneasel for me to win my 7th badge.

Turns out I was too late to help Barry. Figures. I walked back through the blizzard to get Ice Beam just to realize I probably won't teach it to anyone. I headed to Veilstone City and grabbed the key and explored the hideout only to get a different key to explore the main hideout. It's all so confusing. I finally reached Cyrus and beat his team of three quite easily before letting Saturn suffer the same fate. After freeing the Lake Trio I headed over to Mt Coronet as I mentally prepared myself to begin the trek.



Call of Fate
A few days ago, I was trying to find a Trapinch on Route 228 in Diamond. I used the Poke Radar and suddenly encountered a shiny female Cacturne. I weakened her with Weavile's False Swipe and caught her in a Great Ball. She has a Docile nature. I also caught a Miltank and a Venonat for the Dex.


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So, GameStop had a BOGO on DS games; Ive recently had a strong want to use a Glameow/Purugly (which basically can’t be found outside of Pearl), I’ve never EVER used one (Not that I’ve missed much, stat wise).
Decided to scoop up Diamond and Pearl for the price of 1.

Pearl has some gems. A squirtle, treecko, and mudkip which were all female. And a few other items/mons that I’m too lazy to mention. I’ll probably trade them over to Diamond when I acquire a badge or two.

Since the Diamond version I got had nothing and was just started I decided to restart and play that one first. Named my MC ‘Da GuY’ and chose Turtwig as my starter. Got a female and because of that, I decided to keep it regardless of Nature. Had a Bashful nature, by the way so, no complaints here.
Saved after Dawn confronted us about using said Pokémon to fend off Starly.


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Currently in Eterna Forest with a Lv 24 Grotle. Searching the woods for a Murkrow, found one, hoping to find a couple others hopefully with a better nature. Though, I won’t be mad if a Relaxed Murkrow is the best I can do.

After I’m satisfied with my search I plan to backtrack; I skipped the couple double battles I could and most of the trainers prior to the Forest, in efforts to better grind my next team member (Murkrow).

Diamond Team:
  • tHe World/Grotle
  • Murkrow
  • Happiny Egg (traded from Pearl)
Aside from Grotle, I’m going with a team of Pokémon I haven’t used or finished a game with. Traded over the egg just to better my chances for a decent Happiny. Excited to further my way through the game.

Currently on 209 with a freshly caught Spiritomb, will go back to the previous route(s) and Wayward Cave to defeat anyone I rushed past. Seems all my Pokémon are female, I suppose I’ll keep it that way. Happiny will be female and I’ll just grab a female East Sea Shellos when the time comes.

Debating who’ll have the last slot atm (rn it’s between LB Pikachu, Sudowoodo, or Mr. Mime).

  • tHe World/Grotle
  • Lucky Krow/Murkrow
  • Spiritomb
  • Egg
  • Egg
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Recently finished Explorers of Sky, it was a blast! Oh, and coming to the main series, nothing much, except on Showdown, where I was doing Gen 4 OU


yah Eevee Rocks !
Decided to go back to my play through of Pearl after playing Shield.
Today,finally beat the Elite Four for the first time in Pokemon Pearl after training my team on routes 222,223(plus using the VS Seeker and victory road to level 55. Loved it quite a challenge.

Team(as of entering the hall of Fame)
Goku the Infernape level 55
Nina The Floatzel level 56
Remi the Girafarig level 55
Leo the Luxray level 55
Sora the Staraptor level 55
Ryuga the Garchomp level 57


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Funny story. After nine years of the same file, I traded all my Pokémon to Pearl and SoulSilver and restarted Platinum. I even named the rival after my hyperactive cousin! And then very soon after, my cousin came out of trans and changed her name. So I've restarted a second time. It took me forever to choose which gender to play, since I love both of them.

I just made it to Jubilife City. I really miss the full-party Exp. Share. Grinding and leveling a team before gen 6 was so much harder. Also I forgot how much of a dork Looker is.

I like what Professor Rowan says. "The Pokémon you have been entrusted with are unfamiliar with the world. In that regard, they’re much like you." All of the text in this game is fantastic. I just wish I weren't so tired all the time.

Trainer Kasun's Team:
Wex (Shinx, level 8)
Arlyxx (Starly, level 8)
Whitney (Turtwig, level 7)

Temporary members:
Melody (Kriketot, level 4 - I had no idea you could find these on route 201)
Jeff (Bidoof, level 4)

Wait a second, they just give you a potion in the trainer's school?? Where's my TM Hidden Power? >:


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I haven't fully completed a Platinum run since it was originally released -- if I'm honest, I've always found it a little slow and slow games very rarely hold my interest. Hence I thought I'd do an Egglocke run to inject some excitment into proceedings. To make things a little more hardcore, I'm playing on Set mode and decided to restrict healing in battles (except via hold items). The run is going surprisingly smoothly so far; my only death has been Clefairy at the hands of Roark's obscenely powerful Cranidos. I tried to spam Charm with her to cushion his hits slightly, but she couldn't withstand two Headbutts from switching in + being outsped (doesn't help that I was kind of underleveled). Luckily my Natu, Surskit and Teddiursa managed to whittle it down without any more casualties. Off to Florencia City now to gain access to my next 'encounter'!

[Impulse] ♀ - 13: Hidden Power, Tackle, Shock Wave, Tackle
[Dash] - 13: Bubble, Water Pulse, Signal Beam, Quick Attack

[Oberon] - 12: Rock Smash, Return, Fury Swipes, Lick
[Starlight] - 13: Drill Peck, Teleport, Peck, Night Shade

[Ravage] ♂ - 12: Bite, Scary Face, Focus Energy, Rage

[Treble] - Died to Roark's Cranidos
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Man, the level curve in Sinnoh is so much steeper than I recall. Grinding is admittedly a bit tedious, but actually quite a welcome departure from Sword/Shield. I consistently find myself underleveled which definitely adds to the challenge. I've progressed a fair bit since the last update, having managed to beat the first five gyms. Unfortunately my team has taken quite the hit in the process; in fact, the only mons that have remained unscathed are Manectric and Masquerain. Teddiursa was a noble sacrifice to Gardenia's Roserade, since I needed a safe switch-in for Surskit (I figured he could withstand two hits from her, but alas). Carvanha fell soon after to Self-Destruct from a Hiker's Geodude on Route 207, while my sixth team member -- Kirlia -- died to a Bite from a Luxio (I really should've seen that one coming). I replaced them with Shieldon, Corphish and Porygon, respectively. The rest of the run was smooth sailing until Crasher Wake, which was a bit of a disaster. I figured I'd set up a few SDs with Crawdaunt versus his Quagsire, but he got the confusion hax with Water Pulse and I essentially kamikazed myself with a +6 confusion hit. I also lost Xatu to a crit Ice Fang from Floatzel while trying to set up Reflect. This one was entirely on me: there was no need for her to even be on the field, since I'd already Intimidated the Floatzel with Masquerain, and Manectric could've easily survived the switch-in and cleaned up with Shock Wave. That's what I get for playing at 4am I guess.

Aside from battling, I've also sunk a ridiculous amount of time into shard mining and money grinding for tutors moves/TMs, respectively. I forgot how awful the level-up movepools were for the vast majority of mons in gen 4. I'm now in the process of rebuilding my team. I added Murkrow to replace Xatu and Gulpin to replace Crawdaunt (bit of a wildcard, but I like a challenge and the egglocke component of the run has blessed me with very few viable mons). Now all that's left is to level them up -- thank Christ for the VS Seeker!

[Impulse] ♀ - 35: Shock Wave, Flamethrower, Light Screen, Hidden Power
[Dash] - 34: Air Cutter, Water Pulse, Signal Beam, Ice Beam
[Proton] - 33: Curse, Rock Tomb, Toxic, Captivate
[Delta] - 33: Psybeam, Signal Beam, Recover, Hyper Beam
[Tawna] - 27: Drill Peck, Fly, Assurance, Icy Wind
[Amethyst] - 27: Sludge, Ice Punch, Curse, Amnesia

[Treble] - Died to Roark's Cranidos
[Oberon] - Died to Gardenia's Roserade

[Ravage] ♂ - Died to a Hiker's Geodude

[Lance] - Died to a trainer's Luxio

[Royston] - Died to Wake's Quagsire

[Starlight] - Died to Wake's Floatzel



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So, yesterday, or the day before, I started a new playthrough of Soul Silver. I've gotten used to the gen and the slower-ish speed of things.

Episode 1 - Soul of Silver
I began my adventure today! Who would have thought that this morning would have turned out so differently? I visited Professor Elm and gave me an job to do, and of course, a pokémon, too!
It was a difficult choice between Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile - they're all so great! But only one could come with me, and I choose Chikorita! Grass types have always been my favourites, you know.
And he seemed very happy to always be outside his pokéball walking with me, running, chasing, everything else, too. This is awesome! Speaking of which, he needs a nickname, too. How about Wales?

So the job is to go see Mr. Pokémon north of Cherrygrove - it's a long way away from New Bark Town, but with Wales with me, everything's gonna be much more fun, and much easier, too.
Route 29 was fast and easy, and I even found some stuff along the way. Pidgey, Sentret, Rattata - they were all no match for the new and improved Wales, especially with razor leaf!
Cherrygrove was a great place to stop and see the sea, hear the waves, feel the sand. When I first came, an old guy showed me around, and updated my PokéGear with a regional map!
  • Chikorita (Wales) Lv7

Episode 2 - Red Haired Rival
Enough resting, let's get back on the road. This time I went all the way north to see Mr. Pokémon to complete my mission. The walk through the grass and the trees were hindered by some mean Weedle and Kakuna.
Wales even got poisoned, though when we arrived at Mr. Pokémon's home in a clearing, everything was right again with a little rest.

It was here that I met with Professor Oak, who in turn gave me a Pokédex. To think such an errand couldn't get any better. With the mission complete, I headed for home, but then got a call from the lab.
The place was broken into! And a pokémon was stolen! I ran back to Cherrygrove and headed for home, when I met him. Dark clothes, red hair, and silent. Was he the thief?
He challenged me to a battle - my first trainer battle ever. Wales, use tackle! Sidestep, and razor leaf! His pokémon, it was a Cyndaquil. Was it the one from the lab - the one that I could have chosen?

The battle ended in victory for me. His name was Silver.
  • Chikorita (Wales) Lv8

Episode 3 - Journey to Violet City
I got back to the lab - the police were already there, and they suspected me!? Lyra was there on the double and cleared things up, and I gave my side of the story. Silver was the thief, and he got away with Cyndaquil.
When the police left, Professor Elm was amazed with the pokémon egg I delivered, and even more so, Professor Oak gave me a Pokédex.

With everything that's happened, Professor Elm gave me the idea of taking on the gym challenge throughout Johto. Eight gyms, and the Elite Four. Then the champion of the whole region.
This really is the beginning of a big adventure. After a stop at home, I left for Cherrygrove, and then headed off.

Now it begins! I took my first steps north of Cherrygrove as an official pokémon trainer, and quickly got locked into a battle with Joey. His Rattata was strong, but not strong enough to win against Wales!
And he was not the only trainer I faced along the way. I continued on and made it to that cave at the end of the route, though I couldn't see much in there. So many
  • Chikorita (Wales) Lv10
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Double Post!

Episode 4 - City, Ruins, Cave
I made it to Violet City by sunset, and it's an old but lively place. I checked out the trainer school, looked all around, and wandered into the Ruins of Alph. There was a puzzle of sorts that I solved, and it opened
up a way down into the ruins below, and I have to say, it's a strange and yet peaceful place. It was here I found the Unown flying around here and there, but all of them were quite friendly. By the time I got back
to the city it was already night. That reminds me - I have a gym challenge coming up.

The gym had to be flying types, of course. Wales won't do very well against them. Time for a new team member! But who to choose? Obviously everyone, EVERYONE, gets a Mareep for themselves. Great
against the gym leader, Falkner, and Ampharos is a cool pokémon alright. I do love Mareep - like seriously. But I need to be different - you know, stand out from the crowd. It's not that late, so I can go look
for a new team member right now. Let's go!

The cold wind was blowing, and the full moon was climbing higher in the sky. Lovely night, but I need to think about what pokémon to add to my team. Rattata, no thanks, and none of the bug types around
Violet were that good. Pidgeot is a cool bird, though a bit basic. There were lots of Zubats in that cave, and I think I even saw a Dunsparce. Hmm... Zubat. Common and kind of annoying... But a Crobat? He's
a cool pokémon. A poison and flying type, too. Is he going to be a good choice? I was thinking about Nidoking later on down the line, but I don't want to have two poison types. Hm...
  • Chikorita (Wales) Lv11