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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I played at the Battle Factory twice on Platinum today, but didn’t have much luck at all. The first time, I continued the streak I started a few days ago and rented a team of Pinsir, Alakazam, and Ampharos. I lost on the very first battle using that team. Things went downhill after Alakazam died to a critical hit Fly from a Skarmory, followed by Ampharos dying to a critical hit from a Poliwrath.

    After that, I started a new streak. I chose Honchkrow, Blaziken, and Lucario as my rental Pokemon and did pretty well at first. Most of the Pokemon I faced were pretty bad and my team handled them well. Soon, I made it to the sixth battle, which is where I lost. Lucario and Blaziken were defeated by a Houndoom and Raichu who were really fast and much stronger offensively than I would’ve expected. Eventually, I just had Honchkrow left against a Slaking. Honchkrow put up a good fight, but Slaking was just too bulky to take down quickly.

    Did not feel like playing more today after that, but I’ll probably spend more time at the Factory over the weekend.
  2. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I lost in the sixth round at the Battle Factory and tried my luck at the Battle Hall and Battle Arcade next. After winning BP in both facilities, I dashed back to the Fight Area and sashayed north towards Route 225. Once there, I caught a wild Raticate, Fearow, and Banette in the tall grass and slayed a few trainers as I marched along the dark soil terrain. Next I sprinted on wooden bridges and fished on a pond with my Super Rod and caught a wild Gyarados and Whiscash there. As I hurried along, I picked some Kelpsy and Tamato Berries and I battled a few more trainers and I used Garchomp's Rock Climb and found a Razor Fang and a Dawn Stone. I skipped east and I arrived at the Survival Area part of the Battle Zone.
  3. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    SoulSilver: Somehow, I had Chikorita and Meganium added to my Pokedex here, but not Bayleef. Couldn't find a Chikorita in my PC boxes, though I did have a Meganium at least. Went to the Day-Care, withdrew the Larvitar and Kabuto that I had there, deposited the Meganium and a Ditto instead. Quickly got an Egg and hatched it less quickly into a Chikorita. I find hatching Eggs to take too long on HG/SS since I don't know any good places to hatch them (compared to all other games from Emerald and forward, which all have great hatching spots).

    Started training this Chikorita. Battled a Hiker which gave more than enough experience for it to evolve into Bayleef. And with that, I had obtained all stages for all of the Johto starters in the game, which is great. The first completed starter set, now I just need to complete the other three as well... there will be time for that later on.

    At the Day-Care, I had noticed that my Kabuto had reached level 40, so I had let it stay in the PC instead of leaving it at the Day-Care again. Now, I trained it by battling some wild Pokemon at Route 28. It quickly evolved into Kabutops. And that's it for today, more tomorrow.

    HeartGold: As of today, I have the list of trainer rematches and times back with me, so I can start with actually training some Pokemon. Which still won't be easy, but whatever. Withdrew a Pidgeotto from my PC and started training it. Called and battled a Bird Keeper at Route 26, but he turned out to be really difficult to reach as it required both Surf and Whirlpool, and recalling him afterwards was not easy either. So I decided to mark him off the list. Instead, I checked if there were any other trainers that wanted to battle me around the regions. There were several in Johto, so I went to various places and battled all of them. Then I kind of gave up for now as it was getting late and I was tired. This is really not starting very well. However, Pidgeotto did get a bit of training, it was at level 17 when I started and it is now at level 30, so I should be able to make a Pidgeot out of it tomorrow.

    I am also going to collect the Gym Leader numbers on this game as I don't have all of them, which I will be working on alongside the training. I already have 6 of them registered, so I have 10 left to obtain.
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  4. The Red Thunder

    The Red Thunder Backwards thinking?

    When I last left off, Silver had informed me (and rather rudely at that), that Jasmine was not in her Gym. Time to find out what's up.

    I started talking to a few people in town, and they mentioned the lighthouse. So, I decided to investigate the lighthouse and see what's up. There were a few floors full of Pokémon trainers, and most of them went down without much of a fight. I explored the tower bottom to top, and gathered up a few items before finally reaching the top. Jasmine said that the Ampharos who normally lights up the beacon is sick, and is only getting worse. She also mentioned that there's a pharmacy in Cianwood City with a powerful potion that should help heal the Ampharos.

    So, I put Nightbird in the PC and pulled an HM Slave out. Time to set out for Cianwood! The trip wasn't too eventful. It was just your typical surfing route, with a hilarious amount of water Pokémon. I weaved in and out between the Whirl Islands, trying to find as many trainers as I could. Along the way to Cianwood, Ransack evolved into Tentacruel, which is awesome. Landing in Cianwood was pretty simple. I made my way to the Pokémon Center and healed up. I swapped my HM Slave out for Nightbird again, putting her back in the party. Before I headed back to Olivine City, I made my way over to the Cianwood Gym. Time for another Gym Battle. The basic idea for this Gym is to make my way to the top of the steps, to shut off the waterfall so that I can battle the Leader, Chuck. The puzzle is that the switch is guarded by various Gym Trainers, so I had to beat them all. Not that I wouldn't have done so anyway.

    The battle with Chuck was pretty easy, at first. He only used two Pokémon, a level 29 Primeape, and a level 31 Poliwrath. Easy peasy. I led with Nightbird, trying to get a bit more experience, and using Earthquake as a powerhouse move against Primeape. Nightbird has decent Physical Defense, so I'm not too worried about taking too much damage. His Primeape went down without too much trouble. He tossed in his Poliwrath, and I switched to Jetfire. Now, here's where things got crazy. First turn, I boosted with Swords Dance, and he used Surf. Second turn, I tried to hit with Aerial Ace, and he outsped me, and obliterated Jetfire with Surf. Then, I brought in Starscream. I didn't even try to boost with Focus Energy, instead going right for the damage. I hit with Wing Attack, but it did about a third of his health. He countered with a Critical Hit Surf, and took out Starscream in one hit. Down two Pokémon, I was contemplating my choices. Using Esmeral would have been suicide. Nightbird was a bit beat down from the fight with Primeape. I could throw in Ransack and tank him out using Barrier, and resisting both his STAB's. But, I made the best call I could make at the time, and threw in Soundwave. One Psybeam is all it took, and Chuck's Poliwrath was down for the count.

    I received the Storm Badge, and now had access to Fly. As I exited the Gym, a townsperson approached me and just gave me the HM for Fly, although it wasn't really all that necessary since one of my HM Slaves already had it. I saved the game and left off here, knowing that Jasmine is next. But before I can get ready to fight Jasmine, I have to do some training. I want to be in the mid-30's, so that I can fight her on an even footing. Ransack, Nightbird, and Esmeral are all going to be seeing some use against her.

    Here's the team's levels, as of this update.
    [​IMG] Nightbird, the Sandslash (Lv. 30)
    [​IMG] Soundwave, the Alakazam (Lv. 31)
    [​IMG] Ransack, the Tentacruel (Lv. 30)
    [​IMG] Jetfire, the Farfetch'd (Lv. 30)
    [​IMG] Esmeral, the Chansey (Lv. 30)
    [​IMG] Starscream, the Scyther (Lv. 30)

    Before I headed back to Olivine City, I flew over to Mahogany Town for a bit of training. The grinding took a couple hours, but after some perseverance (and watching Gopher play Kerbal Space Program) I managed to get everyone to level 34. In the time, Jetfire learned his final move, Night Slash.

    Back in Olivine City, I headed over to the Lighthouse and brought the SecretPotion to Jasmine. She healed the Ampharos up and said she was heading back to the Gym. Time to get my sixth badge! I followed suit, and ran over to her Gym. The Olivine Gym doesn't really feature any special puzzles or gimmicks, nor does it have any other additional Gym Trainers for me to fight prior to the Leader. Just me against Jasmine. Her team consists of two level 30 Magnemites and a level 35 Steelix.

    She led with one of her Magnemites, and I led with Nightbird. One Earthquake was all it took to take out her poor little Magnemite. She immediately threw out her powerhouse Pokémon, Steelix. I had a plan for how to contend with this, and brought in Esmeral. The plan was to use Flamethrower until either Steelix or Esmeral fainted, hoping to get the Burn and reduce Steelix's offense. Her Steelix tried using Iron Tail twice in a row, and missed both times. This granted me the opportunity to damage it enough that Jasmine felt it necessary to use a Potion and heal it up. In total, I managed to hit it four times with Flamethrower, but never got the Burn. After the fourth turn, Steelix landed an Iron Tail and one-shot Esmeral from full health. Fortunately, Steelix was below half health, so I threw in Ransack. Brine has a nasty little special effect that when the target is below half health, it will deal double damage. It's a fantastic "Execution" style move. One Brine (with STAB and Super Effectiveness) was all it took to take out the Steelix. All she had left was her last Magnemite, and Nightbird took care of that easily using Earthquake.

    With the Mineral Badge in hand, I am now able to control all Pokémon up to level 70. She also gave me the Iron Tail TM, but I have no intention of using it.

    The next task at hand is to solve the issues going on at the Lake of Rage, with the first order of business being that Red Gyarados. I took a quick flight over there, put Esmeral in the PC and pulled my Surfing HM Slave out instead. After a quick jaunt up to the Lake, I challenged the Gyarados and threw in Ransack. My goal wasn't to faint it, but to weaken and catch it. I used Brine while it was above half HP, and slowly whittled it down to the yellow. From there, I used Giga Drain to tank it out until I managed to get it down into the red. Now, it was a matter of throwing Balls at it until I managed to capture. I started with a few Friend Balls, but Gyarados wasn't having it. Broke out of every one. I then switched to using Heavy Balls, but again, Gyarados wasn't pleased. He even managed to faint Ransack using Dragon Rage and Bite. I brought Nightbird in, and switched to using Love Balls. I caught him on the third one, and named him Corazon.

    Back on the shore, a man with a Dragonite was waiting for me. He introduced himself as Lance, and complimented me on my "considerable skill". He said something was off about the Lake. Turns out the Magikarp are being forced to evolve and that's what's making the resulting Gyarados rampage. He also mentioned the cause is a strange radio frequency being emitted from the town. He asked for my help in solving this situation, and I'm all too happy to oblige.

    We headed back to town, and I healed up. I put the HM Slave back in the PC and pulled Esmeral back into the party. I made my way to an odd little shop with a strange tree outside. As I went inside, Lance blasted a guy with Dragonite's Hyper Beam (which is a bit much, if you ask me), and found a secret entrance to the base. It was here that I saved the game, and called it quits. Here's the team's levels, as of this update.
    [​IMG] Nightbird, the Sandslash (Lv. 35)
    [​IMG] Soundwave, the Alakazam (Lv. 34)
    [​IMG] Ransack, the Tentacruel (Lv. 35)
    [​IMG] Jetfire, the Farfetch'd (Lv. 35)
    [​IMG] Esmeral, the Chansey (Lv. 35)
    [​IMG] Starscream, the Scyther (Lv. 34)
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2015
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  5. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    SoulSilver: Haven't played this a lot as I have put priority on doing things in HeartGold and Omega Ruby instead. Anyway, I withdrew a Bulbasaur and started training it. It eventually evolved into Ivysaur, and then Venusaur. Deposited it and went to Route 28, where I caught a Tangela. Started training it and it eventually grew a level, evolving into Tangrowth as it already knew Ancientpower when I caught it.

    Went to Azalea and entered Union Cave. Continued through it towards Ruins of Alph. Started looking for a Smeargle in the grass and found one quite quickly. Then I started training a Lickitung. Since I had the chance to battle my Rival today, I decided to do so. Went to the Indigo Plateau and battled him. Then I called and battled Janine at Saffron twice. This made Lickitung grow to level 33 and learn Rollout, so it evolved into Lickilicky.

    Later on, in the evening, I went to Mt. Moon and watched the Clefairy dance there. It was fun to see, and I obtained a Moon Stone afterwards. Will continue on the Pokedex next with doing some trades that I need to get done.

    HeartGold: Yesterday, I continued training Pidgeotto a bit further by rebattling trainers. Then I went to the Power Plant and spoke to Lt. Surge there. I wanted to get his Phone Number, but he didn't give it to me. Instead, he asked me if I had a Pikachu. I had one registered in my Pokedex at least. Went to the nearest Pokemon Center to check and see if I had one in the PC, and I did. Withdrew it and went back to him. But he still didn't give me his number! I put the Pikachu in the first slot in my party and now, finally, I got his number.

    Left the Power Plant for now and continued training Pidgeotto. It eventually grew to level 36 and evolved into Pidgeot. I went to Diglett's Cave and spoke to Brock, who gave me his phone number. Then I listened to the radio and learned that the Swarming Pokemon of this day was Chansey, which is really great. I already have Chansey registered in my Pokedex (likely thanks to trades, don't think I've caught one in this game). But there is one other thing I want from Chansey apart from a Pokedex entry. I taught Thief to my Dodrio and went to Route 13. Started stealing items from several Chansey, got one Lucky Egg and several Oval Stones. Along the way, I also trained a Sentret into Furret and a Skiploom into Jumpluff.

    Then I had to do some other things. Flew to Goldenrod and went up to the 6th floor where I met Whitney. Spoke to her and got her phone number. Continued by going to the Day-Care, I left my Larvitar and Dratini there. Then I flew to Lake of Rage and went down to Route 43 where I caught Flaaffy. Flew to Olivine and met Jasmine at the restaurant, spoke to her and got her Phone Number. Then I could continue with the Chansey.

    Went down to Route 13 again and let my Dodrio keep smashing Chansey until I found another Lucky Egg. This took a while, I trained my Flaaffy in the meantime and it grew with 10 levels. I'm pretty sure Dodrio also gained at least one level. I now have 2 Lucky Eggs, and that was just what I wanted. Also got several Oval Stones in the process, more than I'll ever use. Left Route 13 and put Flaaffy in my lead spot. Headed to the Power Plant, started looking for wild Pokemon. Found an Electabuzz and caught it. Went to Celadon, where I found Erika and Jasmine speaking about dresses. Erika gave me her phone number, which is what I wanted from her. Then I started training Flaaffy for real. It grew to level 30 quite quickly, so it evolved into Ampharos.

    Deposited it and withdrew a Yanma. Trained it until it reached level 33 and learned Ancientpower, so it became a Yanmega. Went to Ecruteak, down to Route 37 and caught a Spinarak. Trained it until it reached level 22 and evolved into Ariados. Along the way, I also caught a Rapidash outside of Mt. Silver, didn't have one registered in my Pokedex before.

    Today, early in the morning, I went out to Lake of Rage and spoke to Pryce who was standing there, watching the water. Obtained his phone number. Then I started training the Aipom I caught recently. Also went to the Bellchime Trail and met Morty there. Spoke to him and received his phone number. Continued training Aipom by battling my Rival at the Indigo Plateau. Then I battled some more trainers, Aipom grew to level 32, learned Double Hit, and it evolved into Ambipom. I went to Celadon City and the Department Store where I saw Falkner and Janine talking about who's dad was cooler. I agreed with Falkner about his dad being the cooler one, and for that, I got his phone number.

    Withdrew a Rhyhorn and started training it. As it was at level 43 when I started, it quickly evolved into Rhydon. Then, in the evening, I went to Mt. Moon and watched the Clefairy dance for me. Got a Moon Stone through that. Somehow, I already had 4 of them, making this my 5th. This means I likely won't need any more of them. I wonder how in the world I have obtained so many? Doesn't matter though. From there, I flew to Cerulean City and headed north to Route 25 where I caught a Venomoth. And that's it for now.
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  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Once I had sashayed into the Survival Area, I dashed towards the Battleground, but I couldn't access it until visiting Stark Mountain. I quickly healed my darlings inside of the local Pokemon Center instead and did some shopping inside the Poke Mart. Next I spoke with a Move Tutor and got the Facade TM inside a home and ran to Route 226. I had to use Garchomp's Rock Climb in order to traverse the mountains and I battled several trainers as I moved around the rugged cliffs and found a Lagging Tail and the Energy Ball TM as well. I reached the ocean afterwards and caught a wild Seadra and Relicanth while fishing. I Surfed towards the Meister's home and after beating Swimmers, I reached Route 227 and saved.
  7. The Red Thunder

    The Red Thunder Backwards thinking?

    Small Update. I picked up in the Rocket Base, and began exploring. Each of the Persian Statues let me fight two Rocket Grunts, for some free EXP, so I took advantage of that. The whole goal of this area was to find two passwords so that I can get into the Boss's room, who then has a password into the frequency transmitter room, which will let me shut down the signal that's driving the Gyarados mad. I walked around and beatdown every trainer that I could find, looking for that password. Eventually, I found both passwords, but I still kept beating down Rocket Grunts. They're easy to beat and worth decent experience. Once I was done, I headed to the boss's room, and fought the boss. He tried pretending to be Giovanni, but didn't fool me. He ran out before I could coerce him to open the door for me. However, his Murkrow could mimic him well enough. So, I chased down the bird until it led me to the door, and opened it for me. Lance joined back up with me, and he and I fainted all six of the Electrodes.

    With the signal stopped, I left the area, and made my way to the Mahogany Gym. It was time to fight Pryce, and get my seventh badge. His Gym is a series of three rooms, each with a sliding ice puzzle and a few ice-based trainers. The puzzles weren't that hard to beat, and I successively beat down each one and worked my way to Pryce. His team consists of a Seel, a Dewgong, and a Piloswine.

    The battle started off with his Seel, and I led with Starscream. Without the backup of STAB, Seel's Ice attacks didn't do that much damage to me, even with Super-Effective, so I was able to get a KO fairly quickly. His next Pokémon was Dewgong, and I switched into Soundwave. Shock Wave took out Dewgong in a single hit, so not much to speak of there. His final option was Piloswine, and Ransack utterly destroyed it. First turn, Ransack used Giga Drain, and brought Piloswine down to just under half HP. One Brine later, and Piloswine was no more. I've begun noticing a trend. Ransack has been an MVP in almost every Gym Battle since the second one.

    He gave me TM07 and the Glacier Badge for my success. Upon leaving the Gym, Professor Elm called me and mentioned that Team Rocket has taken over the airwaves. I turned over to my radio, and sure enough, it seems like they're taking over every station. Well, time to beat them down again.

    Here's the team's levels, as of this update.
    [​IMG] Nightbird, the Sandslash (Lv. 36)
    [​IMG] Soundwave, the Alakazam (Lv. 36)
    [​IMG] Ransack, the Tentacruel (Lv. 36)
    [​IMG] Jetfire, the Farfetch'd (Lv. 35)
    [​IMG] Esmeral, the Chansey (Lv. 36)
    [​IMG] Starscream, the Scyther (Lv. 36)
  8. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    After taking a break for a couple days, I started a new Battle Factory challenge today. I rented Altaria, Lanturn, and Mr. Mime as my team and started facing my first opponent. That first battle was pretty tough and I came close to losing. I struggled against the opponent’s lead Scizor and won the match with just a badly weakened Lanturn left.

    Before the second battle, I swapped out Altaria for Scizor since it seemed really strong. Scizor ended up being really useful and got me through most of the remaining battles. The only time it died was to this Vespiquen that barely survived Bullet Punch and then Swaggered me.

    Just before the final battle, I exchanged Mr. Mime for a Toxicroak, which helped a lot. I defeated all seven trainers successfully and saved after receiving BP.
  9. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    SoulSilver: Started by going out to Route 39 where I caught a Meowth. Then I did several trades with HeartGold which added the following Pokemon to my Pokedex: Kingdra, Porygon2, Porygon-Z, Bellossom, Slowking and Politoed. I also traded over a Charmander and a Squirtle from HeartGold, which I will need to train for Pokedex purposes.

    Then I decided to check today's swarm, and saw that it was Chansey, the only swarming Pokemon I care for. Taught Thief to my Heracross and went out to Route 13. Started Thief-smashing several Chansey and found a ton of Oval Stones, but not a single Lucky Egg. And as it was getting late, I had to give up, unfortunately. Should there ever be a Chansey swarm as I play this game again, I will try to not take advantage of it too late. Though, defeating all these Chansey gave good training for my Charmander, it evolved into Charmeleon and grew several levels after that as well.

    HeartGold: Started here by going to Seafoam Islands and down to the lowest floor, where I fished up a Horsea. Then I went to Route 48 and caught a Gloom. Started training a Tyrogue without any specific evolution in mind. It evolved into Hitmonlee, which is the most expected one of the three. Then I trained the Horsea into Seadra. Also, the Togepi I had been carrying around had finally reached a high enough level of friendship to evolve into Togetic, so that is now done as well. My next target to receive from the magic of friendship will be Crobat, so I withdrew a Golbat from the PC and gave it the Soothe Bell.

    Then I had to do some breeding. Hatched Pichu, Squirtle and Totodile, needed all three for various things. Went to Slowpoke Well and caught a Slowpoke. Then I evolved the Gloom I caught into Bellossom with a Sun Stone. After that, I did several trades with SoulSilver which added these Pokemon to my Pokedex: Slowking, Politoed, Kingdra, Porygon2, Porygon-Z, Meowth, Sunflora and Meganium. And that was all for today, had planned to do more but didn't have time, unfortunately.
  10. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So now I raced north along Route 227 en route to Stark Mountain. I battled a few trainers and caught a Camerupt, Weezing, and Skarmory in the tall grass. Next I encountered my good sis Barry and Crasher Wake. After we all gossiped, I healed my darlings inside of the rest house and I rode my Bicycle across a wooden plank and encountered that Buck kid again, who wanted me to guard the Magma Stone inside Stark Mountain. After speaking with him, I used Garchomp's Rock Climb and found a Charcoal and thrashed more trainers. Once I was close to the lava pits outside of Stark Mountain, I spotted two Team Galactic grunts hanging around and saw Charon as well, who was now Team Galactic's new leader.
  11. The Red Thunder

    The Red Thunder Backwards thinking?

    Picking up where I left off, Professor Elm had messaged me to tell me that Team Rocket had taken over the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City. Well, time to put some misbehaving Grunts in their place.

    I flew over to Goldenrod City and immediately noticed that the town had been entirely taken over. Well, since I happen to be the single most powerful force that the Johto region has ever seen, it's time to set things right. I ran up to the Goldenrod Radio Station, and the Rocket Grunt said he'd only let people wearing a Rocket Uniform in. Well, a bit of subterfuge couldn't hurt, right? I seem to remember a photo booth in the Goldenrod Underground that let me wear a Rocket outfit. I headed that way, and dressed up in a sleek, black outfit.

    Back in the Radio Station, I approached the guard and he stepped aside. But no sooner had I taken a single step than Silver showed up to ruin my plan. He accused me of "being so weak as to join their ranks", and immediately proceeded to strip me of the uniform. The Rocket Grunt realized I wasn't one of them, and attacked me. I destroyed him with little effort, and Silver realized that I was trying to attempt a covert operation to put an end to their scheme. He said that it was a strategy for the meek, and that the truly strong would just blitz their way through. Well, I can't necessarily argue with that, so I did. He refused to battle me, claiming he was looking for Lance, instead. Moving along, I climbed the tower as far as I could, beating every member of Team Rocket who dared step between me at the top. Finally, I came across Executive Petrel, imitating the Station Manager. He challenged me to a fight using five Koffings and a single Weezing. He posed little trouble, but said that the real Manager was in their underground basement in another part of Goldenrod City.

    Fortunately for me, I knew exactly which part of the City it was, as I had passed it several times. I ran there quickly, and forced my way in. But, of course, no sooner had I stepped inside than Silver showed up to ruin my plan ... again! He said that Lance never showed, so he'd take me out instead, since I was on his list after Lance. Well, we'll see about that.

    He led with his Golbat, and I led with Jetfire. I boosted with Swords Dance, and on the next turn used Slash. His Golbat didn't stand a chance against a STAB Slash with a 2-Stage critical boost, and a 2-Stage attack boost. His next Pokémon was a Magnemite, so I switched into Nightbird. One Earthquake later, and Nightbird was preying on another little Magnemite. Silver's third was Sneasel. I put in Ransack, and threw up a Barrier. On the next Turn, I hit with a Sludge Bomb, and managed to poison Sneasel. The poison brought Sneasel to just below half HP. You know what that means. Time for Brine to do it's stuff. On the next turn, Brine took out the Sneasel with no effort. Silver followed up with Haunter, and I brought Jetfire back in. I had managed to learn Night Slash recently with Jetfire, so I figured I'd put that move to good use. It took two rounds of hitting with Night Slash to get Haunter down, but I managed to succeed relatively easily. Silver's final Pokémon was his starter, Quilava. I brought Ransack back in, and with a few uses of Brine, managed to put an end to this battle.

    Silver questioned his own motives as a trainer, and fled the scene. Finally on my own again, I was able to execute my plan to defeat Team Rocket once and for all. I cleared the floor of every opposing trainer, even two burglars who were trying to loot the place. Stealing is wrong, kids! The puzzle wasn't hard, and I solved it rather quickly. The next section was just a hallway filled with Rocket Grunts guarding the Station Manager. They stood no chance against me, although I will say that they managed to faint Esmeral a few times. They were dealing mostly physical damage, and she can't take a hit worth a damn. Well, I managed to find the Station Manager, and he gave me the Key Card to access the main Radio Tower.

    Back in the Radio Station, I opened the locked door on the third floor, and squared off with the remaining members of Team Rocket. First off was Executive Proton. He threw his Weezing and Golbat at me, but he was about as memorable as that one thing I forgot that one time. Next up was Ariana, with her Arbok, Vileplume, and Murkrow. Arbok went down with a single Earthquake. Vileplume went down after a few Flamethrowers. Murkrow was a cinch, thanks to Soundwave and his Shock Wave. At the top of the tower was a new guy, the head honcho in charge of the new Team Rocket. Executive Archer.

    The battle began with his Houndour, while I sent in Jetfire. I boosted with Swords Dance, and hit him with Slash. Another case of STAB Critical Hit 2x-Boosted Slash KO. Archer's next Pokémon was a Koffing, and he immediately used Haze to get rid of my Swords Dance. I just boosted again, and KO'd his Koffing with another Slash. His final Pokémon was Houndoom, and I accidently sent in Starscream. I immediately switched Starscream out for Ransack, and followed up with two Brines. All in all, he didn't even last as long as Silver did, and that's saying something.

    After he was soundly defeated, he fled saying that he was going to disband Team Rocket. The Station Manager came up and gifted me with the Rainbow Wing. Next time, I'm going after the Legendary Pokémon, Ho-oh!

    Here's the team's levels, as of this update.
    [​IMG] Nightbird, the Sandslash (Lv. 39)
    [​IMG] Soundwave, the Alakazam (Lv. 39)
    [​IMG] Ransack, the Tentacruel (Lv. 38)
    [​IMG] Jetfire, the Farfetch'd (Lv. 39)
    [​IMG] Esmeral, the Chansey (Lv. 39)
    [​IMG] Starscream, the Scyther (Lv. 38)
  12. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    After I had seen Team Galactic skulking around Stark Mountain's exterior, I sashayed into the volcanic cave itself and Commander Mars confronted me and asked about Cyrus's whereabouts. We fought next and I thrashed her Bronzong, Golbat, and Purugly. Commander Jupiter soon showed up as well and I defeated her Bronzong, Golbat, and Skuntank as well. Mars and Jupiter then quit Team Galactic and next I caught a wild Slugma and Magcargo, then I used Strength to push several boulders and Rock Smash to destroy some annoying rocks in the way. I arrived at the larger cavern next and that kid Buck and I teamed up and we dashed through the cave together. We beat wild Pokemon and trainer duos as we ran.
  13. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Continued my current Factory streak today by taking on another set of seven trainers. The rental Pokemon I was presented with were all pretty decent and I ended up selecting a team of Ursaring, Swampert, and Infernape.

    My first battle wasn’t too bad, though it wasn’t that easy either. I faced a tough Exploud that seemed like it would be useful, so I swapped Ursaring for it before the second battle. That Exploud really helped me win several of the remaining battles.

    The most difficult Pokemon I faced this time were Slaking and Dusknoir. I lost at least one Pokemon to Slaking, but fortunately its Truant Ability helped me get the win. Dusknoir was really annoying with Pain Split at first, though I was able to defeat it with Swampert’s Earthquake after getting in some Curse boosts.

    In the end, I managed to win seven more battles and get my streak back to 14 wins.
  14. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    SoulSilver: Yesterday, I battled my Rival at the Indigo Plateau to train Charmeleon a bit further. Today, I continued training it and it reached level 36, so it evolved into Charizard. Also wanted to check and see if I had completed all in-game trades in this game. I had completed most of them already, though there were one I hadn't completed, and one I was unsure about. Went to Pewter Town where I met Steven at the Museum. Continued to Saffron where I met him again at Silph Co. Traded my Forretress for his Beldum. And so I had completed that trade. The trade I am unsure about is the one with Lt. Surge, I have marked it as completed on an old list but I can't find the Pikachu from him in any of my boxes. And Surge isn't at the Saffron Station either, so I don't really know. Will have to check on HeartGold later on and compare it to the situation here.

    HeartGold: Yesterday, Snubbull were swarming at Route 38, so I went there and caught one. Already had Snubbull registered in my Pokedex, but couldn't find one in my boxes, so I thought I should catch one. I also battled my Rival at the Indigo Plateau in order to train the Meowth I traded over from SoulSilver recently a bit. Today, I started by catching a Poochyena at Route 1, it was one of the swarming Pokemon I definitely didn't have before. Then I continued training Meowth until it evolved into Persian.

    Withdrew the Snubbull and started training it instead. It quickly reached level 23 and evolved into Granbull. I also went to Route 34 where I fished up a Corsola that I caught. Then I went to Route below Pallet and caught a Mr. Mime. Continued by going to the National Park in Johto where I entered the Bug Catching Contest. I decided to keep the first Pokemon I saw, a Nincada, as I will need one for the National Dex later on. I also managed to win the whole contest and got a Leaf Stone that way, which was rather cool. After it was over, I got a call from Professor Oak. He congratulated me on my progress on the Pokedex. With Nincada, I had 250 Pokemon caught in the National Dex, so that's a milestone to be happy about.

    Continued in the evening by catching some Pokemon. Went to Route 17 where I caught a Muk, it wasn't the easiest but I managed to do it. I should really consider getting a False Swiper on this game to make things easier, even if I don't have a lot of Pokemon left to actually catch. Went to Route 8 and caught a Haunter, then to Route 7 where I started looking for a Houndour. I got extremely lucky with this as the very first Pokemon I ran into was a Houndour, which I successfully caught. Flew to Pewter City and traded the Haunter I caught for a Xatu with a man in the Pokemon Center. Then I started training a Lickitung. It eventually reached level 33 and evolved into Lickilicky. And with that, I had 200 Pokemon caught in the Johto Dex. Another milestone reached, but I still have a long way to go. More will be done tomorrow.
  15. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    After defeating many duos of trainers around Stark Mountain's interior and finding the Flame Plate and Overheat TM, Buck and I reached the chamber where Charon was planning to use Heatran to control a volcanic eruption. Once Charon had taken the Magma Stone, Croagunk appeared and Looker finally arrested Charon while the Team Galactic grunts fled. Once Buck and Looker had left, I flew back to the Survival Area and spotted Buck and Barry gossiping by the Battleground house. I spoke to Buck's grandfather next and then I headed back east toward Route 227 and Stark Mountain. I caught the Heatran inside using a Dusk Ball and now I sashayed to Route 228 and walked through a sandstorm and defeated trainers.
  16. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    SoulSilver: Started training a Squirtle. It quickly evolved into Wartortle, then into Blastoise. With that, I had all members from all the Kanto starter families registered in my Pokedex, the second starter trio out of four to be completed.

    I also checked the Surge situation on HeartGold to compared to here, and there, I found Lt. Surge in the Saffron Station. Since he isn't at that place here on SoulSilver, and I had marked the trade as completed long ago, I am just going to assume that I have completed it. And so, I have completed all in-game trades on this game. But I still have a quite considerable bit left on the Pokedex.

    HeartGold: To start with, I went to the Olivine Harbor where I met Sabrina who gave me her number. Now, the only one I am missing the phone number from is Blue, and I am not really sure exactly what I need to do in order to get his number from his sister. But I'm sure I'll get it somehow, eventually. Now, I decided to continue with the Pokedex. Went to Ruins of Alph and smashed rocks there until I found a Helix Fossil. Continued to the Cliff Cave where I smashed more rocks until I got a Claw Fossil.

    Then I started training the Houndour I caught yesterday. Got it to level 24, so it evolved into Houndoom. Also caught a Tangela at Route 28. Flew to Pewter City where I restored the fossils I had found into Omanyte and Anorith. Then I went to Rock Tunnel. Found and captured a Kangaskhan here. Continued looking for a Marowak and found one eventually, managed to catch it as well. Then I left. Started training the Tangela I caught. It grew a level and evolved into Tangrowth as it already knew Ancientpower. That's all for today, more tomorrow.
  17. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Challenged the Battle Factory two more times today. The first time, the Pokemon I could rent from were all really good. It was difficult choosing just three, but in the end I went with Empoleon, Mismagius, and Slaking. I won the first battle pretty easily, but struggled on the second a lot. Empoleon got hit with a OHKO move when it went up against the opponent's first Pokemon. Then, I had to have Mismagius use Destiny Bond against the second Pokemon after some bad luck. That left me with just Slaking against a Hippowdon. Slaking probably could have won, but it fell asleep due to Yawn and didn't wake up in time.

    After losing that streak, I started a new one. I started with a team of Salamence, Ninetales, and Abomasnow and made a couple swaps. I exchanged Abomasnow for Sceptile after the first battle and then Ninetales for Electivire. Most of my battles were pretty simple, but I had one annoying battle against the Ninetales I traded away towards the end. The Ninetales was holding a Brightpowder iirc, and I had my moves miss three or four times in a row against it. Other than that, though, I had an easy time defeating seven trainers.
  18. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I continued dashing through Route 228's sandstorm and I fought against various trainers as I headed south. I found a Protector and then a Shed Shell after using Rock Smash and snatched the Sandstorm TM as well. I wandered aimlessly through the tall grass next and caught a wild Dugtrio, Cacturne, and Hippowdon, then I passed a house where a Move Tutor lived and arrived at Route 229. I sashayed through some very tall grass and caught an Ariados and Volbeat and found a Reaper Cloth in the trees nearby. After slaying trainers and grabbing a Nugget, I pranced into the Resort Area and visited the PC. I then wandered over to Villa and spent some time there and then I visited the Ribbon Syndicate and saved.
  19. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    SoulSilver: Went to the Day-Care where I withdrew my Larvitar, left a Meditite there instead. It was at level 49 so the time it have spent in the Day-Care really did wonders for it. Started training it, it quickly evolved into Pupitar and considerably less quickly into Tyranitar. And with that, I had completed the Johto Dex here. Definitely a milestone for me on this game. I went to Professor Oak to see what he had to say, and he congratulated me for doing it. Finally Now he won't ever need to evaluate my Johto Dex again in the future. I left and went to see Professor Elm, but he had nothing to say. I suppose he leaves everything regarding the Pokedex to his elder colleague. I also went to Celadon where I got a Diploma from one of the people in the Game Freak building, so that's cool. I still have to complete the National Dex though, I have more than one fifth left on it. But I will wait a bit before I start on it as I have other things to do first, in preparation for it.

    HeartGold: I went to the Day-Care here as well. Withdrew my Dratini, which was at level 52, and left an Anorith there instead. Started training Dratini, it evolved into Dragonair, then Dragonite. Also, the Golbat I have been carrying around with me had now reached a high enough level of friendship to evolve, so it became a Crobat. Next up on the friendship checklist is going to be Blissey, so I withdrew a Chansey I had laying around in a box and gave it the Soothe Bell.

    I then withdrew a Slugma that I had to train. It was at level 42, I guess it must have spent quite a bit of time at the Day-Care in the past. I had apparently received this Slugma from Primo in the distant past, can't even remember that I had actually obtained Pokemon from him on this game, but I guess I must have. Anyway, I trained the Slugma a little, it grew a level and evolved into Magcargo. That was all I felt like doing for today, so I stopped here.

    Before I continue with the Pokedex on either game, I need to do some other things. I have decided that I need new Pokemon to use while training other Pokemon on these games since my in-game teams are both complete garbage and they don't work as well as they should. They have put me in many bad situations while I have been working on the Pokedex for the past few weeks and they have to be replaced if I am going to compete this. But seeing as it isn't possible to properly train Pokemon in HG/SS, the new teams I will use are going to be trained in a game with better training spots: Platinum. However, I will have to breed them in HG/SS, or at least in my two copies of HG. And that is what I will start with next. I have planned almost everything regarding the Pokemon I will use and I'm going to be done with the planning soon so I can start working on getting the team members tomorrow.
  20. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Next I left the Resort Area after fishing for a wild high-leveled Magikarp. I quickly sashayed along Route 229 again and I Surfed on the ocean route to the west. I arrived at Route 230 and I battled against wild Pokemon and slayed some Swimmers as well for experience. I floated towards an island in the center of the route and I picked up a some stuff including a Water Stone and next I used the Poke Radar thingy and caught a wild Togepi that I found. I headed further west next and arrived at Route 230's other end and fished with my Super Rod. I caught a wild Wailmer and Wailord, then I flew to Snowpoint City and visited the Snowpoint Temple. I unlocked Regigigas inside and saved my game after catching him.

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