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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread


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Doing a Mono Poison Run on Platinum. Started last week. Seeing how as how I’m off tomorrow I’m going to try and get through as much as possible. Currently outside of Eterna Forest.

MOUf TRAP/Bellsprout

Muk is from HG (Bellsprout too) but I decided to use that instead of Grimer Bc it’s only Lv 15. Basically serves as fodder as Zubat is the only caught Pokémon on Platinum I intend to keep. She’s pretty clutch now that I’ve got Pluck in her move set. Tryna blow through and get a decent Gastly so I’ll at least have two members that’ll obey me. Lol.


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Since I didn't get into the competitive side of Pokemon until Gen 6, I never actually did much in the famous Battle Frontier so I recently decided to change that and try to get the Gold Print from Battle Tower in my Heart Gold. It took some time to get the team ready but I managed to do it and now I got my team with their right natures and I also EV trained them, I couldn't be bothered to try to IV breed in Gen 4 tho so their IVs are all over the place.

I didn't want to look up guides on best teams for this so I just picked the team I liked and thought that could work well together. My team is:
- Alakazam (Timid), Focus Sash, Moves: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball and Focus Blast
- Garchomp (Adamant), Choice Scarf, Moves: Earthquake, Outrage, Rock Slide and Fire Fang
- Gyarados (Jolly), Lum Berry, Moves: Waterfall, Ice Fang, Earthquake and Dragon Dance

I just finished the first session and it's going great for now. I beat Palmer after 21 battles and won the Silver Print. I actually just won battle 28 before saving and stopping for the day. Planning to continue in the next couple of day and hopefully I can get the Gold Print on my first try but I doubt it since there is a lot of luck involved in these battle facilities so it might take me a few tries.


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As of now I’m currently in Hearthome City. Haven’t caught any Pokémon and I was a little disappointed when I found out Budew was was not one of the Pokémon able to walk in Amity Square? I only really wanted Secret Power, as I have a Luck Incense; I may back track. I do however need to go back and explore both sections of Wayward Cave.

The team has been going quite well. After my last post I realized I didn’t need Gastly but.... then I checked the availability of Skorupi, and saw it’s limited to binoculars in The Great Marsh. So I decided to keep Gastly in case I don’t find a Skorupi.

MOUF TRAP/Weepinbell
frOOt BAT/Golbat


Call of Fate
A few days ago, I boarded the boat to Iron Island in Platinum to pick up all the respawning Star Pieces. After collecting them all, I headed towards the exit, and suddenly encountered a shiny male Graveler. Because I had no Pokemon with Damp on my team, I worried he'd blow up, but luckily, a single Quick Ball was enough to catch him. I nicknamed him Gravy and found out he was Naive. I then saved the game.


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Since my last post I’ve made it Lost Tower. Traveling through Sinnoh so far has been going pretty well. Bellsprout evolved, Gastly is fully evolved, Golbat has still been coming in clutch. Though I suspect Gengar will be just as helpful now. Slapped Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball on it while I had it in HG when I did it’s trade evolution.

DS is charging but I’m hoping I make it to Pastoria later and find my last two or possibly three members.


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So I managed to get the Gold Print from Palmer in Heart Gold's Battle Tower on my third attempt. The first one ended at battle 43 to a Double Team Umbreon and the second attempt ended at around battle number 30 to a Curse Lapras with Ice Shard, I had the wrong Pokemon in the lead for that Lapras set and that allowed it to set up and beat me. The third attempt however went great and I beat Palmer at battle number 50 and won the Gold Print. The Pokemon I used to beat the Battle Tower were the Red Gyarados, Garchomp and Alakazam. I talked more about my team for this challenge in my previous post so you can check that out if you want to know the movesets and other details of my team.

Edit: I just realized that I didn't put the EV spreads of my Pokemon in my previous post but that's probably because the spreads are very simple and you can probably guess them already. Alakazam had 252 EVs in Special Attack and Speed and Garchomp and Gyarados had 252 EVs in Attack and Speed, the last 4 EVs were put into HP for all three of them. Very simple but very effective EV spreads imo since I didn't feel the need to get to fancy with the EVs when they didn't have the perfect IVs anyways.
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