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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
Despite Generation IV being my all time favorite, I never owned Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii - really not sure why. Anyway with the remakes coming out, I figured the price would only go up so I purchased the game recently. I've only beaten 1 of the 2 starter colosseum's with the rental pass, but it's been a blast so far. Excited to be able to take my actual teams over and use them.

I'm a big fan of Battle Tower and post game battle challenges so I'm looking forward to a lot of these game modes.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Completed Pokemon Platinum just now. Took only a week. Even managed to end the main story with 999,999 on hand :D


Well-Known Member
Despite Generation IV being my all time favorite, I never owned Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii - really not sure why. Anyway with the remakes coming out, I figured the price would only go up so I purchased the game recently. I've only beaten 1 of the 2 starter colosseum's with the rental pass, but it's been a blast so far. Excited to be able to take my actual teams over and use them.

I'm a big fan of Battle Tower and post game battle challenges so I'm looking forward to a lot of these game modes.
I'd really like to hear more on your Pokémon Battle Revolution journey. Recently started this game myself but like you have only cleared the first rental colosseum.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Accidentally encountered a shiny Graveler in HG while grinding, it blew itself up.



He did the thing!
Now that BDSP are out and Cynthia has become the strongest trainer of all time, I've decided to continue grinding for red, because let's be real here: if I can't beat red, what chance do I have against Cynthia? I needed to stall her out in the 1st fight till she only had poison jab and swords dance so that Lucario could freely defeat it with dragon pulse, so my team will definitely need changes.
Anyways, back to the topic of HGSS, here's the levels of my team:
Greg (Feraligatr): Lv 85 (5 left!)
Wooloo (Ampharos): Lv 80 (5 left!)
Oh-ho (Ho-oh): Lv 76 (9 left...)
Dream (Dragonite): Lv 75 (10 left...)
Eusine (Suicune): Lv 75 (10 left...)
Tidal king (Lugia): Lv 75 (10 left...)
I'm grinding Ho-oh right now, and since I have Pryce, Chuck, and Clair's phone numbers, I can rematch them, so I'll do Pryce to level up Ho-oh. After Ho-oh, I'll level up Lugia, then Dragonite, and finally Suicune. After that I'll finish grinding Feraligatr, then finish grinding everyone else in the order I've been grinding them in.


Well-Known Member
I just bought Soul Silver last week and today I started a playthrough on it. I easily beat Falkner with my Geodude, got my first Badge from him and made my way towards Azalea Town, I reached the town and saved in the Pokemon Center.

My team for now is: Lacoste the Totodile, Clockwork the Hoothoot and Korg the Geodude.

Also the Battle Frontier challenge on my Heart Gold is on hold for now since I don't enjoy the randomness of Battle Factory and not being able to have/build my own team. I failed a few times in the last couple of months and decided to take a break since it was very frustrating to struggle this much on my last facility of the challenge, especially after beating the other four facilities relatively quickly and without much issues. Will probably try again in a few months but until then I'll just relax and enjoy this casual Soul Silver playthrough as well as Legends: Arceus once that game comes out.
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Well-Known Member
I'm six Badges deep in my Soul Silver playthrough and I finally have my full team (not everyone is fully evolved yet tho). My team is:

- Lacoste the Feraligatr
- Clockwork the Noctowl
- Korg the Golem
- Genos the Scyther
- Frozone the Glaceon
- Wanda the Misdreavus

I also just did a Bug Catching Contest and won with a Lv. 15 Butterfree, got a Sun Stone as a reward but I wanted a Dusk Stone the most. Will probably have to trade a Dusk Stone (as well as Metal Coat) over from my Heart Gold at some point before the Elite 4.

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
Nothing to significant but I just made some eggs of some old competitive mons I had to move on up to Gen V for Subway/Tree Hollow purposes. I moved 18 mons up, mostly starters or high value egg move stuff.

Completed two more colosseums in PBR but I haven't been playing too much. I hate the spinning wheel though. I kept missing out on my stuff and kept getting their junk. Made it hard but we got through!


Well-Known Member
I forgot to update about my Soul Silver playthrough earlier so I'll do it now. I've stopped playing when Legends: Arceus came out to focus on that game but after catching Arceus I came back to my Soul Silver run. I've completed it quickly, I did have to trade in the evolution items for Scyther and Misdreavus from my Heart Gold since I couldn't easily find them before the E4 in Soul Silver. Lance was pretty easy to beat with my now fully evolved team. I'm in the post-game now, about to challenge Misty for my 13th Badge.

I've also started a Platinum playthrough a few weeks ago, I have 7 Badges already and I'm about to go stop Cyrus on Mt. Coronet. I have my full team already as well, my team is:

- Bonaparte the Empoleon
- Kazza the Alakazam (from the in-game trade)
- Zorro the Roserade
- Ping-Pong the Ambipom
- Selene the Gliscor
- Siberia the Froslass

This will be my first time ever completing Pokemon Platinum version because I've only played it once before, about 10 years ago, but I stopped playing shortly after defeating Crasher Wake so I've never actually finished a Platinum playthrough before.
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Call of Fate
A while ago, I was level grinding Slaking in Trophy Garden in Platinum. Suddenly, I encountered a shiny Kricketune. I decided to avoid weakening the critter and threw a Net Ball, but failed. After several attempts to catch him in Dusk Balls, I finally used a Net Ball again, and succeeded. He had a Hardy nature. Then, I saved the game.


face of the wormhole
working on a "modified nuzlocke" in soulsilver, tl;dr faints are permanent but grinding and catching em all is encouraged because i think it's more fun. i also think the whole "grinding is against the spirit of a nuzlocke!" thing to be kind of dumb...xD grinding takes so much time...but i'm using no items in battle and set mode and etc.

pretty much all of the time now, when i play pokemon, i try to catch every pokemon i can in a given area before i move on, and i'm loving the backtracking in johto sooo much. i replayed crystal a lot more recently, but i'd lost my file when transferring my data to my 2ds xl :(

but anyway it's been really fun! i hadn't been able to stick to a replay of hgss for a million years and i'm really happy to be doing it on my copy of soulsilver from when i was younger :D this is a preorder copy! i'm pretty sure i have the little lugia figure at my mom's still.

my team right now is totodile, weedle, hoppip, onix, togepi, and hoothoot, but it's very subject to change lol

thus far i'm in ilex forest! i beat bugsy and did the rival battle so i'm doing a lot of headbutt encounters. forgot pineco self destructs so that was scary.. my togepi almost fainted ToT now i will be more careful in the future haha


Rainbow Trainer
Currently playing through Platinum (so is my partner) after buying it recently; very happy to finally own the best Sinnoh experience!

I'm about to go to Hearthome City with two badges and I've been considering some team options. If there's one thing that recent Pokemon games have done is make me switch members around a lot more than I used to. Not the worst gen to do it in fortunately with the Vs. Seeker and all.

My team as of right now is:
Prinplup L22
Luxio L22
Staravia L21
Ponyta L22
Machop L19
Togepi L15

My final team will at least include Empoleon, Gallade and Houndoom. Then either Staraptor or Togekiss. Finally, Luxray/Rhyperior/Abomasnow/Mamoswine/Gliscor are all options I'm considering. Most likely it will either be Rhyperior+Abomasnow or Luxray+Mamoswine, but I'm not sure yet. I have never used the former two, which makes me consider going that route.


Event Collector
a month or two ago i got my first shiny in diamond(og) a dialga in 1225 srs. first shiny legend in gen 4 as well


Call of Fate
A few days ago, I was surfing in Union Cave in HeartGold to battle the weekly Lapras. Suddenly, I encountered a shiny Quagsire and caught him in just one Dusk Ball. He is Modest and has Damp for his Ability. I defeated the Lapras, exited the cave and saved.


Well-Known Member
Finally completed the Diamond Pokédex this morning and I'm now looking forward to doing the same in Pearl. But first I need to beat the final gym and the Elite Four. Currently on the search for the three lake guardians.


A critical hit!
I finally caught Feebas from the Pokewalker
Actually I have 146 days playing with the pokewalker with 2,043,550 steps.

My team is:
Gardevoir Lv. 40
Feebas Lv. 30
Beautifly Lv. 41
Skitty Lv. 45
Roselia Lv. 10
Togekiss Lv. 45
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Decided to pick up the hunt for SoulSilver shiny starters again (after I got a Cyndaquil back in January after 2061 starters seen, but I'm going for Chikorita so I traded it over to Platinum and reset the file). Reached 3765 starters seen today.


Call of Fate
Today, I was level grinding Staravia in Diglett's Cave in HeartGold. Suddenly, a shiny Diglett popped up. I decided to avoid weakening him and threw a Level Ball, but failed. After several failed attempts with Level Balls, I decided to try a Dusk Ball instead and caught the critter. He is Modest, which is possibly the worst Nature for a Diglett, but I never cared for the line in the first place, so I wasn't upset. He also has Arena Trap. I boarded the boat to Olivine and saved.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
I decided to open up a new round of SoulSilver to pass some time on a few flights I’ll be on the next week. I have only confronted my rival and returned to Cherrygrove after making a police report. For this play through I traded some eggs over from my HearGold game to have the party I want.

At this point my party consists of:
-Totodile, level 9
-Chimchar, level 9
-Beldum, level 11
-Aerodactyl, level 10

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
A few years ago I moved my original Sapphire team up to Diamond but I never went further than that. Decided that since it's the original team, I'd get the important ribbons on the six before I move them up throughout the generations. Over the past week I went got the Gorgeous Ribbon, Royal Ribbon, and Gorgeous-Royal Ribbon on all six. Lotta grinding, lotta money. But glad that's taken care of.