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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread


face of the wormhole
working on a "modified nuzlocke" in soulsilver, tl;dr faints are permanent but grinding and catching em all is encouraged because i think it's more fun. i also think the whole "grinding is against the spirit of a nuzlocke!" thing to be kind of dumb...xD grinding takes so much time...but i'm using no items in battle and set mode and etc.

pretty much all of the time now, when i play pokemon, i try to catch every pokemon i can in a given area before i move on, and i'm loving the backtracking in johto sooo much. i replayed crystal a lot more recently, but i'd lost my file when transferring my data to my 2ds xl :(

but anyway it's been really fun! i hadn't been able to stick to a replay of hgss for a million years and i'm really happy to be doing it on my copy of soulsilver from when i was younger :D this is a preorder copy! i'm pretty sure i have the little lugia figure at my mom's still.

my team right now is totodile, weedle, hoppip, onix, togepi, and hoothoot, but it's very subject to change lol

thus far i'm in ilex forest! i beat bugsy and did the rival battle so i'm doing a lot of headbutt encounters. forgot pineco self destructs so that was scary.. my togepi almost fainted ToT now i will be more careful in the future haha


Rainbow Trainer
Currently playing through Platinum (so is my partner) after buying it recently; very happy to finally own the best Sinnoh experience!

I'm about to go to Hearthome City with two badges and I've been considering some team options. If there's one thing that recent Pokemon games have done is make me switch members around a lot more than I used to. Not the worst gen to do it in fortunately with the Vs. Seeker and all.

My team as of right now is:
Prinplup L22
Luxio L22
Staravia L21
Ponyta L22
Machop L19
Togepi L15

My final team will at least include Empoleon, Gallade and Houndoom. Then either Staraptor or Togekiss. Finally, Luxray/Rhyperior/Abomasnow/Mamoswine/Gliscor are all options I'm considering. Most likely it will either be Rhyperior+Abomasnow or Luxray+Mamoswine, but I'm not sure yet. I have never used the former two, which makes me consider going that route.


Event Collector
a month or two ago i got my first shiny in diamond(og) a dialga in 1225 srs. first shiny legend in gen 4 as well