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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
After all the flights and a partial week back at home I managed to make it to the point where Team Rocket has taken over the Radio Tower in Goldenrod. Made good progress I think.

My current team (all level 36):


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Today I finally managed to defeat the Sunyshore Gym in Pearl and acquire the TM move Waterfall. Next stop Victory Road!

Shiny Venusaur

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A few years ago I moved my original Sapphire team up to Diamond but I never went further than that. Decided that since it's the original team, I'd get the important ribbons on the six before I move them up throughout the generations. Over the past week I went got the Gorgeous Ribbon, Royal Ribbon, and Gorgeous-Royal Ribbon on all six. Lotta grinding, lotta money. But glad that's taken care of.

Been chipping away on some of the other ribbons before I can move them up. My current order of business is getting the first Battle Tower Ability Ribbon (I love this team but there's no way any combination of them is going to 49 with the two Tower Tycoon battles). It's been pretty slow going but I'm 3/6 complete. After a few failed attempts I've started just brining one at a time and using two of my normal Battle Tower mon's to do most of the heavy lifting. It's been pretty effective so far.

Shiny Venusaur

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I *don't think* mods will be mad about about double post in this thread a week after the fact, but worst case, please just merge it.

I was able to finish the remaining three pokemon for the ability ribbon 1 this weekend. Wasn't awful but it wasn't easy either, especially the last one I had to do. Swellow was pretty much dead weight against Palmer and that battle had everything you would expect from a Battle Tower medal fight; multi-turn paralysis, focus band activating back to back, crits. It had everything.

What's nice now though is the hardest part of this is behind me. All 6 members of my original Sapphire team have the three expensive ribbons and the first Ability Ribbon. Everything should be a cakewalk at this point.

My next step is to check the ribbon's I might want in Sinnoh before moving everything over to Soul Silver for the League HoF record (sadly no ribbon) and then the ribbon for defeating Red.

Part of me is really glad I was super procrastinatory back in 2006/2007 and never moved up my team, the other part of me is sad I somehow left them behind and it only got worse as the years went on as I didn't want to take them from their original game. It's been a lot of fun using the same team that helped me experience Hoenn for the first time.

Shiny Venusaur

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Surely the mods will not care about a triple post, right? right?!

I have finished up all of my Sinnoh based ribbons but one - but we'll get to that. I decided that while it would be easier to get the Memorial/Day of the week ribbons in ORAS since everything in your party get's the ribbon that day instead of just the first in your party, I decided I had enough stuff to do in Sinnoh still that I'd slog through the 6 weeks of ribbon acquisition. It was less than ideal but whatever. I also made sure I got the footprint ribbon on each of the 6 since in some games it's dependent on levels raised and not friendship. Can't really raise the levels of my level 100 team so that decision was fairly straight forward.

I then decided that since in Sapphire I got one normal rank contest ribbon on my team, I'd do the same here. The exception was my starter Sceptile, which is somehow got the Master Rank contest ribbon on. It was a pain doing that in Sapphire before the move up because young me in 2003-2004 didn't really understand Poffins and just fed my Sceptile whatever. So the sheen is *horrible*. But with some research and a little work, I found a good strategy and was able to get that Hoenn Master Rank. However, the Sinnoh Master Rank is currently the bane of my existence. I start so far behind the eight ball due to bad sheen. The scarf and accessories only go so far. The dance part isn't the easiest, even with good rhythm but I just learned that I can use the D-pad instead of the touch screen so that's been helping. I'm on about attempt 25 and I've yet to place anything but 4th. It's been frustrating.

I've done some digging and it is possible to win this without great sheen but everything I've found on it talks in detail how much of an up hill battle it is and how luck based it really can be at this point. I want this ribbon but if I can't get it by the end of January, it's just gonna be time to move and I'll just have to deal with it.

The fight against Red to get the medal in HGSS won't be too difficult since 4 of the 6 are EV trained (the other 2 were already level 100 so I have to wait till I can move them up) and everything is level 100.

If anyone has also gotten a Master Rank ribbon with awful sheen, I'd love to hear about your experience or possible advice.

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
Forth post in a row, look at me go.

I was somehow actually able to get the Master Rank ribbon for Sinnoh. Everything lined up for me and I really couldn't believe it. I had to have had about 50 attempts total on this. I got lucky with hitting a perfect dance routine and then getting the main judge to pop for +8 (other judges pop for +5) and was able to stave off Fantina's nonsense at the end.

Nice to have that stressful thing taken care of. I then made sure my Sapphire team was in the Sinnoh Hall of Fame before trading them over to Soul Silver. I beat the Elite Four to respawn Red, and while I'm bummed there isn't a ribbon for that, it's nice that Red has a pretty cool ribbon. I challenged Red and handled him easily since the team is level 100 and EV trained.

I might get the shiny leaf crown on the team even though it wont transfer or do anything, but we'll see. It's unfortunate too that Unova doesn't have anything in it's games. That will be a quick Hall of Fame entrance and then move up to Gen 6.

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
A fifth post in a row and no combo breaker. This theoretically should be my last post for a while in Gen IV though as the original Sapphire team I've been working with is now in Unova.

I spent about 2-3 weeks with the team in Johto just enjoying my time there. For my own personal satisfaction, I got a shiny crown on each member of the team. Even though it won't show elsewhere, it's nice to know it's still in the metadata of the pokemon. I used my time to help add to my missing national dex as it isn't complete in my copy of SoulSilver. This include getting all of the missing Hoenn and Sinnoh sound pokemon. I also spent time, for the first time, in the Pokeathlon. This worked out for a few reasons; I got to spend more time with the team and using them, I got points which could be used to buy evolution stones I may need, and it helped work towards a new trainer star. As it stands now, I just need to break the in game preset record in 3 of the 10 events to have the star.

Since I was playing daily, a friend asked me to nab him a Sport ball Pinsir, since it was missing from his collection. I ended up finding a full odds shiny Wurmple (Dustox) and had to make him wait another few days. Always really neat to find a random encounter shiny, but to now have one in a Sport Ball feels extra special.

I did one last trek around the region doing battles and collecting apricorn despite not really needing them (I have about 100 of each Johto ball in my SoulSilver and a ton of harvested apricorns in the bin). After last minute checks to make sure they had HoF records and the ribbons needed for Gen IV, I just pulled the trigger and moved them up to my White. I knew if I didn't just do it I'd keep creating excuses as to why I should let them stay in Gen IV. I started this process around 2021, so they had a good run in those games.

While I was here, I also booted up my copy of HeartGold and got the Embedded Tower Kyogre so I could trade that over to my SoulSilver to get Rayquaza. Not that I need it, but it's just nice to tie up loose ends from these games. Luckily my synchronizer worked first try and I was able to catch Kyogre in a Lure Ball.

QUICK EDIT: I should say too, in case anyone is curious, Sceptile has 24 ribbons on it, the other 5 all have 18. I'm not going for ribbon masters or anything, but it's been a lot of fun grabbing a lot of these ribbons with my oldest living pokemon since the Gen I and II carts are no longer viable.
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Decided to pick up Pokemon Heartgold last week. As of today, I've defeated all Johto gym leaders and caught Ho-oh. Imma grind up a bit before I challenge e4. My team -

1. Feraligatr (Lv 37): Slash, Dig, Surf, Whirlpool
2. Golem (Lv 36): Earthquake, Rock Blast, Strength, Self-Destruct
3. Magcargo (Lv 38): Amnesia, Harden, Recover, Lava Plume
4. Ampharos (Lv 36): Headbutt, Charge, Discharge, Thunder Wave
5. Bellossom (Lv 35): Mega Drain, Cut, Sleep Powder, Natural Gift
6. Xatu (Lv 35): Fly, Shadow Ball, Tailwind, Wish

Imma grind up a bit (lv 40) before I challenge e4.


New Member
hey guys I'm new here so first off nice to meet ya all my name is Emily

I have a question and I hope you guys can help out. I want to play Pokémon Heart Gold once again but I'd like to change the starters using the Pokémon randomizer hack tool to put 3 Eevee as starters. So my question is: will my rival's Eevee ever evolve during the playthrough? I fear it will remain an Eevee for life xD
Does anynone know how A.I. works in this case?