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4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Continued my streak at the Factory as usual. My initial rental team consisted of Toxicroak and Golem, whose movesets I liked, and a Shiftry that I only chose because it was the least terrible of the remaining Pokemon. After winning the first battle, I traded away the Shiftry for a Kangaskhan. Then, I got a Yanmega in exchange for Golem after the next match.

    I had a tough time during battle 3 or 4, where I came close to losing to a Charizard. I had Kangaskhan left and it seemed like Charizard was going to finish me off since it was faster and my HP was pretty low...but then the Charizard just started spamming Scary Face and Smokescreen instead of attacking. That allowed me to win and I then swapped Yanmega for that Charizard since its STAB moves seemed like they would come in handy for the next battle.

    After a couple more close calls, I made it to the seventh battle, which was pretty disastrous for me. Toxicroak and Kangaskhan got swept by a Porygon-Z (that's what I get for going for the DynamicPunch with Toxicroak...). Charizard defeated Porygon-Z and then went up against a Kingdra. Charizard actually did pretty well against that Kingdra at first, but then I clicked on Scary Face instead of Air Slash...

    So yeah, I lost right there. Will try again soon probably.
  2. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Haven't gotten started on the breeding yet, unfortunately. Hoping to get started on it soon, but other things have gotten in my way. Instead, I have been doing daily events on these games. Also noticed today that my Chingling on SoulSilver had reached a high enough level of Friendship, so in the evening, I evolved it into Chimecho. Not sure if I have any more Pokemon to evolve through Friendship on this game, so I'm taking an break from it now. Going to take a break from the game itself soon enough anyway, so it hardly matters.
  3. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So with Platinum done, I've restarted Pearl. I chose the male character and named my rival John and awoke in my room in Twinleaf Town. I saw the TV broadcast about the Red Gyarados, then I gossiped with my mom. I dashed outside next and I visited John's house, then we headed towards Route 201 to visit the lake. We sashayed into Lake Verity and saw an abandoned case in the tall grass and we got attacked by Starly. I chose Turtwig to thrash the evil Starly, then Dawn arrived and she took the case back. John and I went back to Route 201 and we spotted Professor Rowan. He left after finding out that we used his Pokemon, then Dawn asked us to come to Sandgem Town later and I returned to my home.
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  4. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Didn’t feel like doing anything at the Battle Factory today, so I left the Battle Frontier to do some other things. I flew over to Veilstone City and used my Explorer Kit there to go to the Underground. There, I dug around for a while in several different spots looking for treasures. I uncovered several interesting items, including some evolution stones, shards, and fossils, and stored them all in my bag. After I was done, I returned to the surface and flew to Jubilife City. I stopped by the TV station and won an Ultra Ball in the lottery. Finally, I returned to the Battle Frontier, where I’ll continue at the Factory next time.
  5. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So once I had returned to Twinleaf Town, I quickly rested in my home and gossiped with my mother, who insisted that I should visit Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town to say thanks and she gave me the Running Shoes. I raced back towards Route 201 and I sashayed through the grass and battled against wild Bidoof and Starly to level up my Turtwig. I ran further east and got a Potion from a dude and then I arrived in Sandgem Town. I saw Dawn immediately and she took me into Professor Rowan's lab. I spoke to Professor Rowan inside and I snatched the Pokedex from him and was asked to fill it up by traveling throughout Sinnoh and meeting Pokemon. I got a tour of Sandgem Town from Dawn next and then saved.
  6. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I began a new Battle Factory streak tonight. My rental team initially consisted of Mamoswine, Gallade, and Kingdra. Mamoswine was the most useful member of my team and really helped me win battles. It was able to sweep the first trainer I fought on its own. After the second battle, I swapped Gallade for a Sceptile since the next opponent had a couple of Water Pokemon on their team. That battle ended up being pretty difficult, though, since Sceptile got killed by a critical hit Icy Wind right away before it could do anything. I came close to losing right there, but Mamoswine pulled through for me. After that battle, the remaining trainers weren’t took bad. I didn’t have a super easy time, but my team did a good job winning the battles nonetheless. I stopped for the day once I successfully defeated seven trainers in a row.
  7. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Been playing HG/SS a little for the past few days, mostly doing minor things like daily events. But some other things have also happened. To start with, I obtained the number to Blue in HeartGold yesterday, I guess the only thing that is required to get it is to get Pokemon groomed by his sister a certain number of times. Now I am quite sure I have all the phone numbers I can ever get, so I ordered the list back to how I want it, with Professor Elm and Youngster Joey at top, then everything else in order by title.

    Today, Marill were swarming on HeartGold, so I went to Mt. Mortar and caught one. Had it registered in my Pokedex already but couldn't find one in my PC so I decided to catch one as I need to actually have one as well for future purposes. Then, I finally got started on the breeding I am going to do. Only did one small thing today so I have a long way to go but now I have at least started and it should only go easier from here on. Will continue on it tomorrow.
  8. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    After chatting with Dawn and visiting Sandgem Town's Poke Mart and buying stuff, I dashed south to Route 219's coast, then I went to Route 202 to the north. Once there, Dawn taught me how to catch wild Pokemon and I caught a Starly, then I fought trainers. I arrived in Jubilife City soon and received a Poketch eventually and visited the Trainer's School and fought trainers inside and gave John his Parcel. After getting a Town Map, I ran to Route 203 and saw John there and I battled him. I defeated him and then I headed to Jubilife City and healed my team at the PC and went north to Route 204 and caught a wild Budew. I returned to Route 203 afterwards and I battled several trainers and wild Pokemon and saved.
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  9. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Continued with the breeding on HeartGold today and got a lot done. I have now fully hatched the first three Pokemon out of the ones I am going to breed. So I am halfway done. The breeding today went very well except for one small thing in the beginning that could have gone better, but it was nothing major. It also went better and better as I continued, I got everything right for the final target on my very first tries. Which hasn't happened often in the past, as far as I can remember. I have three Pokemon left to breed, and I am going to hatch them on my second copy of HeartGold. I will start on it tomorrow, but I need to do a few trades first because I don't have all the Pokemon I need for the breeding on the correct game yet.
  10. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    As I sashayed through Route 203, I caught a wild Abra and soon reached the Oreburgh Gate tunnel. After fighting trainers inside, I pranced into Oreburgh City itself. I healed my team at the Pokemon Center, then I shopped and bought Potions at the Poke Mart. I visited the Oreburgh Mining Museum as well and next I gossiped with John in front of the Oreburgh City Gym. I now dashed the Oreburgh Mine since that was where Roark was digging for coal. Once there, I caught a Geodude and I also battled against a few Workers. I soon arrived at the back of the coal mine and spotted Gym Leader Roark, who then showed me how to use Rock Smash. I went back out and I trained my team at Route 207 and caught a Machop.
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  11. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I spent a little time at the Battle Factory as usual today, but it didn’t go so well. I started with a team of Salamence, Mamoswine, and Golduck and won the first couple battles without too much trouble. Then, I swapped Golduck for a Magnezone since I found the Golduck kind of disappointing. Things went okay for a battle or two after that, but then I really struggled against this Jynx. My Magnezone got put to sleep with Lovely Kiss and never woke up. I sent in Mamoswine next, but then it was destroyed by a critical hit from Ice Beam. Salamence managed to defeat Jynx, but couldn’t take down the opponent’s other Pokemon on its own, so I lost right there.

    I’ll make another few attempts, but then I might stop and find something else to do.
  12. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Started by doing several trades between my extra copy of HeartGold, my main HeartGold and Platinum. I got all the Pokemon I wanted on my extra HeartGold and could continue with the breeding. But before I could start, I had to go to the Burned Tower and catch a Magmar as I didn't have a Pokemon with Flame Body on this game. Once that was done, I could start.

    Did all the breeding I had planned to do here and hatched the last three Pokemon I needed. It went without any problems whatsoever, it was easy which I am happy about. Got the Pokemon I wanted with the Natures, Abilities and genders I wanted them to have. So now I have all the Pokemon I am going to use. All that remains is to train them... which is what I will get started on soon. First EV-training, then real training. But I am not going to train them on HG/SS (I really don't feel like training anything to high levels in games with such limited training spots). The training will instead be done in Platinum. So I will trade over them to said game and do all the training there.

    This is a thing that will take a bit of time and effort to get done, and while it may seem unnecessary, I feel that it will be very much worth it in the end. Therefore, it must be done.
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  13. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So once I had finished my training at Route 207, I sprinted back south to Oreburgh City and then I healed my team again at the Pokemon Center. Next I sashayed into the Oreburgh City Gym and began fighting against the Gym trainers and their Rock-type Pokemon while walking around the rocky interior. I soon reached Gym Leader Roark's spot and we finally fought each other. I used my Machop against Roark's Geodude first and I thrashed it with a Karate Chop attack. I also used Machop against Roark's Onix afterwards and I defeated it with Low Kick. Afterwards, Roark sent out his Cranidos which defeated my Machop and I switched to my Turtwig instead and I beat Cranidos with some Razor Leaf attacks.
  14. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Started by doing a lot of trades today as well. First, I traded over some Pokemon from my extra HeartGold to my main one just because I wanted to have them on the correct game. Then I traded over the Pokemon I have bred from both of my HeartGold copies to Platinum. Doing so, I also traded over some Items I will need on Platinum as well as Ledyba, Lileep and Teddiursa to my main HeartGold as I will need them for Pokedex purposes there. In addition, I traded over a bunch of evolutionary stones to my main HeartGold as I will need them for the Pokedex as well.

    Then, things could start.

    Platinum: Before I had traded over the Pokemon I will train, I had given them tons of vitamins. Since I had considerably more money and vitamins on my HeartGold files compared to here on Platinum, I decided to put what I had to good use. Still need to buy a few vitamins here though, but it shouldn't be much.

    Then, I had planned to start on the EV-training, but didn't get around to it as I had to do other things. Instead, I did some preparations for the EV-training. Battled the socialites south of Hearthome in order to get some more money which I believe I will need for various things in the future. Also spread Pokerus to the first Pokemon I am going to EV-train so I can start on it right off the bat tomorrow.

    In addition to that, I planted a total of ten berries at various places in Sinnoh: Route 205 North, Floaroma Town and Solaceon Town. I really want to get one of the two items from the Villa that I have left to get and I am going to work on that alongside doing other things in this game.

    HeartGold: My Chansey had reached a high enough level of Friendship since I have had it in my party for a while. Then I had also given it a bunch of massages and grooming before the breeding, and I have had it in my party during the breeding I did. So I let it grow a level and it evolved into Blissey. Next, I withdrew the Marill I caught a few days ago. Trained it a little and it evolved into Azumarill. Going to continue tomorrow, hoping to get a bit of breeding done then. But for Pokedex purposes this time.
  15. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Upon defeating the good sis Gym Leader Roark inside Oreburgh City's Gym, I was rewarded with the Coal Badge and Stealth Rock TM. I then dashed to the Pokemon Center and healed my Pokemon and next I shopped at the Poke Mart as well and stocked up on items for later. I then sashayed back through the Oreburgh Gate after leaving Oreburgh City and I arrived at Route 203 again and I raced west. I quickly arrived back at Jubilife City and after visiting the PC, I strutted north towards Route 204. However, I soon spotted these two Galactic grunts who were harassing Prof. Rowan and Dawn. Dawn and I teamed up and defeated the Team Galactic grunts and I got a Fashion Case from a Jubilife TV employee.
  16. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Tried the Battle Factory again today. I got a terrible selection of Pokemon at the start, but I managed to put together and okay team of Ambipom, Empoleon, and Kangaskhan. Won the first battle and swapped Kangaskhan for a Charizard. Later on, I got an Alakazam to replace Ambipom.

    I made it to the seventh battle, but lost there. Honestly don’t remember much about that battle, though. All I know is that Alakazam died to whatever the opponent’s first Pokemon and then Charizard got KOed by a Vaporeon. In the end, I was down to Empoleon against a Poliwrath. Or something. Something Empoleon had no chance of beating.

    I’ll try at least once more, maybe on the Lv. 50 option next time.
  17. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Platinum: When I came home and started playing this today at around 4 PM, I noticed that all the berries I planted yesterday had finished growing. This was unexpected as I had expected them to take a bit longer before they were done. But the ones I planted supposedly only take 12 hours to be fully grown, so that explains it as I planted them around 9 PM yesterday. Didn't even feel like checking if I had unlocked the item at the Villa as I am pretty sure I still have lots of berries left to plant in order to get it.

    With the berries done for now, I could get started on the EV-training. Finally. This was supposed to be done by last week, but things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. Anyway. I started by teaching Flamethrower to my Togepi, then I EV-trained it. Thanks to Pokerus and Power items, it went fast and without mistakes. Continued afterwards by EV-training my Beldum. It also went fast and without mistakes, and it evolved into Metang along the way. Decided to not do any more EV-training today, I'm not going to rush it despite being late already. Hoping to be done with it in 2-3 days.

    In the evening, I also planted a bunch of berries again, the same berries as yesterday at the same places. Tomorrow, I might plant some more berries as well as berries with higher growing times, not sure about it though.

    HeartGold: I am going to play this alongside Platinum and continue working on the Pokedex. The reason I chose HeartGold is that I have much more left on the Pokedex here compared to SoulSilver, so I might as well try to get closer to my goal of completing it.

    Had planned to start with some breeding, but before I could do so, I had to catch a few Pokemon. Started by going to Mt. Moon where I found a Clefairy after searching for a long while. It was easy to catch though. Then I went to Ice Path where I caught a Jynx. It was the opposite of Clefairy: easy to find but harder to catch.

    With that done, I flew to Goldenrod and went down to the Day-Care. Started breeding and hatched the following Pokemon: Magby, Chikorita and four Eevee. Chikorita was the last one I was missing from its evolutionary line, the situation here was the opposite compared to SoulSilver as I had Bayleef registered here, but not Chikorita or Meganium. But thanks to this and the Meganium I traded over from SoulSilver, I now have all three. I am pretty sure the Bayleef I got was from a trade long ago, I don't have the Pokemon on this game anymore either, pretty sure I transferred it forward to 6th gen through 5th. As for the Eevee, I plan to evolve one of them into something friendshiptastic later on so I gave it a Soothe Bell and will have it in my party until it is ready to become what it is meant to be. On a different note, breeding in HG/SS is rather annyoing. I can't think of any good spots to hatch eggs (as opposed to all other games from Emerald and beyond), and the Day-Care man doesn't always call me when he has an egg, even if I tell him to do so every single time. Annoying. I'm glad I won't have to do that much more breeding in these games.

    Since it is Monday today, I decided to take advantage of a training spot that shouldn't go to waste. Flew to Indigo Plateau and withdrew a Totodile which I am going to train. Battled my Rival which gave a lot of training for Totodile, it evolved into Croconaw. Going to continue training it tomorrow as well as do a bit more breeding.
  18. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Tried the lv. 50 option at the Battle Factory twice today, but didn’t have much success at all. On my first try, I lost on the first battle after a Remoraid destroyed my first two Pokemon. That left me with just a Yanma that couldn’t do much to whatever my opponent’s next Pokemon was.

    After that loss, I made another try and got a team of Beedrill, Mantyke, and Staryu to start. I got past the first battle just fine and swapped out Beedrill for a Larvitar. Things continued going well until around battle 5. During that battle, Larvitar came close to defeating a Buneary, but then fainted from a surprise Drain Punch. Mantyke defeated Buneary, but then lost to a Butterfree. I sent in Staryu and did quite a lot of damage to Butterfree, but then it hit me with a critical hit Silver Wind or something and I died.

    I didn’t feel like playing anymore than that today, but I might try the lv. 50 at least once more because I wasn’t satisfied with the results I got today.
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Once I had attained the Fashion Case, I healed my darlings at Jubilife City's PC and next I left the city and dashed to Route 204. I explored the tall grass and thrashed a few stray trainers as well and I soon entered Ravaged Path's tunnel. I had my Machop use Rock Smash to break a boulder inside, then I marched along the northern section of Route 204 and I battled an Aroma Lady and Twins as I moved north. I quickly arrived at Floaroma Town and stopped by the Pokemon Center to heal my darlings, then I wandered over to Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop and received the Sprayduck key item and a Berry from the girls inside. Once I had left the shop, I picked Berries outside and saved after getting the Pluck TM.
  20. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Platinum: To start with, the berry situation for today was the same as yesterday, so I plucked all berries from the ten new berry trees. Then I continued with the EV-training. Withdrew my Misdreavus and taught it Thunderbolt through TM. Then I EV-trained it. With it done, I continued by withdrawing my Bagon. Gave it a few vitamins that it needed, then I EV-trained it as well. Everything went without problems today too, which was great. I have 2 Pokemon left to EV-train but I am afraid I won't be able to finish both of them tomorrow so my goal is to get them both done by Thursday at least. Also, in the evening today, I planted ten more berries, though some different kinds than earlier with longer growing times, 16 hours instead of 12. They will all be done tomorrow anyway.

    HeartGold: Continued training Croconaw until it reached level 30 and evolved into Feraligatr. This took longer than I wanted since I found out that the training spots on Tuesdays during the daytime are especially bad (even by HG/SS standards, which means they are really horrible) as both of the trainers I could rebattle only had one Pokemon each, making it go faster for Croconaw to beat wild Pokemon at Route 27 instead of fighting the trainers. And none of the Gym Leaders want a rematch during this time either. So I guess I'll have to try and avoid doing any training during Tuesdays at daytime in the future, which won't be easy. Afterwards, I continued with the breeding and hatched a Cleffa using the Clefairy I caught recently. Really wanted to do more than that but didn't have time and I was tired, so I had to stop there for today. Will probably not have much time to play tomorrow but I'll continue with the breeding during the rest of the week, until it is done. It should hopefully not take too long.

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