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4th Gen. Rewind: Platinum Edition

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by [GS], Jun 1, 2012.

  1. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    Getting a bit bored with 5th Gen. So I'm gonna try and replay Platinum. I'm even using 3 Pokémon from Sinnoh WUT?!*

    Gastrodon @ Leftovers
    Modest Nature
    *Sticky Hold*
    » Surf
    » Recover
    » Ice Beam
    » Earth Power

    What can I say, I have a soft spot for the slug. Recover is obvs, Surf and Earth Power for STAB and Ice Beam to deal with grass types. Leftovers were chosen because of his natural bulkiness.*

    Breloom @ Toxic Orb
    Adamant Nature
    *Poison Heal*
    » Spore
    » Seed Bomb
    » Mach Punch
    » Bulk Up/Substitute

    Pretty much standard Breloom. Mach Punch helps with his middling speed and gets STAB alongside Seed Bomb. Spore is epic, and works well with Bulk Up, but I have Sub as an option as well.*

    Rampardos @ Choice Scarf
    Adamant Nature
    *Mold Breaker*
    » Fire Punch
    » Stone Edge
    » Earthquake
    » Zen Headbutt/Iron Head

    Rampardos may be slow, but with a Scarf he can outspeed and OHKO most anything in-game. Stone Edge was chosen over Head Smash for durability, EQ gives great coverage, Fire Punch deals with Bronzong and the like and the last slot is a toss up. Both come with a flinch chance, but neither adds much in the way of coverage. /:

    Alakazam @ Wise Glasses
    Timid Nature
    *Inner Focus*
    » Psychic
    » Energy Ball
    » Shadow Ball
    » Focus Blast

    Alakazam is fast and will kill you. Psychic for STAB, Shadow Ball and Focus Blast get perfect coverage, and Energy Ball gives me an easier time against water types.*

    Kingdra @ Muscle Band
    Jolly Nature
    *Swift Swim*
    » Outrage
    » Waterfall
    » Iron Head
    » Dragon Dance

    DD Kingdra is always fun in-game, and I needed at least one dragon amiryte? Outrage and Waterfall give me great STAB coverage, and Iron Head could help me flinch some tough opponents.*

    Magnezone @ Magnet
    Timid Nature
    *Magnet Pull*
    » Substitute
    » Thunderbolt
    » Charge Beam
    » Flash Cannon

    Magnets, how the f*ck do they work? I know the set looks silly, but oh does it work. Sub up against resisted attacks and Charge Beam away. TBolt is for a stronger electric attack and Flash Cannon is an alternate STAB.*
  2. Purple_Tangrowth

    Purple_Tangrowth A DRUM, A DRUM!...

    you make me smile in times up grim darkness

    Um... pretty much perfect i suppose :DDD

    I would go with bulk up on breloom.
    both would work on rampardos. you probably won't be using that move anyways right? but i go for zen headbut
  3. Tsumiki

    Tsumiki Tsun Tsun~

    I'd personally run Rock Slide as Rampardos' main STAB move if you're going for durability. Rampardos has insane Attack as it is, and Misshax will screw you over.

    I'm not quite seeing how Iron Head will be useful when Waterfall is pretty much the same move, but with STAB. I'd run Return over it. Draco Meteor could work, maybe, I suppose?
  4. chap196

    chap196 Well-Known Member

    For Alakazam
    Use Choice Specs or Choice Scraf instead of Wise Glasses, Choice Specs for more Special Attack by 1.5 which make Alakazam has a lot more chance to OHKO your opponent Pokemon or Choice Scraf for more Speed. If hou don't like Choice item then use Life Orb or Focus Sash nstead of Wise Glasses, Life Orb for more Special Attack by 1.3 or Focus Sash for more chance to survive in one Attack.
    Hope this help
  5. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    If you're running Alakazam like that...

    Alakazam @Choice Specs
    Timid l Synchronize
    • Psychic
    • Thunderbolt
    • Focus Blast
    • Shadow Ball

    Gastrodon @Leftovers
    Bold l Sticky Hold
    • Toxic
    • Recover
    • Earth Power
    • Surf

    A suggestion if you want to do some Toxi-Stalling.

    You should leave 5th Gen. and come rate here xD
  6. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    @ Oscar: Everyone deserves a smile! Zen Headbutt it is.

    @ Steph: Good point, Rock Slide it is, and I'll slash DM in as an option. Oh, and Hiiiiii.

    @ chap: One choice item is enough for me, thanks tho.

    @ Logan: 'Zam doesn't learn TBolt, and I'm not a fan of Toxic stalling ingame.

    Thanks guys/girls!
  7. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Oops,forgot it isn't SS / HG xD

    How about Life Orb>Magnet on Magnezone for teh extra damage.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2012
  8. Emeraldfan

    Emeraldfan Well-Known Member

    Life Orb > Magnet for healing? LOLWUT?

    Guessing the team is pretty nice, but doesn't Breloom get SD... Hmm, lemme check that... Yes, indeed it does. Thus, you could run SD > Bulk Up / Substitute

    On Rampardos, you don't actually need Fire Punch since it has Mold Breaker (that nullifies opponents ability, right?)

    Also, one thing I've been wondering about. If you run around with a poisoned Breloom with Poison Heal, what happens? Does he heal himself, or does he get damaged over time?
  9. chap196

    chap196 Well-Known Member

    For Emerald Fan
    If you use Toxic Orb on a Poison Heal Pokemon, it will heal itself and it will not lose damge from poison or badly poison every turn, it would be strange if it heal itself and hurt itself in each turn.
  10. Emeraldfan

    Emeraldfan Well-Known Member

    I ment that whenever you walk with your Pokémon, say, through the Victory Road. That Pokémon is a Breloom, has Poison Heal and is poisoned. Would it take damage when you get to that certain amount of steps when you usually get that "glitchy" screen, or will it heal itself at that moment. I've never tried, though I got to agree that I'd be strange to heal in battle, but not heal outside of it.
  11. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    I'm not sure about 4th gen. but I know it doesn't hurt him in B/W.

    Honestly, it probably does, but w/e.

    Fire Punch is useful for grass types I suppose, although STAB Stone Edge will do more damage most of the time. /:

    Meh, I prefer Bulk Up>SD for Breloom in-game. After a boost or 2 he can take most physical hits, not to mention do awesome damage with STAB priority.

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