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4th Gen Shiny of The Month (TSTM)

Who should be the first 4th gen TSTM (ONLY VOTE IF YOU ARE TAKING PART)

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mrrrrrrr KENNEDY

Latest (SR)
Ok im finally getting round to making this

(This thread is co-owned by Kill and Run, Hunter-Z, GlennieJ and me)

(rules taken from 3rd gen version)

Ok this idea is one i came up with last month on the shiny forum but Venom X advised me to make a break apart thread

This is The Shiny of The Month (TSTM For short)

Now the rules are simple: The winner of each month will chose ten pokemon (sometimes it will have to be tweaked)


after the votes are in and the shiny of the month is deceided everyone hunts it till next month or until someone gets it.

NO HACKS allowed any hackers will be banned and the compotion will continue. Picture Proof is not a neccesity but it is preferred

No Trades

No encounter code

The peron who wins each month will be added to the hall of fame

No Spam

The compotition is over when the FIRST person gets the shiny not everyone

The First 4th gen Shiny of The Month Will be Announced on May 1st so vote now

3rd Gen Hall Of Fame:-

April 2007 TSTM
Winner- Kill and Run with an Eevee on April 8th

4th Gen Hall Of Fame:-

shiny manafi

Sea Prince
I voted for riolu. So let me get this straight, at the end of april, the pokemon with the most vote is the targeted pokemon we have to look for in shiny form. The first one who finds it wins?


ill be in it.
shinx is the easiest out of those to get in the wild so shinx.
does getting them off the GTS count?


Drifblim landing!
I voted for Drifloon. I got my Drifloon but it's a female so I can breed it for a Shiny if it wins. If another Pokemon wins I won't complain though XD

Shinx seems to be winning although Pokewatch will just make it a race of "Kill over 50 Shinx".


Insert witty title
It doesn't count if you get it from a trade from someone else. If you already have it, it also doesn't count. The point of this is to get people out there and to start to shiny hunt.


<~ Yo quiero!!
I voted Drifloon, I'm already planning to start SRing for it Friday anyways :p


< It's Passion Pink!
Haha! I broke the tie putting Drifloon into the lead!

Is this voting for May's target? Because April's almost over.


Arriving glacially.
Aww, I wish I could participate in this, but I can't.

I'm already know I'm not going to be able to get to Drifloon by Friday (shiny hunting for Chimchar already).

mrrrrrrr KENNEDY

Latest (SR)
Sorry inazuma im importing Pearl so i can take part yay!


HunterZ if you are going for Driftloon as long as you don't leave the area Driftloon will always be there regadless of the day

chaos blaziken

i wanted a chimchar


i voted for riolu ive been hatching eggs these last 2 weeks


Vatonage Ranger
I vote for Riolu cause it's shiny colors are awesome.