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5 Jolly Shiny Shellder for ANYTHING!

PKMN Legend Anthony

Water Gym Leader.
I really want one!!!

For a shiny chingling/ shiny abra/ shiny kricketune/ shiny geodude/ shiny tentacool?
sorry i dont have anymore.

I can try and get you won for tomorrow i got em from a friend at PE2K iam sure she will give me one more. PM me tomorrow when your Online and i will try and get one for you for your Shiny Chingiling.


New Member
Sorry for the delay. I have a level 35 Froslass, do you want that one? Otherwise i can breed a level 1 really quick for you.


New Member
Ok I'm heading on. The froslass is holding a free Dawn Stone.


venomous wisdom.
So, Can you PM me, so I don't forget?

And then PM me tomorrow when you get the other ones...