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#501 Oshawott / #502 Dewott / #503 Samurott

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Event Hunter
is possible for anyone to breed me a female oshawott or a bashful or relaxed natured one? i will need this right at the start of my game (march 4 or something) i wont have anything to offer then but i do have some soul silver pokemon to trade. i have lv100 togekiss and feraligatr. i also have shiny lv100 charizard which might be fake?
or just a oshawott egg
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<-most recent shiny
I have 22 lv.1 oshawotts with surf and waterfall, pm me if you want one (if you don't like those moves, I can delete them)

sassy x2
careful x2
brave x2
hardy x2
jolly x2
serious x2
lax x2

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Fear the Deer
Sorry, not taking further requests until I fill my current ones.
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AshXSerena = Canon
Hello i will be getting bw in 8 days due to australia's slackness

anyways i will be picking tepig! so if someone can trade me a snivy and a oshawoot it will be greatly appreciated

please pm


Anyone able to trade me a female Oshawott or Snivy?

I picked Tepig as my started so I'm trying to get the three. If I can get a female I can breed more for other people.


New Member
Hey I have two level 1 male Oshawotts for trade with the following stats:

12/5/6/6/5/5 Nature: Modest, Ability: Torrent
12/6/5/6/5/6 Nature: Mild, Ability:Torrent

I'm looking for a Tepig or a Snivy, but preferrably a Tepig, so pm me if you're interested :)


loves a puzzle
anyone have an Oshawott egg with the following stats (Male; Careful Nature, EM: Surf, Water Pulse)

will trade for anything (except legendarys)

Black FC: 0389-8081-4375
White FC: 3009-7392-4895

Please PM if we can trade
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FC - 5286 0652 4974
does anyone have a spare oshawott egg or pokemon i can have? would be very gratefull :) pm me if you do


New Member
Guys.... Read through the thread, there are people offering these things already if you just PM Them!!!!!


The Illusionist
Looking for an Oshawott (English) just got my game so I don't have much to offer.
Also looking for a Tepig!


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hey im giving away oshawotts starting half 3 thursday 10th march GMT i will take reservations now
can be hatched or in egg please specifi or you get it in egg


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I'm looking for a Oshawott of any level. I don't have much to offer as I am just past the 7th gym. I have things back in the 4th gen if people want to do a double trade.


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Hi there, I'm another player looking to get an Oshawott having started the game with Tepig and wishing to play through with all 3 starters. I don't really have anything to offer beyond the usual Patrat/Lilipup/Purrloin etc. so am really hoping there is just someone generous enough to do me a favour. I'd like it to be male, with either a beneficial/neutral nature with no nickname. :) Just PM me if you have one!


New Member
Would anyone be willing to breed me a Oshawott? I ordered my game on Amazon so it should arrive around Tuesday to Friday. I can't offer too much but I have some rares on my HeartGold that I can spare.



New Member
Does anyone have an Oshawott for trade? I just started and I don'[t have any water pokemon and I'd really appreciate it if someone could trade me one


Advanced tier
does anyone have an Oshawott up for trade? i don't have much to offer since i can't to breed the most of my pokemon, but i can get pokemon which exclusive for pokemon white, axew and soonly rufflet
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