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#501 Oshawott / #502 Dewott / #503 Samurott

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. PikiWolf

    PikiWolf Out4Training-Piki

    Currently have Oshawotts with the move Night Slash!

    I AM NOT WANTING A POKEMON. I'm wanting Power Items. Like the Power Anklet. Pm me if you have a copy and are wanting an Oshawott.
  2. TRG

    TRG Well-Known Member

    I can breed and trade any of the below Pokemon in my sig for an Oshawott! PM me if you're interested!
  3. theamazinspazz

    theamazinspazz Dragon goddess

    I have a whole bunch of oshawotts, practically every nature. Pm if interested in one. :D
  4. sama

    sama Boop-boop-de-boop

    You put that on almost every Thread. It gets annoying, And do you really think people want an Oshawott enough to trade you LEGENDARY POKEMON?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? I give starters for DIRT CHEAP. You Know NO ONE will trade you a RARE EVENT for a stink'n Oshawott!!!!!!!!!
    Stop it!!!!! You only waste everyone's time with those!
  5. Ghawk24

    Ghawk24 New Member

    hey looking for a japanese oshawott lvl1 and any other japanese starters pm me
  6. BabyWhalez

    BabyWhalez New Member

    I have a lvl. 1 Oshawott with Pokerus! PM me if your interested
  7. DemonGT

    DemonGT New Member

    Looking for a Oshawott, can offer any kanto starters and a few other things, PM me if you have any spare oshawott's thanks :)
  8. Wadeledge

    Wadeledge Till all are One

    I have Oshawott up the wazoo for anyone that wants one!
  9. psighost

    psighost shadow puppeteer


    I am offering a lv.8 male Oshawatt, I am not using it on my team and I am looking for a Rufflet preferably low level, will settle up to lv.40 with adamant nature or for example a balanced one like serious nature. Pm me please with offers
  10. TRG

    TRG Well-Known Member

    Trade completed
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2011
  11. charizard3939

    charizard3939 New Member

    dewott female i would like to also start breeding do you have any dittos
  12. BeaverFX

    BeaverFX New Member

    I have a Dewott and a baby oshawott Lvl 1. PM me if you want to trade.
  13. charizard3939

    charizard3939 New Member

    i have oshawotts up for trade but i would like a charmander, piplup, turtwig squirtle, bulbasaur, snivy or tepig
  14. Emmur

    Emmur Member

    I'm looking for an Oshawott, any level and nature. I have Charmanders, Bulbasaurs, Snivys and Tepigs for trade :)
  15. Burakkurozu

    Burakkurozu The King

    I have so many Oshawott's it's not even funny :3 feel free to PM me if you're interested, I guarantee we can work something out
  16. Kabino

    Kabino New Member

    Practically giving away Oshawott's.

    PM me if ya want one.
  17. Shadowkid1994

    Shadowkid1994 Pokefan

    hey looking for an oshawott can offer any unova pokemon (have a level 34 spare emogla laying about) will capture and evolve ones for you if needed as well. pm with your offers :) .
  18. PoliSWAG

    PoliSWAG Banned

    I can breed oshawotts. Pm me
  19. noahdaboa

    noahdaboa Banned

    looking for an oshawott! pm me if you got some!
    edit: no longer needed
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2011
  20. Yorkie

    Yorkie New Member

    I'm in the process of becoming a breeder. I have several Oshawotts UFT.

    Looking for other starters, especially females. PM me if interested.
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