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#501 Oshawott / #502 Dewott / #503 Samurott

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New Member
Just hatched a female oshawott. Will trade it for any other starting pokemon, or any of the pan-monkeys (except the fire guy)

Any Eevee will also work :)

EDIT: The Oshawott knows surf. LOL


Flawless Hunter
Looking for a DW Oshawott

Flawless shiny absol
Flawless shiny ralts
Flawless shiny Litwick
Flawless shiny mudkip
Flawless Non shiny Mudkip
Flawless shiny Bisharp
Near flawless shiny braviary
I also have
TRU Shaymin
Alamos Darkrai
jap sing pikachu
jap ANA pikachu
Ash's Pikachu flawless
Shiny jap pokepark Mew
DW event Torchic
Movie 11 Zekrom
Movie 11 Victini
10 aniv Celebi
Dream world Arceus
FAL2010 Mew
World11 Scrafty
Shiny Giratina
Shiny Crobat
Ev trained pokemon.
DW guide book Porygon
Flawless Pokesmash Mewtwo
DW Politoed
TRU zoroark
DW Treecko
DW Chimchar
DW Turtwig


Looking for any Oshawott. I have DW Taillow to offer. Or some other Pokemon White exclusives.


AshXSerena = Canon
need help!!!! i lost my pokemon game with tons of shinies legendaries and lvl 100's could someone please trade me any oshawott and snivy and axew and ruflett for free please im trying to pick up from my shattered life i have to restart 3 year's of pokemon training


Have a couple newly hatched oshawotts for trade, most of them are adament; PM with offers

Roxas Kamui

New Member

I am looking for a Oshawott for pokedex reasons. I haven't much to offer being I just started. But if you would want to help me out my friend code is: 2752 4058 2847

The help would be much appreciated.

SuperMaster Z

Old Skool
I can breed anyone an Oshawott, since lucky I have a female Samurott...It is possible I can do egg moves ....pm if interested


Faint Strategist
Currently getting a lot of grandsons in the mission to get a granddaughter. The fathers are random, well each gets 3 children. Natures: Sassy, Timid, Adamant, Lax, Jolly.

what I am looking for is a female Eevee. No bells, whistles, specific moves, or shiny, just a regular female Eevee.



MultiRegion Champion
hey, looking for an oshawott, can offer zoruas and eevees
pm me if interested


Stay frosty
i bred 2 oshawott with air slash and assurance,natures are mild and rash. looking for shiny unova pokemon pm me if interested


no time for cameras
I have a female Oshawott for trade (could breed for eggs if you prefer), looking for good/decent nature Misdreavus, Murkrow, Rotom, Scyther, Eevee, or Trapinch.

PM me!


to see you smile
I am looking for a shiny oshawott
I can offer a shiny eevee or a shiny tepig with superpower(flawless)


Veteran player
Looking for a shiny oshawott, like a lot of people here XD
I got some legendary, like a gamestop deoxys or a mystry mew
Can also trade them for a shiny mudkip or bulbasaur
Pm me for offers :)


Pokemon Adoptions!
:501:I have an extra Oshawott, needs a good home. PM me offers.:501:​


New Member
Have got a lot of Oshawotts for trade, looking for other gen starters. PM me. :)


New Member
Hi everyone! Im pretty new here to this site. I was just wondering if any1 have a spare of these following pokemons:

tepig, torchic or chimchar
cacnea or seedot

i know this is too much to ask to all of you but any pokemon that you think is best in getting through the game is appreciated too.


Lillipup Trainer
i've got a few of those. but they are all lv 1 (UT egg hatching)
when is the best time for you to get on? and your timezone? today is a little tight for me. but maybe tomorrow.

what do you think you are going to trade in return. i know i'd like at least one lillipup. with as high a level as you can offer.(also let me know the nature of the lillipup) i can get all the ones you listed except the chimchar.
plus i have a few other that would be good too. pm me with details


Well-Known Member
I got around 15 Oshawott's Looking for other Gen Starters such as Chimchar, Turtwig, Mudkip, Squirtle and Treecko. PM me if interested.
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