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#501 Oshawott / #502 Dewott / #503 Samurott

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Astral Shadow
I can trade Oshawotts, looking for Tepigs, PM me if interested.

Edit:Already got Tepig, am willing to trade Oshawott for other things.
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New Member
Yes, of course I'm looking for an Oshawott. :3 I have a Tepig for you. PM me if interested :3


The Dreamwalker
Looking to trade a snivy and a deino with dark pulse for the two other starters I do not have in Unova; Tepig and Oshawott. Please mail if interested, you'd be an absolutely awesome help :)


New Member
I've got a bunch of Oshawotts I'm looking to get rid of from when I was trying for a shiny. Any pokemon from prior to gen 5 would be fantastic, especially starters, or a male Emolga or male Snivy (especially foreign!) but I'll take just about anything for them at this point.

F - Naughty - Level 1

M - Rash - Level 1
M - Brave - Level 1 (x3)
M - Hasty - Level 1
M - Calm - Level 1
M - Naughty - Level 1 (x2)
M - Careful - Level 1
M - Serious - Level 1 (x2)
M - Adamant - Level 1 (x4)
M - Lonely - Level 1
M - Hardy - Level 1
M - Naive - Level 1 (x2)
M - Bashful - Level 1
M - Impish - Level 1
M - Timid - Level 1
M - Gentle - Level 1

If you're interested at all PM me!


Eater of Leftovers
Hiya folks! I am a Starter Pokemon Breeder. I have all starters up for trade.

Looking for previous gen Pokemon, particularly Bagon and Gible, as well as Pokerus, in return.
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New Member
Collecting starters

I'm just now to the point that I can breed my starter. I have some fresh Snivys available for trade for a Tepig and/or an Oshawott

UPDATE: I now have an Oshawott, still need Tepig and especially Victini
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Looking for any legit Oshawott.

Can give Tepigs/Pignite males or most of the other Unova pokemon.

PM if interested.


Top Trainer
I am offering all gen starters, Zorua's, Phione's, Jirachi's, Shiny Legendary Bird Trio and I have an UT MSTRY Mew lv 10 looking for a Reshiram but get in touch if you really need something. if you require any special moves when the pokemon are bred, I will see what I do, depending obviously on the gender of the pokemon I already have.
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Muse is a tricky thing 0.0
Need an oshawott, any level, willing to trade a shiny cottonee for it or one of the three Unova Legends- Virizion, Terrakion, or Cobalion. All pokemon are freshly caught, as I do not believe in the ******** of trading a newly-hatched level one starter for a level one Zoroark or Reshiram or whatever, or a mew or jirachi or celebi of any level, or a level 12. Pelliper (which means you're asking for a hack, as I have seen for many of these. I do not train Unova types, just need it for dex; I am working for convenience, not for gain. PM me if you're sick of searching the wi-fi connection that people with extremely unrealistic expectations/people clearly asking for hacked pokemon have clogged up with requests that are extremely unlikely to ever be filled.

Edit: 20 December 2011: I apologize; due to an accident my save data was erased. Sorry about that.
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Top Trainer
Offering bred pokemon including all generations starters, zorua and phione (any TM or HM moves required let me know). Looking for evolution stones in return


New Member
i can breed oshawotts looking for squirtle, chikorita, cyndaquil, treeko, piplup, turtwig, evee and gible atm. only females though.


I can breed all generation starters, zorua, and eevee. In return i'm looking for starters for my platinum game. PM me if intersted.


New Member
can offer almost any pokemon from the unova region with pokevirus ( doubles effort vallue ) looking for other regions pokemons PM if interested
Trying for a shiny Oshawott and currently have over 2 boxes full that I'm looking to give away.
Adamant [3]
Bashful [4 male, 1 female]
Calm [2]
Gentle [3]
Hardy [2]
Hasty [1 male, 1 female]
Impish [6]
Lax [3]
Lonely [4]
Modest [2]
Naive [4]
Quiet [2 male, 1 female]
Quirky [3]
Rash [5]
Relaxed [5 male, 1 female]
Serious [3 male, 2 female]
Timid [3]
I'll take anything for them at this point, if no one wants them, they'll be released.
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