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#501 Oshawott / #502 Dewott / #503 Samurott

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Top Trainer
What I am offering:
All generations starters, egg bred.
Zorua, egg bred
Wish Eevee, egg bred
Phione, egg bred
Dreamworld males: Houndour, Farfetch'd, Yanma and Aerodactyl'
Egg bred Dreamworld females (for the special ability): Cacnea, Magnemite, Spinda, Phanpy, Meditite, Stunky, Bagon, Glameow, Pachirisu, Lapras, Barboach, Nidoqueen, Electrike and Torkoal
Plus any other pokemon that can be bred as I have it, or I n catch it on pokemon white I with catch you a specific pokemon.
Please the gender of the pokemon you would like

I'm looking for:
King's rock x2
Water stone x2
Fire stone
Leaf stone x2
Weedle or any of the evolved forms
Ekans or Arbok
Diglett or Dugtrio
Grimer or Muk
Shroomish or Breloom
Nincada or any of the evolved forms
Nosepass or Probopass
Gulpin or Swalot
Aipom or Ambipom
Gible or any of the evolved forms
Snover or Abomasnow
Thanks in advance.
PS I have already been offered some of the pokemon but nothing is definite.
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Ok I have a male Oshawott through GTS which is what I wanted yet I wanted Jolly nature and its Hasty..... can anyone help me?


I'm currently breeding Oshawott's for a shiny one. Plan to use it in my team, but anyways, anyone wants some Oshawotts? Any Pokemon (Patrat, etc) will do.
I have Adamant, Jolly, Hasty all natures, (from eggs), but I will give them at random to you. So no picking!

Anyways, PM me if you want free Oshawotts. I'll be happy to give you one.


Sigilyph Fan
I can trade you a baby Oshawott. My Samurott's female.


Hii ,i have alot of oshawotts for trade,some females and alot of different natures! ,pm me^^ -----ask if you want a nickname!
Looking for any Oshawott. I just want one to complete my pokedex. I have all other starters if you want to trade any of those.


New Member
I am looking for all of the Unova starters, as well as phione. In return I can give you other starters: bulbasaur, charmander, pikachu, chikorita, cyndaquil, totodile, treecko, torchic, mudkip or piplup.
pm me.

a cat

I can breed Oshawotts. Let me know if you need one. I am looking for starters from other regions.

a cat

I can see what I can do.
I have level 1 Oshawotts who know tackle and retaliate. Pm me offers.


Human Pokedex
i have like two boxes full of oshawotts with all kinds of natures so im pretty much giving them away. let me know if you want one


New Member
i've got 2 flawless shiny oshawott's with adamant natures, completely legit breed

looking for

all gen 2/3/4 starters
snivy and tepig

their stats don't matter, because i plan on breeding more flawless shinys out of them

i would like at least 3 random starters for each oshawott though, i think that's fair

please PM/VM

have plenty of offers now, thanks all...
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Pokemon Breeder
I can breed every starter from every generation and I have much more to offer. Please pm me if you are interested.


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Preferably a F hatchling. I don't have anything very exciting to offer but maybe someone out there can help.

E: I have one now.
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I have many male oshwotts and a few females.


Sand Team Master
Since building my Sand/Sun Teams, I no longer have any use for my original Starter.

I have a Male Lv61 Samurott with a Jolly Nature.

Currently with Scald, Razor Shell, Aqua Tail, & Hydro Cannon. It's stats are pretty well balanced, but I've set it up to be a bog standard Sweeper.

I'm open to various offers - but to complete my collection a Starter Pokemon would make more sense (from any Generation).

PM only thanks

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