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#501 Oshawott / #502 Dewott / #503 Samurott

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looking for Female Oshawott ,Dewott, or Samurott. I have a Lugia, Zapdos, jp Rayquaza, zorua and zorua eggs to trade.

PM me if your interested
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Mostly Harmless
I have a small army of oshawotts and half an army of tepigs that Im looking to trade away. Im looking for female dreamworld pokemon, in the original dreamball and UT. The ones I need are listed below:

bellsprout, doduo, scyther, zigzagoon, sunkern, mr mime, spinarak, wobbuffet, snubbull, houndour, smeargle, ralts, mawile, duskull, chimecho, swablu, krabby, horsea, omanyte, kabuto, remoraid, mantine, buizel, finneon, seel, shellder, mankey, machop, koffing, teddiursa, slugma, magby, larvitar, makuhita, burmy, skorupi, numel, torkoal, trapinch, and cacnea.

Pm me if interested, I'll try to remove pokemon I have recieved already from the above list, but it will be first come first serve. I will try to fulfill nature/gender requests if I can, but no guarantees.


If anybody can offer me a legit Shiny Oshawott at level 1-5 then I'll trade them a legit WIN2011 Darkrai :) PM me if you're interested.


Active Member
I'm able to breed all the starters, pm me for offers


New Member
I have many Oshawotts for trade. All have night slash and swagger. I have males and females, and several natures available. All Lv 1 UT. Will trade for any starters from any other generation, but I will listen to all offers. PM me if interested.


demon trainer
Trade done
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New Member
I need Oshawott but I don't have anything interesting to offer unless you want Tepig

EDIT: Don't need anymore. Thanks
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New Member
Hey guys, I have plenty of Level 1 Oshawotts.

I'm looking for all starter Pokemon, please PM me with your offer! :)



<-- Starving dragon
I am breading all starters DAILY if anyone wants ANY starter especially Oshawott pm me.I am now offering Cobalion and Terrakion as well along with Zorua's,Phione's and Spiritomb's.
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New Member
looking for any Oshawott,Dewott or Samurott I don't have much maybe white forest pokemon for Black ver. players? or a Swoobat Idk just inbox me if your feeling generous or want something I have kthxbye.


Flame Trainer
Looking for all starters, except Piplup Torchic or Tepig, pm me and let me know what you want and we can work something out.


New Member
I breed Oshawott's, if you want one pm me.

Check my sig for what I'm looking for, though feel free to pm me offers, I'll accept anything I don't have so most pre-gen V's and currently all black-only pokemon.

I'm online often so I'm reliable, but I run by GMT time so 4am-11amGMT I'm usually asleep, if you're usually only active during those times, I wouldn't bother I'm afraid :')


Genius Breeder!
I've a stash of freshly hatched Oshawott, both genders, most natures, and I can transfer PKRS. Shoot me a PM/VM!
newly hatched starters, all bred myself from Gen 3, 4 and 5 games I have. Bred with either other starters or other pokemon I have. No hacked, or cloned, none in return please
Oshawott with Waterfall and Aerial Ace egg moves
Piplup with Feather Dance, Aqua Ring, Bubble beam, Aerial Ace
Turtwig with seed bomb
Mudkip with Avalanche
Torchic with Agility Night Slash Swords Dance
Treecko with Synthesis Leech Seed
Squirtle with Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring
Bulbasaur with Giga Drain
Between 4-10 of each

Looking for Charmander, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chimchar, Snivy, Tepig, Feebas, Kecleon, Carnivine, Manaphy, Phione, Vullaby, Gothita, Zorua, Archen. Also Pokemon with Hidden Abilities, Dream World moves, egg moves

Friends code 3311 0019 7740 trainer name Aaron


New Member
Hey all have a flawless shiny oshawatt. Looking to trade for other flawless shinies or legendaries but if you think you may have something of interest for me please feel free to pm thanks
Oh and I am also looking for some trades in my heart gold so let me know:)


New Member
Trading LVL 1 Snivy for Oshawott. Thanks!


Active Member
anyone who needs an Oshawatt pm me for offers
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