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#501 Oshawott / #502 Dewott / #503 Samurott

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im looking for any oshawott. havent gone too far in the game yet just got the first badge so i dont have much to offer. i couldnt care less for level/nature/stats.


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Breeding Oshawott (and the other Unova starters)

Looking for Ice beam to be taught to one of my pokemon and traded back to me.


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I have beaten the game and am able to breed Oshawott, I will listen to any offers though I would prefer the other starters or a Zorua if possible. PM me if interested.


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I have a newly hatched female snivy that I would like to trade for a female Oshawoot preferably PM me please :D


I'm looking for a Modest Oshawott (preferably Male but totally desirable) with the egg move Air Slash. I have just started the game so I haven't got much to offer tbh unless you want something from my 4th gen games. Please contact me!


Looking for an Oshawatt. I just passed the 7th gym. Im willing to offer any of these pokemon Audino, Cubchoo, Axew Lvl1 or Lvl 30, Vanillite, Maractus, Sigilyph, Golett, Druddigon, Mienfoo. If your looking for something else just tell me and I'll see what I can do.


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looking for oshawatt. I can't offer much, but I can offer some black exclusives. Could someone please breed and trade me one? or just trade, if you dont use your starter? PM me.


looking for an oshawott and a snivy... I dont have much to offer as I am only at the second gym... please pm me if you are interested? we could also do something where I trade your fourth gen games any breedable pokemon, for those two 5th gen starters.


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looking for a free snivy and oshawoot i really need it bad for my white if any one is kind enough to trade me 1 id be gratefull for ever


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When Black and White came out, I will choose Tepig, but I would like to have both in my party, is there any one willing to trade pokemons at the beginig of the adventure?

If u want to help me please PM me


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Can someone give me a oshowatt in an egg with modest nature? I will give u a shiny mew!


Looking for an Oshawott. I can breed good natured pokemon upon request. These include Larvesta, Axew, Deino, Solosis, Snivy, Tepig, any of the monkeys Just PM me and let me know what you want.


It's been a while...
It will take a while, but I can offer a hatched Oshawott. My only wish is for a female Snivy, but if you can't get me one, we can probably work something out.
PM me if you can get me a male oshawott. Don't care about natures or any of that junk. I don't really have anything to offer but please help me!
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