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#504 Patrat / #505 Watchog

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I have a level 100 watchog for trade, good for status conditions, click the link in my siggy to see my wants.
PM me if interested


Pokemon Adoptions!
:504:I've got extra Patrats looking for good homes. PM me offers.:504:​


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Looking for shiny Patrat or Watchog. I will offer battle subway items, zorua/zoroark, phione and pokerus. No hacks please. If there's something else you want, please PM or VM me anyway. Thanks!


Master Of Legends
I'm currently shiny hunting patrat, message me to reserve one. Include your offer as well.


I have a Lv. 20 Shiny Watchog
Serious Nature
Looking for a Menaphy.
Open for negotiation But REALLY want a Menaphy. <3
PM Me anytime.

*SOLD for a Dialga
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I have 3 yes THREE Shiny Patrats Below Lv.10! :D
Looking for Events, Legends, or other Shinies.
Please PM me when you want to make a deal.
2 More Left :p
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Looking for a female admant patrat,i hav shiny pokemon and other pokemon for trade


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The first time I encounter a shiny on my black version, Its a Frikkin patrtat :( o well, Lv. 10 female shinyy lonely patrat up for sale. message me


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SOLD to Sabconth for Japanese Ditto. Thank you!!

Offering: UT Shiny Patrat lvl 10, Timid, 29/16/13/13/13/15, Run Away.
Looking for: Japanese Ditto, Female Eevee.

White FC: 5071-6869-2948
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<<< Recent Shiny
Looking for a watchog level 43 or higher with superfang and hypnosis will trade Zoruoa or some other pokemon. Really need it and its appreciated if someone contacts me thanks.
EDIT: Will take a level 38 Watchog as long as it has said moves.
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Clone my Balls!
Trading Away

watchdog - Docile Nature, Illuminate Ability, Female, Level 27 - Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Super Fang & After You

Just taking up room. I'm never going to use them.
I'm Thunderus-hunting. I need a special Watchog. It would be at least level 41. (so it's faster than Thunderus) It has to have Mean Look, and Hypnosis, and the other 2 moves don't matter. The minute I catch my Thunderus, I will trade you back, so it's a lend. I will lend you a pokemon of the same skill as well: A Shuckle with Gastro Acid Lv.42 Remember, you will not be losing you're Watchog for long.


Magus lover
This might sound retarded but I want a low level shiny patrat of any nature preferably not bred, prefer wild lol I need him/her to be nicknameable. I have some things to trade, though I'll not give alot. Here are some I'm willing to give up -

Sassy shiny charmander
Registeel, regice or regirock
Ditto *English*
Shiny serious lillipup
Shiny deoxys hardy nature level 100 not ev'd; almost useless in my view
Adamant groudon from Hoenn
Shiny event pichu (Japanese)
An extra terrakion gentle

Other stuff - ask


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I have a female Watchog with the hidden ability Analytic.
It's from a Hidden Hallow in Black 2/White 2.
I shall be breeding them so PM me if interested.


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for Japanese Patrat or Watchdog.
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