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#517 Munna / #518 Musharna

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

    [td]#517 Munna[/td]
    [td]#518 Musharna[/td][/tr][tr]
  2. pokefantravis

    pokefantravis The Poke-Pimp

    Looking for Timid natured Munna with Synchronise as its ability. PM me for an offer.
  3. Raikou_fan

    Raikou_fan Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for two munnas, one timid with synchronize, and one jolly with synchronize. I don't have just a whole lot to offer at this point, but if you'de like to help me out PM me and maybe we can figure something out. Thx!
  4. PhantomGengar

    PhantomGengar Ghost Master

    hey im looking for a munna timid nature wit syncronise i can offer a snivy or tepig tanx
  5. Heldigunner1

    Heldigunner1 lime in the coconut

    I'm looking for Munna (synchronized) with timid. I have at least one of every munna except timid.

    Really need a timid one, please help.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  6. richi3f

    richi3f Bug Catcher

    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  7. pokefantravis

    pokefantravis The Poke-Pimp

    Need a munna with a timid nature and a munna with an adamant nature, both with Synchronize, please PM me if you can help.
  8. richi3f

    richi3f Bug Catcher

    PM me if you have a Timid Synchronize Munna! I really need one! I can breed a female Oshawott or trade a Modest/Jolly Synchronize Munna or Modest/Timid Gothita! Got it!
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2011
  9. Komekoro

    Komekoro FireStarterForever!

    I am offering a male quiet lvl 10 munna. Pm me with offers - offer cancelled, traded
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2011
  10. fireblast_10

    fireblast_10 Pokemon trainer

    Looking for any munna/musharna with synchronise ability and modest nature. Offering 4th gen shinys for one.
  11. BlazingTrainer

    BlazingTrainer Well-Known Member

    I have a munna up for grabs. I don't need it nor want it. Pm me your offers..Untouched
  12. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    I'm looking for either a non-english telepath sassy female munna/musharna, or a non-english male helping hand munna/musharna, for breeding purposes.

    I can offer any non legendary white exclusives, or breed most 5th gen pokemon for you, but I'm not very organised so I don't yet have anything of serious value on White.
  13. Pokedex101

    Pokedex101 Member

    looking for any Musharna that knows Psychic
  14. evacevedo

    evacevedo New Member

    i have a musharna with brave nature and synchronize (female)
    looking for rufflet
    fc: 1936 0216 9878
  15. richi3f

    richi3f Bug Catcher

    I'm looking for a Calm Synchronize Munna. Can offer Modest, Jolly, or Bold Synchronize Munna or Timid or Adamant Synchronize Elgyem. Got it!
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2011
  16. Rift

    Rift Team Zero

    Looking for Timid/Jolly/Adamant Sync Munna, have Modest Sync Munna in return for those natures.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2011
  17. Ausgirl

    Ausgirl Well-Known Member

    Trading level 1 Munna with any of the following natures and the ability synchronize:

    Last edited: Mar 17, 2011
  18. Charizard12

    Charizard12 Shiny Hunter

    Looking for a modest and or adamant munna with synchronize( or any other pokemon with sychronize )
    Tell me what you want and if I have it, I'll trade it as long as it's reasonable.
  19. LunarToad

    LunarToad New Member

    Looking For any sort of shiny Munna Musharna. Prefer Synchronize. I have a Musharna with Syncronize. Relaxed Nature. (-_-)
  20. Rift

    Rift Team Zero

    Searching for Calm Munna with Sync, Willing to trade Modest,Hasty,Adamant,Relaxed.

    Soon can breed more Jolly,Timid,Impish on request for other pokemon/items.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2011
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