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#517 Munna / #518 Musharna

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The Great Gublet
I'm looking for a Jolly Munna/Musharna with Synchronize. Level, EV's, IV's, and Gender are all unimportant. PM me with an offer if you have one!


New Member
Looking for a modest synchronize Munna.

I also have docile, mild, bashful, quirky, naive, sassy, gentle, quiet, lax, serious, timid, jolly, bold, careful, adamant and hasty Munnas with Synchronize available for trade!

Golden Zoroark

Pokémon Trainer
Looking for a Shiny Munna/Musharna. Click the Spoiler Button to see what i'm offering. Pm me if you want to trade. :)
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Blue Raja

1000+ Triples wins!

i am looking for a munna with telepathy-DW ability for breeding purposes.
i will make a generous trade (event, shiny, flwlss, item etc) for the first to respond to this post.


Looking for adamant munna with synchronize ability. Offer reasonable poke/item in sig for it. VM me


Quicksilver Pirate
Munna(F) - Bold - Synchronize - Lv.48 (untouched since caught) x2

  • Manaphy
  • Modest/Jolly/Timid Ditto
  • DWF Pokémon (case by case basis)
  • Squirtle/Wartotle/Blastoise
  • Pokéwalker exclusive Pokémon (case by case basis)
  • Shiny Pokémon
  • Event (legendary or not) Pokémon
  • Well bred Pokémon (e.g. good natures, egg moves)
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Emerald 2006

Well-Known Member
I'm looking for a shiny Munna, low level.
I don't have any 5th Gen shinies, to offer,
but I have several shinies from other gens.
Please PM me if you're willing to trade, thank you.


New Member
Looking for any Pokemon with Synchronize ability and a Impish/Adamant nature. Offering an untrained Rayquaza from Pokemon Emerald. PM me


RNG breeder
I have to trade: a Shiny UT Munna!

Nickname: Bold (can be changed)
Level: 8
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Bold
IVs: 6/14/15/22/18/12

Open to offers. I'd love an UT Kanto starter with decent IVs/nature (shiny not necessary, but appreciated), or an UT Liberty Garden Victini.


Looking for Modest and Adamant Munna's with Synchronize, PM me if you have any.


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for the following. A Jolly Munna with Synchronize, A Modest Munna with Synchronize, and a Timid Munna with Synchronize if you have them please let me know!

I've actually decided not to be lazy and to try to find them myself I only need three more.

Edit: NVM I found all of the ones I needed
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Clone my Balls!
Trading Away

Musharna - Lax Nature, Forewan Ability, Female, Level 10 - Psywave, Defense Curl, Lucky Chant & Yawn

Just taking up room. I'm never going to use them.

Summer of the Vulpix

Go with the Flow
Have a level 48 munna, looking for either a Zorua or event victini

Pokemon Ace

Dragon Master
Looking for a bold Munna with Synchronize. Offering items (please request).


False Swipe!
Looking for munnas with synchronize of the following nature: Jolly, Timid, Brave, Relaxed. PM me, I'm willing to offer well


New Member
Lookin for a Adamant munna with synchronize (or any other synchronizing adamant pokemon)
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