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#519 Pidove / #520 Tranquill / #521 Unfezant

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Event Hunter
looking for mystery egg event pidove ut or unhatched
I have shiny, UT female Pidove. Lvl 10 with Pokerus. Just looking for something neat in return, it doesn't have to be shiny. PM me if you want more details :3
~Trade Completed~
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Oshawott and Snivy.
I have a shiny Pidove Lvl. 16 interested PM me
And of course im finding a shiny Victini (Not hacked/Cheat'd/ETC.)
Willing to trade any pokemon for it.


Beginning Trader
Im looking for a shiny male of any of the pokemon in this forum look at my spoiler to see if you like any I have more just could fit them


SpeAttack Specialist
Want to unlock unity tower have a tranquill for offer

Friend code: 4727 8363 7470


gras dark type
imoffering a female lvl 12


gras dark type
im offering a lvl 12 pidove in the gts for a lvl 20 and up female panpour look for lakal is my name ok

thank you


Active Member
anyone that wants a Pidove just get me a legit Shaymin

jk, just pm me and we'll discuss a trade
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Amemoth Fan :D
I am looking for a Shiny FEMALE Pidove, prefer it to be low level. I don't care about its nature/IVs. I am willing to offer any breedable pokemon for it or a Dream World Female you want or an Egg move pokemon. Message me!


Clone my Balls!
Trading Away

Unfezant (Female) - Sassy Nature, Super Luck Ability, Female, Level 49 - Air Slash, Razor Wind, FeatherDance, Swagger
Unfezant (Male) - Bashful Nature, Super Luck Ability, Male, Level 53 - Razor Wind, Roost, Fly & Air Slash

Just taking up room. I'm never going to use them.

pikachu 10101

New Member
hi looking for us mystery egg pidove unhatched

will give any event pokemon and shiny pokemon and any pokemon
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I'm looking for a shiny male Pidove~
Low level preferred, but not necessary.

PM me with what you'd like in exchange.


Active Member
I am looking for a female Pidove that has its dream world ability; Rivalry. If you have one you are willing to trade, PM me. I have a variety of lvl. 100 pokemon and some event pokemon,(including the event Reshiram and Zekrom). All of them are legit. PM me and we can work something out.


Raiden Maximus
Lv. 9 Koo/Pidove (M) @ Fresh Water
OT and Offerer: Lyndon
Location: Singapore

Want: Sewaddle (any level and gender)
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